Note the appeal below to help victims of flooding in Binga.

Emergency Response - Binga

New Disciples. All those who have not yet been confirmed as full members of the Methodist Church are encouraged to attend these classes. The course started on Sunday February 16th 2020, but it’s not too late to join in. See John Makuyana, Phatisa Sihwa and Nkosi Mkwananzi for the 9.30am service and Irene Mathe and Maria Mkandla for the 11.30 service.

Youth Week poster

Youth Week.

Youth Week ended on February 23rd 2020, but you can still see the Youth Week study notes on our special Youth Week 2020 webpage. (This will open in a new window or tab.)

The ministers are doing visitations from Tuesday February 11th 2020 to Hillside Society members. This will be done through group leaders. If you would like the minister to visit your family and you are not in a group kindly see any one of the stewards.

All forthcoming gatherings are suspended until further notice. See the Circular from the Presiding Bishop.

Are you a member of a Class Meeting, Bible Study or Fellowship Group yet?
See the new webpage which gives details of the groups available. This information is also on the notice board at church.

COUNSELLING: Members that feel they need to offload their hurts, the church has professional counsellors under the Christian Social Responsibility commission. Please approach them and talk to them, they are:
Mrs Victoria Sibanda,
Mrs Toko Makuyana,
Mrs Mildred Sandi and
Mrs Emily Seulah.
Your concerns will be held in confidence.

Let’s continue to pray for those who are ill or convalescing.

Also remember the bereaved.

Flower pots. We request for a few flower pots to grow flowers around the church. If anyone has spare ones, please bring them to church. We want to spruce up our garden. Thank you.

Ecocash. *151*2*5*71458# under assembly state 9:30 or 11:30.

See Coming Soon page for details of all Circuit meetings and the Recent Events page to find out what has been happening around the Circuit.

Mrs. Patience Chikwana is our Church Secretary. She will be in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am to 11.30am and Sundays after 9.30am service. Her contact details are: Landline 242053; Cell/Whatsapp 0773 765 750; Cell/Whatsapp 0719 765 750; Email

Church Prayer Meeting
7am every Saturday in the Chapel. Please write down any prayer requests you may have and put them in the box in the foyer. All requests will be prayed for at the Prayer Meeting on Saturday mornings.

Bulletin: Can we submit all notices that need to be included in the Bulletin to the Senior Steward by the end of the day on Tuesday each week, please.

Plastic Bags: Can we kindly donate plastic and paper bags of all sorts for our feeding scheme. 

PRAYER PARTNERS. The list is on the notice board in the foyer. Find out who your prayer partner is, make contact with each other and try to pray for each other during the month. A new list appears every month. If your name is not there and you want to be included, just add your name to the list.

CASH CRISIS: The Ecocash details for Hillside Methodist Church are Merchant Code 71458 and our Treasurer’s cell number is 0779 718 775. She would like you to send a text or an email (her email address is detailing your breakdown: e.g. “$100.00 from Mrs. X for the following: 1) Tithe=$60.00 2) Communion=$30.00 3) Open=$10.00”.

There is now a swipe machine in the church office on Sundays or we can give to the church by RTGS into the following accounts:

TITHE ONLY: FBC Private Bank Branch 8317 A/c 6162510910110

ALL OTHER: FBC Private Bank Branch 8317 A/c 6162509470365

If you do this, copies of the transfers should be placed in the offering bags or the Treasurer’s pigeon hole, or scan to her email address for receipting. Please see the treasurer (Noma Ncube) if you have any queries.

If you use envelopes, they should be clearly labelled with either name or tithe number of the giver and the purpose, e.g. Tithe, Synod, Autonomy, etc. If not labelled, your giving may be treated as part of our open offering. Anyone in need of a number please see Noma Ncube.

PETTY CASH. Many thanks to all those individuals and groups who have contributed to the petty cash over the months. This has been much appreciated.