28th (Sunday) Youth Sunday.
MARCH 2021
1st – 31st Seeding month: All Societies.
3rd (Wednesday) On-Note Preachers Tutorial Class 2 – Old Testament. Virtual: 7 – 8.30pm (Tutor – Revd B. Phiri)
10th (Wednesday) Circuit Executive meeting: Hillside/Virtual: 5pm/7pm
20th (Saturday) O.T Preachers Examination: Barham Green 9am – 12noon
21st (Sunday) Ministers’ Appreciation Service. Hillside: 11.30am
27th (Saturday) Manyano/Ruwadzano Bible School: Barham Green Society
27th (Saturday) W.A. Annual General Meeting: Hillside – 10am
29th – April 1st (Monday – Thursday) Holy Week and Maundy Thursday: All Societies – 5pm.
APRIL 2021
1st – 4th (Thursday – Sunday) Easter Services: Matopo Section/Virtual. E-Conference.
7th (Wednesday) Extended Staff meeting: Barham Green/Virtual: 4.30pm
10th (Saturday) Matopo Section Leaders’ Meeting: Mulume-10am. (B.P)
11th (Sunday) Barham Green Leaders’ Meeting- 1pm. (N.S)
11th (Sunday) Nketa Leaders’ Meeting-1pm. (B.P)
14th (Wednesday) Hillside Leaders’ Meeting. 5pm (N.S/B.P)
17th (Saturday) Circuit Committees: (Evangelism, CSR, SAT, Lay Ministries, etc) B.G/Virtual 10am.
17th (Saturday) Local Preachers’ Meeting: Virtual/ Barham Green 12noon.
18th (Sunday) Circuit Youth Council Meeting: Virtual/B.G 2pm.
23rd – 24th (Friday – Saturday) Bulawayo District Synod: Aldersgate Circuit.
1st (Saturday) Circuit Finance and Property (9am), Quarterly Meeting-Virtual/Hillside 11am.

Hillside Society
FBC Bank Account No. 6162509470365
ZIPIT: Branch Code 017 or 87 then 6162509470365
Ecocash: *151*2*5*71458# dial, choose option either tithes or offerings and then under assembly state 9:30 or 11:30.

Barham Green Society
Bank Name :- FBC
Account Name:- Methodist Church Hillside Circuit
Account Number :- 6162510910110
ECOCASH *151*2*5*76626*Amount#
1) Offering
2) Tithe
3) Building
4) Other
Enter Assembly BG
Confirm Press1
On Forex kindly contact Caroline Gutu the church treasurer.

Nketa 7
Ecocash transactions *151*2*5*252543#
Zipit. FBC Acc number 6162510910110

Zipit here is the Circuit Account:
Methodist Church
Hillside Circuit
Acc. No.6162510910110