Presiding Bishop’s Easter Message

Presiding Bishop pic 2018 ChristmasWe remember the pain of our Lord Jesus Christ as he was insulted, beaten, and killed. In this age and in our own different ways we endure the pain and humiliation of the cross. The tears and agony of the victims of Cyclone Idai, struggling to come to terms with their experiences. Confused and powerless, staring at the rubbles of what they used to proudly call home. Promising lives of babies and youths were cut short. Survivors still wonder what happened to loved ones whose desperate cries for help, as they were swept away, still ring in their ears. Are they alive or dead? If dead where are the bodies?
Yes indeed, with all this trauma and pain we carry on our bodies the scars and wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ! Just as our Lord Jesus Christ cried on the cross: “My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?” With that feeling of abandonment we also cry My God! My God!
This Easter, like Christ, we are afflicted and carry His wounds as we bear the burdens of daily struggles. We identify with Christ as we bear the effects of social and economic turbulence. Many of us are hurting or traumatized. We are hurting together with Christ on the Cross. But it is not over until we rise with Christ.
As we seek the face of the Lord this Easter it is imperative that we act for the transformation of our nation. Some of the challenges that we are enduring do not need any research, rallies, summits, retreats, seminars or task forces but a change of hearts and attitudes. In many cases what is only standing between us and real progress is the failure to acknowledge each other and work together. Zimbabwean politics must be sanitized and all toxicity removed. We need leaders who care and are sensitive. Can all our leaders find it in their hearts to genuinely work to unite the nation and heal the toxic polarization that we have to endure every day and is becoming a destructive culture. We applaud those who are working tirelessly and honestly for the benefit of the nation. Greed and selfishness, exhibited in our political, economic and social spheres are destroying our nation. Can we come to a stage where servant leadership overshadows exercise of unbridled power. Can the power of the cross fumigate our nation from the pestilence of liars and dispensers of empty promises. We need leaders and organizations that use differences to enrich each other rather than divide; who see the bigger picture that goes beyond parochial partisan interests. My simple prayer as I also carry the wounds of Christ is that my people may have enough food to feed their families. That our hospitals may have enough medicines and equipment; That honest work in all sectors be given just rewards; That we may embrace new and sober ways of doing politics and engaging each other; That we may have leaders in all spheres who value human dignity and the sanctity of life.
May the Lord’s resurrection bring light to beloved Zimbabwe, especially to those who
have endured violence, pain and dehumanization. May Zimbabwe rediscover true peace and hope in unity. May the marginalized and the vulnerable, the poor who are so often rejected, maltreated and discarded; the sick and the suffering, children, and all men and women of goodwill, hear the consoling voice of the Lord Jesus: “Peace to you!” (Luke 24:36). “Fear not, for I am risen and I shall always be with you”.
Let us take action on prayer without ceasing
Fast for our nation Celebrate diversity with love, tolerance and reconciliation Mend broken relationships Promote honest work and just rewards Treat fellow beings created in the image of God with dignity “But He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed” Isaiah 53:5.
May God bless you as we celebrate Easter.