Hillside Methodist Church
The infant baptism and confirmation will be held together on the 27th of September. Those with infants who need to be baptized please see stewards as soon as possible.
Mrs K. Lemu: 0774 011 747 (Senior Society Steward).

Announcement from MCZ Connexion:
*The Methodist Church in Zimbabwe Daily Devotions*
How to register for the daily devotions:
*Step 1* On your WhatsApp Send the word MCZ to 0771361790
*Step 2*Select option 2:DAILY DEVOTIONS
*Step 3*Select option 1:SUBSCRIBE
*Step 4*Select your plan Weekly Rtgs$11 Monthly Rtgs$40
*Step 5*Enter your Ecocash number 
*Step 6*Confirm your *Ecocash number*
*Step 7*Enter your Ecocash *PIN*
You will receive a message saying: 
You have successfully paid **** to AFRIFEES SOLUTION

Announcement from Hillside Society Treasurer:
Good morning to you all. Once again we are reminded of the various platforms for our church givings.
FBC Bank Account No. 6162509470365
ZIPIT: Branch Code 017 or 87 then 6162509470365
Ecocash: *151*2*5*71458# dial, choose option either tithes or offerings and then under assembly state 9:30 or 11:30.
Thank you once again for your generous giving to the work of the Lord. God bless you abundantly always!!!

Announcement from Hillside Circuit:
The Laypersons leadership of Hillside Circuit suggests the following in order for us to meet our present pressing financial needs, namely ask congregants to tithe a minimum 200 bond and minimum $1US per month. This will hopefully enable us to raise the $38000 plus to meet Centralisation needs and other needs like rent, utilities, allowances. The aim is to raise at least $100 000 bond and 500 US each month.


13-20 Youth in Action. All Societies.
20 Local Preachers Examinations (Matopo)
26 Circuit Projects Fundraising (B.G/All Societies) 10am
27 Baptism And Confirmation Services (All Societies)

3 Circuit Youth Council at Hillside (at 1pm)
3 Matopo Leaders’ Meeting at Ntunjambila at 10am (B.P)
4 B.G Society Leaders’ Meeting at 1pm (N.S/B.P)
7-8 District Synod 8am to 4pm at Hillside Methodist Church
10-11 Zone B Crusade and Bishop’s appreciation (Ndolwane)
11 Nketa Society Leaders’ Meeting at 1pm (N.S)
14 Hillside Leaders’ Meeting at 5pm (B.P/N.S)
17 Circuit Sunday School Picnic. Venue-TBA
17 Circuit Committees at B.G at (10am)
18 Elderly People’s Sunday (65 and above), in honour of the Elderly. (Organized by Revd M. James)
24 Preachers’ Seminar and Training at B.G (10am)
25 Matopo Societies Baptism and Confirmation Services
28 Ministers end of year Fellowship, Mzinyathi (9.30am)
25-01 Circuit Thanks-giving revival Week. (All Societies/Online)
31 Circuit Finance and Property at B.G (10am), Circuit Quarterly Meeting at B.G (12noon)

1 Bishop’s Appreciation at B.G Society (11am)