Recent Events

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Palm Sunday at Hillside

Hillside Methodist Church 9.30am service celebrating Palm Sunday 2023.

Hillside Leadership Training

Youth Week 2023 – Community Service.

Members of the Hillside Methodist Youth doing Community Service for some of the elderly members of the Church.

Hillside Circuit Local Preachers’ OT Seminar.

This Saturday (Jan 21st 2023), we had O.T Preachers Clinic with 5 participants, where we were looking at various issues ranging from Preaching, Memorial, burial and tombstone unveiling and other issues.

Hillside Men’s Fellowship visited Matopo to fulfil Pillar 2 of the Strategic Plan of the Church.

Men’s Fellowship Hillside Society visited Matopo on 16 December 2022 to fulfil Pillar 2 of the Strategic Plan of the Church. Distribution of Christmas hampers was done at Mulume, Ntunjambili and Vulindlela, 64 families benefited. Also a donation of 2 plastic chairs was done.
[Thanks to the Superintendent Minister, Rev Bekithemba Phiri, for the photographs.]

Hillside Circuit participated in the Bulawayo District Synod

The Bulawayo District of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe held the 2022 edition of its annual Synod at Thekwane High School on April 29th and 30th 2022, hosted jointly by the Plumtree and Matjinge Circuits. Hillside Circuit was among the ten circuits of the district participating.

Hillside Men’s Fellowship provide new ablution facility at Ntunjambili

Hillside Methodist Church Men’s Fellowship assisted in the construction of a new ablution facility at Ntunjambili Methodist Church, in Matopo by providing the building materials and paying for the labour to build it. On Sunday September 12th 2021 they drove there to paint the toilets and they are now finished.
[Thanks to Mr Munamato Mpondi for the pictures.]

Palm Sunday service at Hillside Methodist Church with Bishop Isaac Mudenda

Dedication Ceremony for New Circuit Car by the District Bishop

The District Bishop, Rev Matthew Ncube, with the District Lay President, Mr Killian Mudzimu and the Circuit Superintendent, Rev Bekithemba Phiri, officiated at the Dedication of the new Circuit vehicle at Barham Green Methodist Church on Saturday March 27th 2021 at 9am.

New car for Hillside Circuit

Good day beloved saints of Hillside Circuit. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that as a Circuit we have managed to purchase the first vehicle for our Ministers. It is a Nissan X Trail. I would like to dearly thank everyone of you who made this possible, may God dearly reward you and may He add more from what you have spent and given towards His work.
A big thank you also goes out to the car steering committee that we mandated to carry out the work. We’ll done team, you have done a sterling job.
Our vehicle fundraising efforts will continue until we purchase our second vehicle.
Mishack Mugiyo (Circuit Steward)

New choir at Hillside Methodist Church

The new choir helped to lead the singing at the 9.30am service on Sunday December 20th 2020.

Donations to Mulume Section

Hillside Methodist Church Men’s Fellowship made donations to 62 families in our Mulume, Vulindlela and Ntunjambili Societies on Sunday December 20th 2020. Each family was given 1 bar of green bar soap, 2kg sugar, 1kg salt, 125g of tea leaves, 1 carton of matches and 750 ml of cooking oil. These were contributed by the members of the Men’s Fellowship.

Thanks for the pictures to Mr Munamato Mpondi, Chairperson of Hillside Methodist Church Men’s Fellowship.

Connexional Farewell and Induction Service

Connexional Farewell to Outgoing Presiding Bishop, Lay President, General Secretary and Treasurer and Induction of Incoming Presiding Bishop, Lay President, General Secretary and Treasurer, held at Borrowdale Methodist Community Church on December 19th 2020.

Audio of Connexional Farewell and Induction Service on December 19th 2020 (13 Mb).

If you would like to see the video recording of this service, it can be found on Facebook at this link, (214 Mb).

Local Preacher Induction Service

Hillside Circuit Induction of Local Preacher Mr Arnold Mahonye, held at Hillside Methodist Church on December 13th 2020.

Thanks for some of the pictures to Mrs Sandy Whitehead. Other pictures were mine (Jonathan Hill).