Connexional Circular 01-2020

Wesley House, 17 Selous Avenue, Box CY71, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe
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CIRCULAR 01/20/JD/hnc
10 July 2020

Connexional Lay President
Connexional Treasurer
District Bishops
District Lay Presidents
District Treasurers
All Ministers and Spouses
Ministers/ Evangelist’s Widows
Ruwadzano/ Manyano President
Heads of Departments
Connexional Evangelist
All Ordinary Methodist Members


  1. Change Management
    A workshop for Bishops and Connexional Executives was held in January for strategizing the implementation of the strategic plan for the denomination.
  2. Ministers School
    Ministers School was a success and was well attended by Ministers from the whole Connexion. Gweru District was the host.
  3. Finance Consultative Workshop
    District Treasurers and Circuit Treasurers from the larger Circuits held a workshop at Mbizi Game Park in Harare. The Finance workshop resolved to scale-up the payment of levies.
  4. Opening of Offices
    Part of the Connexional Staff has commenced work since Monday, 15 June. Please be advised that the Office hours during Covid 19 lockdown are 9am – 3pm from Monday – Friday. All Offices including the Connexional Bookshop and the Ruwadzano/ Manyano Office are fully functional.
  5. 2020 District Synods
    The proposed Synod dates are listed below. The format and guidelines for holding the Synods will be released as soon as the Parliamentary Liaison Officer and the taskforce finalize the details.
3 August 2020Harare West DistrictTBA
4 August 2020Gweru DistrictTBA
5 August 2020Kadoma DistrictTBA
6 August 2020Harare East DistrictTBA
7August 2020Marondera DistrictTBA
7 August 2020Hwange DistrictTBA
8 August 2020Masvingo DistrictTBA
9 August 2020Bulawayo DistrictTBA
  1. MeDRA – Food Distribution in response to COVID 19
    In response to the challenges brought about by the lockdown, especially hunger, the office of the Presiding Bishop in conjunction with MeDRA got some funding from Methodist Church in Britain- World Church Office. The money is being used to buy food hampers to help vulnerable families at a time like this. By the time of going to print, these following communities had already received their portions that are Matthew Rusike Children’s Home, Ndolwane Circuit, Gwayi Circuit and Chitungwiza-Seke communities. June Standing Committee appointed Bishop l. Mudenda to coordinate the Connexional response efforts to Covid 19.
  2. Ruwadzano Manyano Conference
    Ruwadzano/Manyano Conference has been postponed to 2021. Circuits are encouraged to hold Mini Conventions instead.
  3. Preachers Seminars
    Find the Preachers’ Seminars schedule below and more details will follow:
Preachers SeminarDateVenue
Young Preachers Seminar7 – 9 August 2020TBA
District Preachers Seminar
(Harare East District & Marondera District)
21 – 23 August 2020TBA
  1. Opening of schools for exams
    Schools to resume classes on the 28th of July 2020, tentatively starting with exam classes as per Government directive.
  2. Meetings
Candidates & Probationers ExamsFriday 31 July & Saturday 1 August 2020TBA 
Ministerial Training CommitteeFriday 14 August 2020Ruwadzano Manyano Centre 
Education CommitteeSaturday 15 August 2020Ruwadzano Manyano Centre 
Ecumenical Relations CommitteeTuesday18 August 2020 Yes
Research & Publications CommitteeWednesday19 August 2020 Yes
Statistical CommitteeWednesday19 August 2020 Yes
Local Preachers BoardThursday 20 August 2020Ruwadzano Manyano Centre 
Lay Ministries CommitteeThursday 20 August 2020 Yes
Faith and Order CommitteeFriday 21 August 2020Ruwadzano Manyano Centre 
Evangelism CommitteeSaturday 22 August 2020Ruwadzano Manyano Centre 
Stewardship and Training CommitteeSaturday 22 August 2020 Yes
Youth ConferenceSaturday 22 -Sunday 23 August 2020TBA 
Mission CommitteeFriday 28 August 2020Ruwadzano Manyano Centre 
Development CommitteeSaturday 29 August 2020Ruwadzano Manyano Centre 
  1. Wesley Week Updates
    Wesley Week was observed under lockdown. A soft copy booklet was sent to the Methodist Community. The Media Unit and Evangelism desk did their best in making sure that we celebrated Wesley week in style through live streaming and recorded interviews.
  2. MRCH Week Updates
    The Home normally gets a boost of their requirements during Matthew Rusike Week and the big Sunday. Due to the Lockdown, we could not meet. A soft copy of the lessons was sent to the Methodist Community. Many Circuits observed the week and what remains is the onward transmission of the resources raised. It is our hope that by midJuly all Circuits would have done some justice to the levied items. Each District has designated collection points for the donations.
  3. Mission Month
    We exist to worship God and to do Ministry. Mission Month is coming at a time when the world and our country is faced with multiple problems and challenges. This is the time to practice true religion. We dedicate this Mission Month to care for the vulnerable individuals and families. This is the time to practice Ministry, feed the hungry in your community, reach out to your neighbour and extend a hand of help. We are also dedicating Mission Month to pray for the Nation and the World. A soft copy of the Mission Month Booklet will be circulated.
  4. MCZ Web Page
    The Webpage was done in response to the lockdown and the subsequent shutdown of churches. Our MCZ Web is The platform will enable ministers in the Connexion to conduct online services to individual circuits. It is our hope that all circuits are on board and that this useful tool is being used to the maximum. It was expensive to install the Webpage and again we thank children of God who paid for the expenses. Media Unit is at your disposal for help.
  5. Facebook Page
    “Our official Facebook Page is, “The Methodist Church in Zimbabwe”. We are in the process of integrating some Facebook pages bearing our name and these were officially opened by various departments before we established the Media Unit. Please visit our page and like it.
  6. Website
    “For such a time as this”, it is important that we make use of our Website ( Our Media team is busy uploading events that are on our Connexional calendar. Sermons are also found on this website. Great strides are being made to integrate various church websites, be it as Society, Circuit level, as well as individual departments and organisations.
  7. YouTube Channel
    Our official Church YouTube channel is, (Methodist church in Zimbabwe TV). It is on this channel that the people called Methodists will find sermons from clergy as well as laity.
  8. MCZ Communications Policy
    We urge the Methodist Community to adhere to the rules and regulations contained in our Communications Policy at a time when almost all saints are using social Media to communicate.
  9. Leave Days
    June Standing Committee resolved the following:
    • Lay Staff- Days from Day 22 of the National Lockdown to when they started working will be taken as leave days
    • Ministers- will not have leave days due starting from day 22 of the National Lockdown to the end of the year
  10. Marriage Officers
    The membership of all ministers in our Connexion who are Marriage Officers was successfully renewed for 2020. We urge all Marriage Officers to acquaint themselves with the recent Statutory Instrument on solemnization of Marriages
  11. Conference Update
    Conference has been scheduled from the 11th to 13th of September 2020. Updates on the Conference will be released in due course.
  12. Births:
    We celebrate with the following families:
    i Revd J. and Mrs Shuga of Silobela Circuit on the birth of a baby boy.
    ii. Revd S. and Mrs Mubanga of Zambia Circuit on the birth of a baby boy.
    iii Revd M. and Mrs Mabasa of Chinyenyetu Circuit on the birth of a baby boy.
    iv. Revd D. and Mrs Takaendesa of Marondera North Circuit on the birth of a baby boy.
    v Revd C. and Mrs Mugabe of Buhera Circuit on the birth of a baby boy.
    vi. Revd J. and Mrs Mutunami of Bindura Circuit on the birth of a baby boy.
    vii. Revd T. and Mrs Shariwa of Gwayi Circuit on the birth of a baby boy.
  13. Those who passed on:
    Our prayers are with the following bereaved families:
    i Revd T. Munyuki, (Pre-collegiate) stationed in Murewa Circuit lost a brother and was laid to rest in Mount Darwin.
    ii Revd S. Ndiweni, stationed in Greendale Circuit lost his mother in law and was laid to rest in Gwanda.
    iii Revd M. Guduza stationed in Matjinge Circuit lost his mother in Zambia and was laid to rest in Zambia.
    iv. Revd M. Mukorombindo, stationed, in Waddilove Circuit lost his mother in law and was laid to rest in Mberengwa.
    v Revd E. Vhazhure, stationed in Waddilove Circuit lost his mother in law and was laid to rest in Zvimba.
    vi. Revd P. Ndoro, stationed in Hatfield District lost his mother and was laid to rest in Njanja Chivhu.
    vii. Mrs A. Jackson the Connexional Cook lost her sister and was laid to rest in Musana.
    viii. Revd P. Phiri, stationed in Chikangwe Circuit, lost his mother in Zambia and was laid to rest in Zambia.
    ix. Tanatswa Simbaneuta, a Pakame High School form 1 student passed on and was laid to rest in Gweru.
    x. Revd N. Mhandu, Supernumerary in Budiriro Circuit, lost a grandson and was laid to rest in Harare.
    xi. Revd M. Makomo, stationed in Plumtree Circuit lost her aunt and was laid to rest in Marondera.
    xii. Revd O. Shatai, stationed in Marlborough Circuit lost his grandmother and was laid to rest in Chimanimani.
    xiii. Revd J. Mudzamiri, stationed in Norton Circuit lost his father and was laid to rest in Gutu.
    xiv. Mrs E. Ndebele, widow to the late Revd Ndebele passed on and was laid to rest in Harare.
    xv. Mrs Pfebeni, widow to the late Revd A. Pfebeni lost her mother and was laid to rest in Shamba.
    xvi. Mrs Ncube, widow to the late Revd Ncube lost a son was laid to rest in Magwegwe.
    xvii. Mr S. Matsikiti, the Kwenda High School Deputy Head passed on and was laid to rest in Zowa.
    xviii. Bekezela Ncube son to Evangelist Baron Ncube of Thekwane passed on and was laid to rest in Bulawayo.
    xix. Revd C. Chikwape, stationed in Sadza Circuit lost a sister and was laid to rest and was laid to rest in Nyanga.
    xx. Revd E. Mashora, stationed in Gunde Circuit lost his father in law and was laid to rest in Gokwe.
    xxi. Revd C. Sibanda, stationed in Bulawayo Aldersgate Circuit lost his mother and was laid to rest in Bulawayo.
    xxii. Evangelist B. M. Chidzambwa of Chibero Circuit passed on in early July.
  14. The sick:
    We ask your prayers for the following:
    i Mr Ndhlumbi, father to Revd A. Ndhlumbi stationed in Highglen Circuit has not been well.
    ii. Revd S. P Khiyaza and Mrs Khiyaza, Supernumerary in Northern Circuit have not been well.
    iii. Mrs Maruma, spouse to Revd S. Maruma stationed in Dzivarasekwa Circuit has not been well.
    iv. Revd S. Madiridze stationed in Mutoko Circuit has been not well due to a poison incident.
    v. Mr Mudenda, father to Revd L. Mudenda stationed in Gumbonzvanda has not been well.
    vi. Revd H. Mukandiwa, stationed in Chideme Circuit has not been well.
    vii. Mrs E. Chombo, spouse to the late Revd Chombo has not been well.
    viii . Revd S. Chikafa Mlilo, stationed in John White Circuit has not been well.
    ix. Bishop C. E. Nyabonda, of Gweru District has not been well.
    x. Revd T. Chimedza (Pre-collegiate) stationed in Zaka Circuit’s daughter has not been well.
    xi. Revd E. Chidemo, Supernumerary at Epworth Circuit has not been well.
    xii. Revd E. Chirimuhanzu, Supernumerary at Borrowdale Circuit has not been well.
  15. Your prayers are requested for the following ministers who either lost valuables or were involved in car accidents and escaped with injuries.
    i Hatfield Circuit Office, lost some belonging due to burglary.
    ii. Revd W. Baiton, stationed in Marondera North Circuit survived a car accident.
    iii Revd S. Madiridze, stationed in Mutoko Circuit lost some belongings due to burglary.
    iv. Bishop M. Ncube, the Bulawayo District Bishop, lost some belongings due to burglary.
    v Bulawayo District manse, lost some belongings due to burglary.
    vi. Revd O. Masawi, stationed in Chinhoyi Circuit, lost some belongings due to burglary.
    vii. Bishop l. S. Mudenda the Hwange District Bishop, lost some belongings due to burglary.
    viii. Revd L. Mabude, stationed in Gokwe Circuit lost some belongings due to burglary.
    ix. Revd T Shariwa, stationed in Gwayi Circuit survived a motor bike accident.

In His grip,

Rev Dr J Dube
General Secretary