Music Week 2021

We welcome you all to this year’s music week where once again this year we will enjoy music, hear the powerful word of God and also get an opportunity to sow into music ministry.
This week is open to all who believe that Christ died and rose for us regardless of church or denominations. Let’s enjoy the music in the comfort of our homes as we Demonstrate the power of our Living God through music in such a time as this because our help comes from God.

MUSIC WEEK PROGRAMME: to be conducted through WhatsApp platforms: [Follow this link to join one of the WhatsApp groups.]
Sunday 4 July 6pm to 7pm: Bulawayo District
Monday 5 July 6pm to 7pm: Gweru District
Tuesday 6 July 6pm to 7pm: Hwange District
Wednesday 7 July 6pm to 7pm: Harare East District
Thursday 8 July 6pm to 7pm: Kadoma District
Friday 9 July 6pm to 7pm: Marondera District
Saturday 10 July: 4.30pm to 5.30pm Masvingo District
Saturday 10 July: 6pm to 7pm Harare West District
Sunday 11July: 6pm to 7pm Bishop Paradza

Welcome message from Rev Allen Moyo:

Calvary greetings to Methodist Church in Zimbabwe Captains of music all over this country and beyond borders.

Congratulations this year for being granted by the Mighty God an opportunity to participate in this year’s Music Week in the midst of Covid 19 pandemic. This God is good. We can testify that Our help comes from the Lord hence our annual theme. It’s now more than a year since the outbreak of the pandemic.
Effects and impact of Covid 19 have shaken the world sparing not the church. Lockdowns have affected church gatherings more so music.

As Methodists we believe Methodism was born out of music hence our identity. Methodists are known for singing. The Choir is seen as the first preacher in our church. Stand up for Jesus ye soldiers of the cross. This is our opportunity granted by the church. Market your brand without fear. Music is Central in worship. Stand up worship leaders. If you want to have a boring beyond lukewarm service try to ignore music. Music heals emotions while encouraging to make serious decisions. Let’s sing and heal our world. Sing to restore fading hope.
We could not hold our annual convention last year and even this year it’s promising to be impossible again. It discourages choristers very much but fear not and feel not discouraged Our help comes from God. Let us remain focused, don’t lose heart, we are troubled yes, Paul would argue, but not destroyed.

I am very much aware that some of our colleagues succumbed to the pandemic but we trudge on looking up to the mountains from whence our help comes, Psalm 121: 1-2.
As we in the Mission Month, approaching Music week in particular allow me to encourage you not to lose heart but remain standing by continuing to sing unto the Lord wherever you are – be it alone, with friends or family! Sing and sing for the Lord, Psalm 138:1 says, “I will praise you O Lord with all my heart….. I will sing your praise”.

Let’s meet during Music week and celebrate Music, a God-given mandate in our church as part of Mission.

God bless you all Musicians ..

In the Lord’s vineyard,

Rev A Moyo.
Connexional Music Chairperson