Barham Green Methodist Church

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Latest news

Here are a couple of pictures of the distribution of Camphor cream to the needy by the Christian Social Responsibility team. (Also see the Recent Events webpage.)



Barham Green Methodist Church on the map!

For the benefit of our visitors and for anyone who uses Google Maps: Barham Green Methodist Church can now be found on Google Maps from anywhere in the world even if you don’t know the address. Simply type Barham Green Methodist Church into the app and it will show you the location and even give you directions if you like. It also gives a photograph.

Latest news: Google Maps have notified us that the photograph has been viewed 1542 times already since it was posted.

All members are expected to attend a Class Meeting.

Wonke amafunga ayacelwa angene izifundo ze zindilini.
Please choose the group most convenient for you.
Sarudzai kokorodzano padyo newe.
Most groups meet on a Wednesday evening, unless otherwise indicated.

BG West Groups Mrs Chiunye – Volshenk (Thursdays at Church) Tel: 0733 779250
BG East Group Mrs Tonono (Wednesdays at 5.30pm) Tel. 0772 404 418
Jubilee Cottages (Wednesdays at 10am) Rev James Tel. 0774 266 636
Montrose Group (Wednesdays at 5.30pm) Mrs Siyaduba 16 Cheltenham Rd. 0772 688 811
Southwold Group Mr P Makuvire 18 Ledbury Southwold 0779 444 521
Central Class (Sundays at 10.30am at Church) Ms Matsika 0772 278 385
Wellington Rd. (Sundays at 4pm) Mrs Nxumalo, Tel. 0773 636 715
Arise & Shine (Wednesdays at 5.30pm) Mr T Chaendera Tel: 0713 220 317

Diary for the Week

9.00am Praise &Worship
9.30am Service and Sunday School
10.30am Class Meeting/kokorodzano in the Prayer room
10.30am M.C.U.
11.00am Y.P.
11.30am Svondo yanhasi/Inkonzo lesikolo sabantwana
1pm M.Y.D.
Tuesday 10am Jubilee cottages Bible Study Group
5 pm Fellowship Groups / Makokorodzano / Amahamente
5.30pm Prayer Group in the Church
Saturday 2pm Manyano
2pm G.C.U.


Hillside Circuit 2nd Manse Building Funds: Is still on-going. The bank account for building is Hillside Methodist Trust, account #208631-01, Old Mutual or if you use an envelope please indicate.
Building Fund – we have finished updating tithe and building funds books from July 2016 to date. All those who want to find out how far they have gone with their tithe and building funds can see the treasurer or any of the stewards for correct recording. Those who would want to tithe but do not have a tithe number you can also see the treasurer to get a number.

Tuesday Prayers – everyone is invited to attend prayers at church every Tuesday at 5.30pm at Barham Green Methodist Church.

Bibles – Bibles are still on sale and they are going for $11.00 each.

Hymn Books – hymn books (Psalms and hymns) are now available on sale for $15.00. Those who would want to buy can see any of the stewards.

Door Replacement – each member is being asked to donate $2.00 towards the purchase of the metal door and fitting of Burglar bar for the church cottage. Clepperton has temporarily moved to one of the Sunday school classes after the break in. May we all make an effort to donate towards this. 

Note to members at Barham Green Methodist Church from Hillside Circuit webmaster: I have taken the above information from a bulletin sheet that I found when I was there recently. It would be good if someone could send me these regularly (possibly by email) and I could then update this page each week just like I do with the page for Hillside Methodist Church. Photographs are also very welcome and any articles or news items of interest to members and friends of our Circuit or any other updates. See details below under the heading: How You Can Help.