Presiding Bishop’s Christmas Message 2021

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, peace be with you!

As we celebrate Christmas this year 2021 and bring to memory the birth of Jesus, may our lives be deeply touched by God’s love. As we contemplate on the child Jesus who is born, may our hearts be filled with joy. As we enter the Church for the celebration of the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ, our joyful anticipation is realised as we hear the glorious music of Christmas amidst the flowers and candles. The one “who is preferred before me . . .” as John the Baptist said, has come among us, born of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the town of Bethlehem.

The God of the Universe has come among us, in lowly birth, laid in a manger in a cattle barn. The wonderful hope of all faithful Christians is this one, who was born at a particular time in history, has promised to come again; only his second coming will be in power and great glory. Before long, Christmas will be here. In fact, it is only hours away. Before you visit the manger in Bethlehem, I encourage you to go into the wilderness and listen to the words of John the Baptist. Christ wants a Christmas gift from us, namely a lowly and contrite heart, a heart of penitence for the past, a heart of honest purpose and commitment to Christ for the future.

Sisters and Brothers in Christ, there is Christmas because God listened to the cry of every vulnerable heart longing for redemption. There is Christmas because in humble obedience Mary listened to the will of God amidst the canvas of a world in bleak uncertainty. There is Christmas for in the silence of the night in a lowly manger, God shared our humanity and made that human cry his very own, eloquently assuring us to listen to his promise of staying with us off to the road to reconciliation in relationship, hope in a reclaimed dignity and fullness of life.

As your spiritual leader I wish that every family, every home, every society in the connexion would live and share the memory of Jesus enshrined in peace, justice, unity, forgiveness, love and joy! Have a Christmas and a New Year filled with new blessings of God’s goodness. Jesus is born! Let us rejoice! As we celebrate let us observe all health rules and regulations. Amen.

Presiding Bishop (Rev G T Mawire)