Barham Green Methodist Church

Progress on the new Barham Green Manse on July 11th 2020

All members are expected to attend a Class Meeting.

Wonke amafunga ayacelwa angene izifundo ze zindilini.
Please choose the group most convenient for you.
Sarudzai kokorodzano padyo newe.
Most groups meet on a Wednesday evening, unless otherwise indicated.

BG West Groups Mrs Chiunye – Volshenk (Thursdays at Church) Tel: 0733 779250
BG East Group Mrs Tonono (Wednesdays at 5.30pm) Tel. 0772 404 418
Jubilee Cottages (Wednesdays at 10am) Rev James Tel. 0774 266 636
Montrose Group (Wednesdays at 5.30pm) Mrs Siyaduba 16 Cheltenham Rd. 0772 688 811
Southwold and Bellevue: Esther Majachani 0773 510 198 and Nomsa Nyathi 0773 714 803
Central Class (Sundays at 10.30am at Church) Ms Matsika 0772 278 385
Wellington Rd. (Sundays at 4pm) Mrs Nxumalo, Tel. 0773 636 715
Arise & Shine (Wednesdays at 5.30pm) Mr T Chaendera Tel: 0772 610 005

[The above details were updated on April 9th 2020.]