Hillside Methodist Church

Methodist Church in Zimbabwe theme for 2022/23:

Theme: The Lord of revival and restoration.

Won’t you give us fresh life and let your people be glad because of you?

Psalm 85 v6 (Contemporary English Version)

Mission Statement of Hillside Methodist Church:

To surrender ourselves to the love of God, to the power of God, to the Word of God. To spend and be spent doing the work of God, that those near and far may be loved into the family of God.


“In the evening I went very unwillingly to a society in Aldersgate Street, where one was reading Luther’s Preface to the Epistle to the Romans. About a quarter before nine, while he was describing the change which God works in the heart through faith in Christ I felt my heart strangely warmed . . . I felt I did trust in Christ, Christ alone, for salvation; and an assurance was given me that he had taken away my sins, even mine, and saved me from the law of sin and death.”

“Making an open stand against all the ungodliness and unrighteousness which overspreads our land like a flood is one of the noblest ways of confessing Christ in the face of his enemies.”

“Our main doctrines which include all the rest, are repentance, faith and holiness. The first of these we account, as it were, the porch of religion; the next, the door, the third, religion itself.”


O Spirit of God, set at rest the crowded, hurrying conscious thought 
within our minds and hearts.

Let the peace and quiet of your presence take possession of us.

Help us to relax, to rest, to become open and receptive to you.

You know our inmost spirits,

the hidden, unconscious life within us,
the forgotten memories of hurts and fears,
the frustrated desires,
the unresolved tensions and dilemmas.

Cleanse and sweeten the springs of our beings
into both our conscious and hidden life.

Lord, we lie open before you, waiting for your healing,

your peace and your word.

(George Appleton