About us

This is the website of the Hillside Circuit in the Bulawayo District of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. Our church is a group of people who belong to Jesus Christ. We enjoy meeting together to worship God and to encourage each other in our life of faith. Our circuit is made up of Hillside Methodist Church, Barham Green Methodist Church, Nketa 7 Methodist Church and the Mulume Section of Methodist Churches at Mulume, Ntunjambili and Vulindlela.

The new theme for the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe from now until August 2021 is derived from Psalm 121 v1-2:
Our help comes from God.

The Psalmist depicts a person of faith set on the way and gets into trouble, looks around for help (“I look up to the mountains”) and asks a question: Does my strength come from mountains?” A look to the hills for help ends in disappointment. Help comes from the creator, not from the creation. The creator is always awake: he will never doze or sleep. There is no time, day or night, when God fails to watch over us. We may not understand God’s ways and why He does not intervene when we think he should, but we can be quite sure that He never goes to sleep. We are facing multiple challenges as humanity, economically, socially, politically, and worse COVID 19, and we are looking for help. Only God will help us.

The new Leadership of the Church:
Presiding Bishop:- Revd George T Mawire
Lay President:- Mr G. Hanyani
General Secretary:- Revd Dr Martin Mujinga.
Mission Director:- Revd Blessmore Chinhara (no change)
Education/SAMU Administrator:- Revd Wilfred Dimingu (no change)

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