Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary March 2023

On Sundays this month we reflect on the challenges Jesus faced during his final journey to Jerusalem.

1st Pray with thanksgiving for those whom you know who work in the health sector. There are considerable pressures on all regardless of position and scarcity of resources.

2nd Pray for those leading and participating in the Stewardship and Training symposium planned for this weekend. May there be a recognition that there is always something we can learn to improve our leadership at any level.

3rd In many countries the World Day of Prayer is celebrated today. The service was written by the women of Taiwan, a country from which attention has shifted but is in a precarious situation. Pray for it.

4th WA holds its AGM this morning. Pray for the change of leadership. Thank God for friendship and fellowship and the opportunity to serve together.

5th The destination and what would happen there were always inevitable. Jesus lived and worked with that knowledge. Reflect on what that might have meant to Jesus.

6th  Pray for anyone you know who has been bereaved recently. Consider a visit to that person.

7th We pray for our country and its leaders. Each of us in some way is answerable to a “higher authority”. May our leaders be led by knowledge of the One who has placed them in that position.

8th Pray for the issue of food security. There are many families within our own society where there is not enough food for daily meals. Pray that the resources which CSR have may be wisely distributed.

9th Continue to pray for the power situation in southern Africa particularly South Africa and Zimbabwe. It has crippled many activities and caused much frustration.

10th Pray for the Bulawayo City Council, for those who make the decisions over the affairs of the governance of the city and those who serve us in the delivery of services.

11th The Manyano Bible school is to be held at Hillside today. May it be an enriching time. We thank God for the service of the women to the life of the society.

12th There was a wall of hostility facing Jesus, specifically from the religious authorities, the very ones who should lead the people in welcoming the Messiah.  Do we lead people to Jesus?

13th Pray for the ministers as they undertake pastoral visits in the various societies. There are an overwhelming number of pastoral needs.

14th Do you know of anyone who is ill? Pray for that person and if a visit or call is possible make it a priority today.

15th The President of the World Federation of Methodist Women is Siphiwe Chisvo.  Pray for her and the way in which her position will influence Methodist women in Zimbabwe.

16th Pray for the families of all three ministers. They sacrifice a lot in regards to the time the minister is engaged in church responsibilities.

17th The BCU Bible school begins today. May it be well attended. Pray that the material and delivery is age appropriate.

18th There is a class teachers and Sunday School teachers seminar at Hillside. Thank you for those who have the skills in training – it is very different from teaching. May this be well attended.

19th The very place which was the centre of worship, His “Father’s house” had become a den of thieves. Worship was never going to be the same after the resurrection.

20th It is almost a year since Jonathan and Isabel Hill went to the UK for their furlough. Isabel’s illness has delayed their return but thank God for them and the treatment and support she’s received.

21st There is a Circuit staff meeting today, and executive meeting on the 26th and an extended staff meeting on the 31st. Pray that all the things which need to be covered will be done efficiently and in the least amount of time.

22nd The WA Connexional AGM place this coming weekend in Marondera. Pray for safe travel, far sightedness and wisdom in discussions and decisions.

23rd In what areas of your life has God been faithful? Tell someone about this, perhaps someone who is in need of encouragement.

24th Research and publications seminar today. Thank God for all the resources available to us. There is a publication in hand celebrating 100 years of Thekwane – a big undertaking. Pray for all involved with that.

25th The Saturday prayer group has resumed physically meeting together to pray. Consider joining them at 7:00am to pray specifically for the needs of the Society and District.

26th Despite being surrounded and supported by friends and followers in the end Jesus was alone in the journey. How do we support others on their “journeys”?

27th Schools break up for the Easter holidays next week. Thank God for those who teach and pray they have a good rest.

28th Pray for the children and young people at Hillside Methodist Church for committed leaders, appropriate material and a good welcoming atmosphere.

29th What are your own personal requests? These are as important as those others we pray for. Bring them before God now.

30th How are you spending the Easter weekend? Are you going away? Participating in activities organized at society/district level? How prepared are you?

31st Pray for those who are still affected by COVID in regards to their business, family relationships, health and psychologically.