A message from the Presiding Bishop

Good evening sisters and brothers. With reference to the announcement by the State President regarding the reopening of Churches we strongly advise Circuits not rush into convening church services before adequate preparations and precautions are in place. More critically we hope the government will gazette a Statutory Instrument as soon as possible to back out the announcement. You will recall that the suspension of church services was effected by a Statutory Instrument. We need to move cautiously as there are already several interpretations regarding the announcement by the President. We are in consultations with other ecumenical bodies under the Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations. We will be providing further guidance early in the coming week. Meanwhile let us continue in prayer and sharing of the Gospel as we have been doing in the past weeks. District Bishops and their teams are encouraged to closely monitor the situation and guide Circuits depending on contextual variables. With God’s blessings.
Rev Dr S Zwana.