Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary is back after taking a break! Thanks to the compiler of the Prayer Diary for December 2022, which I have copied below.

Prayer Diary December 2022

“For God so loved the WORLD that He sent His only Son.” John 3:16.
Let us pray for the WORLD which God loves.

1. World Aids Day.
Though perhaps not the highest killer, medically, people still transmit and die of complications from AIDS.

2. On Sunday the Hillside Sunday School will be having a party. Ask God to bless those who have provided food, the teachers who have guided their learning since classes resumed and the children.

3. In Zimbabwe, National Tree Planting Day is celebrated today. Meditate on the importance of trees in our faith. How often are trees mentioned in the Bible?

4. Father God, every word in Scripture points to the gift of hope that we have because of Christ Jesus.

What hope do you have? Dare you express that hope to God?

5. Schools end the academic year in the course of the week. Pray, as the Spirit leads, for school-going children and teachers whom you know.

6. Our country has a high number of teenage pregnancies – teenagers of both sexes are in need of help. Do you know of such a situation? Pray.

7. Covid 19 and the variants of it have not gone away. Pray for vigilance, wisdom in gatherings and respect for those who are vulnerable.

8. The circuit staff meeting is at 12:00 today. May all involved in this meeting discern the will of God as they review and plan activities.

9. Both Barham Green and Hillside hold their Carol Services on Sunday evening. Pray for all who will prepare and attend. An old story told new every year.

10. Today is the end of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. May the church not hide its voice against abuse often happening within its walls.

11. Lord, in a season when every heart should be happy and light, many of us are struggling with the heaviness of life—burdens that steal the joy right out of our very being.

Bring your heaviness to God.

12. Over Christmas come psychological pressures to spend a great deal. May people have the wisdom and resilience to spend correctly, to consider January expenses but still celebrate well.

13. Pray for a person who you know has any sort of addiction or pray outside a house or establishment where the addictions are encouraged and enabled.

14. Do you know someone who has recently had Covid -19 or who still deals with health issues from having caught it in 2020/21. Pray for them.

15. Pray for safety of those who you know will be travelling during this period and for all drivers on the road. There are many causes of accidents but human error is the most common.

16. On this day tens of thousands of Zimbabweans start the journey home from South Africa as the Christmas break starts there. Pray for road safety.

17. Pray for marriages and how we engage in the marriage debates. These are challenged in all spheres, as are marriage standards of other religions and cultures.

18. Heavenly Father, the whole meaning of Christmas can be explained in one little four-letter word, LOVE.

To whom can you display God’s love today?

19. Holidays, the arrival of family and activities can distract us from the very reason we have holidays and family and all the activities. Reflect with thankfulness to God on that very reason.

20. Pray for someone you know who will spend this first Christmas without someone in their lives who died during this year. Grief takes many forms, not always visible.

21. Health issues and the funding of health care feature as some of the biggest stresses people experience. Pray for health services personnel and someone who has health issues, specifically for someone known to you.

22. Public Holiday in Zimbabwe. A day of National Unity. In John 17: 20ff. Jesus prays for the unity of believers. Do you experience unity in the church – between the people who call themselves ‘Christians’?

23. For many people the Christmas season is the worst time of the year. Who do you need to include in the spirit of Christ’s inclusiveness of you into His family?

24. This day can become very busy and exhausting. Even for a minute take a pause to think that we are celebrating the birth of the SAVIOUR of the world.

25. Even as we celebrate Christ’s first coming at Christmas, let us also prepare our hearts for His second one. Emmanuel. God with us.

26. Praise God for joyful times, a specific answer to prayer, for hope, for life, for eternal life, transformed lives, the weather, natural beauty. The list goes on!

27. Pray for anyone you know who has mental health issues – be they depression, anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer’s etc. Pray also for mental health practitioners and institutions.

28. Have you had a prayer answered in a situation which seemed impossible? If possible please post on the service groups or at least share with one more person.

29. There are elements of fear, distrust and cynicism around the elections in 2023. Pray for our leaders as we are instructed in Scripture to do.

30. As the year draws to a close, reflect on the ways God has empowered and provided for you in this year.

31. There is a watchnight gathering to see in 2023. May you joyfully embrace all the plans and possibilities of next year.