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Hillside Methodist Church:
Invitation to join the Saturday morning on-line prayer group. Let 2022 be our year of serious prayer for our church family and ministry.
Since January 2013 a prayer group has met at 07:00 – 08:00 each Saturday morning to pray for Hillside Methodist Church and the needs of its members & of the church & world. Since March 2020 we have met on WhatsApp praying together. If you would like to join us in the group please WhatsApp Julie Caddick 0778 705 749 & she will add you to the group. And if you cannot join the group at 07:00 the requests are there for you to pray through at your convenience.


30 Circuit Staff Meeting: 12p.m B.G Manse

01 Circuit Extended Staff Meeting: B.G-5p.m
1-30 Mission Month: All Societies
02 Matopo Section Leaders Meeting: Mulume 10a.m (B.P)
03 Circuit Ministers Day (B.G Society: 1130hrs)
10 Harvest Services Launch: All Societies
10 Matopo Section Ministers Day: All Societies
13 Hillside Society Leaders Meeting: Chapel 5.30p.m (N.S)
17 Nketa Society Leaders Meeting: 1p.m (N.S)
17 B.G Society Leaders Meeting: 1p.m (B.P)
23 Circuit Committees (Evangelism, CSR, SAT, Lay Ministries etc) 9a.m
23 Local Preachers Seminar: TBA
24 Circuit Youth Council: B.G at 1p.m
24-31 Circuit Mission Month Wind-up: All Societies
30 Circuit Finance and Property (9am), Circuit Quarterly Meeting:11am B. G Society
31 Harvest Services Wind-up: All Societies

06 Circuit Evangelism Khezi-Maphisa Outreach
12-13 Circuit MCU/BCU Convention: 4p.m-Mulume Society
18-21 Annual Conference: Gweru District

Banking Details:

Hillside Society
FBC Bank Account No. 6162509470365
ZIPIT: Branch Code 017 or 87 then 6162509470365
Ecocash: *151*2*5*71458# dial, choose option either tithes or offerings and then under assembly state 9:30 or 11:30.

Barham Green Society
Bank Name :- FBC
Account Name:- Methodist Church Hillside Circuit
Account Number :- 6162510910110
ECOCASH *151*2*5*76626*Amount#
1) Offering
2) Tithe
3) Building
4) Other
Enter Assembly BG
Confirm Press1
On Forex kindly contact Caroline Gutu the church treasurer.

Nketa 7
Ecocash transactions *151*2*5*252543#
Zipit. FBC Acc number 6162510910110

Zipit here is the Circuit Account:
Methodist Church
Hillside Circuit
Acc. No.6162510910110