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Sunday Services for Hillside Circuit on March 26th 2023
Occasion: 5th Sunday in Lent
Psalm 40: 5-10
Old Testament: Isaiah 7: 10-14
New Testament: Hebrews 10: 4-10
Gospel: Luke 1: 26-38
Theme: God’s personal sacrifice is everlasting
Hillside at 9.30 a.m.: Mr. A. Mahonye
Hillside at 11.30 a.m.: Mrs. N. Mariga
Barham Green at 9.30 a.m.: Mr. T. Makovere
Barham Green at 11.30 a.m.: Mr. M. Mugiyo
Nketa 7 at 11.00 a.m.: Rev Mutandavari (Holy Communion)
Mulume at 11.00 a.m.: Mr. E. Nkomo
Vulindlela at 11.00 a.m.: Ms. S. Sibanda
Ntunjambili at 11.00 a.m.: Mr. M. Khanye

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