The new theme for 2020 to August 2021 is derived from Psalm 121 v1-2:
Our help comes from God.

The Psalmist depicts a person of faith set on the way and gets into trouble, looks around for help (“I look up to the mountains”) and asks a question: Does my strength come from mountains?” A look to the hills for help ends in disappointment. Help comes from the creator, not from the creation. The creator is always awake: he will never doze or sleep. There is no time, day or night, when God fails to watch over us. We may not understand God’s ways and why He does not intervene when we think he should, but we can be quite sure that He never goes to sleep. We are facing multiple challenges as humanity, economically, socially, politically, and worse COVID 19, and we are looking for help. Only God will help us.

The new Leadership of the Church:
Presiding Bishop:- Revd George T Mawire
Lay President:- Mr G. Hanyani
General Secretary:- Revd Dr Martin Mujinga.
Mission Director:- Revd Blessmore Chinhara (no change)
Education/SAMU Administrator:- Revd Wilfred Dimingu (no change)


25th (to 10 December) International Day of No Violence Against Women: 16 Days Against Gender Violence. All Societies

1st World AIDS Day– All Societies
5th Ebenezer Day at Barham Green 10am
4th – 6th District Youth Exchange: Venue To Be Advised
7th – 13th Home and Family Week– All societies
10th Human Rights Day
13th Carols by Candlelight Services Barham Green at 6pm and Hillside at 6pm
25th Christ is born Celebration – All Societies
31st Crossover Service / All Night Prayer BG 8pm

1st – 31st Covenant Month – All societies
3rd Barham Green Leaders Meeting at (B.P/ N.S)
9th Extended Staff meeting, Barham Green 9.30am
10th Nketa Society Leaders Meeting 1pm (B.P)
10th Matopo Section Leader’s Meeting 1pm (NS)
13th Hillside Leaders Meeting 5pm (B.P)
16th Circuit Committees (CSR, Evangelism, Pastoral and Fellowship, Lay Ministries, SAT) at Barham Green 10am
17th Youth Council, Nketa 1pm
23rd Local Preachers Meeting at Barham Green 10am
24th Matopo Section Leaders meeting 1pm
25th – 31st Covenant Prayers Every Weeknight – All societies
30th Circuit Finance and Property at Hillside (10am), Circuit Quarterly Meeting at Hillside (1pm)

Announcement from Hillside Society Treasurer:
Good morning to you all. Once again we are reminded of the various platforms for our church givings.
FBC Bank Account No. 6162509470365
ZIPIT: Branch Code 017 or 87 then 6162509470365
Ecocash: *151*2*5*71458# dial, choose option either tithes or offerings and then under assembly state 9:30 or 11:30.
Thank you once again for your generous giving to the work of the Lord. God bless you abundantly always!!!

Announcement from MCZ Connexion:
*The Methodist Church in Zimbabwe Daily Devotions*
How to register for the daily devotions:
*Step 1* On your WhatsApp Send the word MCZ to 0771361790
*Step 2*Select option 2:DAILY DEVOTIONS
*Step 3*Select option 1:SUBSCRIBE
*Step 4*Select your plan Weekly Rtgs$11 Monthly Rtgs$40
*Step 5*Enter your Ecocash number 
*Step 6*Confirm your *Ecocash number*
*Step 7*Enter your Ecocash *PIN*
You will receive a message saying: 
You have successfully paid **** to AFRIFEES SOLUTION