Special Topics

Health Topics

WA will be periodically posting Health Education materials all for the benefit of our fellow congregants.

World Diabetes Day. **NEW**

Men’s Health Awareness Month. **NEW**

Breast Cancer Awareness.

Call to action against Covid-19.

World Blood Donor Day.

Drug Abuse Awareness.

Covid-19 Vaccines and HIV.

World TB Day 2021.

World Glaucoma Week 2021.

Heart Health Awareness.

Awareness on Oral Health.

National Birth Defects Prevention Month, January 2021.

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, January 2021.

Other Topics:

These series of teachings below were originally to be found weekly in video format on Facebook and YouTube. Here we can listen to audio versions of the talks.

Dr Chada on The Family.

Family Life, with Dr Geoffrey Chada.

Christ-minded leadership, with Dr Charles Mugaviri.

Entrepreneurship, with Dr Emmanuel A Fundira.


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