Awareness on Oral Health

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Dr Tenga has shared the following on oral hygiene:

Awareness on Oral Health
Oral Health is a part of health which is neglected by many people including those in the medical field .
In simple terms when we talk of oral health, we look at the structures that are found in the Oral Cavity. These are:
a The lips which close or open the oral cavity.
b The lining of the inner part of lips and cheeks.
c The roof of the oral cavity which is made of the hard part and soft part towards the throat which we call hard and soft palate.
d The floor of the cavity is the part under the tongue.
e The tongue
f The teeth
g The gums
h Saliva
All these structures play a big role in the first part of food digestion, in speech and in your facial appearance.
All these structures do get attacked by different diseases some life threatening others giving a lot of discomfort.
It is therefore very important to regard oral health just as we do to any other health issues.

Adults and young adults can notice some abnormalities in their oral cavity and seek advice from a Dentist. Mothers have a responsibility of looking into children’s mouth and if they notice something unusual, they should visit the Dentist with the child.
It is advisable to visit the Dentist at least twice a year for check up because on your own you may miss or overlook what needs attention.
Toothbrushing is very important and is to be done two to three times a day i.e. in the morning, afternoon and evening before going to bed. Children at the age of 3 yrs can be introduced to a soft tooth brush but with help of parent.
Rinsing of your mouth is recommended. There are many different mouthwashes in pharmacies and supermarkets.
Use a fluoride toothpaste for brushing and a good toothbrush with comfortable bristles.

What diseases can attack oral structures:
The common one is tooth decay which destroys tooth structures. This is where tooth brushing is needed most.
Others are attack soft tissues such as tongue ulcers, gum disease where gums bleed and have puss at times. We do have cancers of the palate tongue floor of mouth.
We really need to give attention to our oral health as you realise there are so many diseases that affect the oral structures.
The food we eat also plays a big role in either promoting good oral health or poor oral health.

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