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Hillside Methodist Church:
Invitation to join the Saturday morning on-line prayer group. Let 2022 be our year of serious prayer for our church family and ministry.
Since January 2013 a prayer group has met at 07:00 – 08:00 each Saturday morning to pray for Hillside Methodist Church and the needs of its members & of the church & world. Since March 2020 we have met on WhatsApp praying together. If you would like to join us in the group please WhatsApp Julie Caddick 0778 705 749 & she will add you to the group. And if you cannot join the group at 07:00 the requests are there for you to pray through at your convenience.


23 Circuit Extended Staff Meeting BG 5pm
24 Local Preachers Examination
25 Nketa Day Part 2- (Final Push)

1-30 Breast Cancer Awareness Month
1 Hillside Society Social Day- Hillside Dams
2 B.G Society Leaders Meeting: 1p.m (B.P)
9 Nketa Society Leaders Meeting: 1p.m (N.S)
15 Matopo Section Leaders Meeting: Ntunjambili 10a.m (B.P)
19 Hillside Society Leaders Meeting: Chapel 5:30p.m (B.P)
22 District Music Convention
22 Circuit Committees (Evangelism, CSR, SAT, Lay Ministries etc) 9a.m
22 Local Preachers Meeting: B.G 11am
23 Circuit Youth Council: B.G 1p.m

5 Circuit Finance and Property (9am), Circuit Quarterly Meeting:11am Hillside Society

Good day dear saints. As a Circuit we have decided to rear broiler chickens to supplement our finances which are not in sound health. Our first batch of about 90 is now ready.

Please kindly support this initiative by buying the chickens at a price of 6 usd each.
You can place your orders through our Ministers, Circuit Stewards and Society Stewards.

Blessings. Mishack Masvingise Mugiyo (Circuit Steward)

10 gizzards, feet, livers, necks $1 US for each packet and 10 heads .50 cents a packets(20) of hearts $1 US

To contact Mr S. Tizora those who want them.

Update, Thursday August 11th 2022: We still have chickens @ $6 US each and feet and inners at Rev Phiri’s Hillside Manse.

Banking Details:

Hillside Society
FBC Bank Account No. 6162509470365
ZIPIT: Branch Code 017 or 87 then 6162509470365
Ecocash: *151*2*5*71458# dial, choose option either tithes or offerings and then under assembly state 9:30 or 11:30.

Barham Green Society
Bank Name :- FBC
Account Name:- Methodist Church Hillside Circuit
Account Number :- 6162510910110
ECOCASH *151*2*5*76626*Amount#
1) Offering
2) Tithe
3) Building
4) Other
Enter Assembly BG
Confirm Press1
On Forex kindly contact Caroline Gutu the church treasurer.

Nketa 7
Ecocash transactions *151*2*5*252543#
Zipit. FBC Acc number 6162510910110

Zipit here is the Circuit Account:
Methodist Church
Hillside Circuit
Acc. No.6162510910110