Worship Archive – February 12th 2023

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Sunday Service from Connexion for February 12th 2023:

Audio message for Connexion on February 12th 2023 with Rev Muzondo.

Sunday Service from Hillside Circuit for February 12th 2023:

Lectionary Theme: True worship of God

Occasion: 6th after Epiphany
Lectionary readings:
Psalm 119: 1-8
Deuteronomy 30: 15-20
1 Corinthians 3: 1-9
Matthew 5: 21-37

Additional readings:
Psalm 1
Judges 19: 1-3, 16-30
1 Timothy 1: 18-20

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Here are the songs for Sunday morning service. Click or tap on a song to open it in YouTube.

My life is in you, Lord.
Speak, O Lord.
King of Kings, Majesty.
I’m so secure.
Fight the good fight.
May the mind of Christ.
Be still and know.
Lord have mercy on us.
O let the Son of God enfold.
My peace.

You can listen and join in with prayers from the English Methodist Service Book. They can be found at the Prayers for worship webpage.

Children’s Address:

Audio Children’s Address for Hillside Circuit on February 12th 2023, with Mrs Simangaliso Mpofu.


Audio message for Hillside Circuit on February 12th 2023 with Rev Bekithemba Phiri (1).
Audio message for Hillside Circuit on February 12th 2023 with Rev Bekithemba Phiri (2).

Bible readings:

Psalm 119

1 Our LORD, you bless everyone
who lives right and obeys your Law.
2 You bless all of those
who follow your commands from deep in their hearts
3 and who never do wrong or turn from you.
4 You have ordered us always to obey your teachings;
5 I don’t ever want to stray from your laws.
6 Thinking about your commands
will keep me from doing some foolish thing.
7 I will do right and praise you
by learning to respect your perfect laws.
8 I will obey all of them! Don’t turn your back on me.

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Deuteronomy 30

15 Today I am giving you a choice. You can choose life and success or death and disaster. 16-18 I am commanding you to be loyal to the LORD, to live the way he has told you, and to obey his laws and teachings. You are about to cross the Jordan River and take the land that he is giving you. If you obey him, you will live and become successful and powerful.
On the other hand, you might choose to disobey the LORD and reject him. So I’m warning you that if you bow down and worship other gods, you won’t have long to live.
19 Right now I call the sky and the earth to be witnesses that I am offering you this choice. Will you choose for the LORD to make you prosperous and give you a long life? Or will he put you under a curse and kill you? Choose life! 20 Be completely faithful to the LORD your God, love him, and do whatever he tells you. The LORD is the only one who can give life, and he will let you live a long time in the land that he promised to your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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1 Corinthians 3

1 My friends, you are acting like the people of this world. That’s why I could not speak to you as spiritual people. You are like babies as far as your faith in Christ is concerned. 2 So I had to treat you like babies and feed you milk. You could not take solid food, and you still cannot, 3 because you are not yet spiritual. You are jealous and argue with each other. This proves that you are not spiritual and that you are acting like the people of this world.
4 Some of you say that you follow me, and others claim to follow Apollos. Isn’t that how ordinary people behave? 5 Apollos and I are merely servants who helped you to have faith. It was the Lord who made it all happen. 6 I planted the seeds, Apollos watered them, but God made them sprout and grow. 7 What matters isn’t those who planted or watered, but God who made the plants grow. 8 The one who plants is just as important as the one who waters. And each one will be paid for what they do. 9 Apollos and I work together for God, and you are God’s garden and God’s building.

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Matthew 5

21 You know that our ancestors were told, “Do not murder” and “A murderer must be brought to trial.” 22 But I promise you that if you are angry with someone, you will have to stand trial. If you call someone a fool, you will be taken to court. And if you say that someone is worthless, you will be in danger of the fires of hell.
23 So if you are about to place your gift on the altar and remember that someone is angry with you, 24 leave your gift there in front of the altar. Make peace with that person, then come back and offer your gift to God.
25 Before you are dragged into court, make friends with the person who has accused you of doing wrong. If you don’t, you will be handed over to the judge and then to the officer who will put you in jail. 26 I promise you that you will not get out until you have paid the last cent you owe.

27 You know the commandment which says, “Be faithful in marriage.” 28 But I tell you that if you look at another woman and want her, you are already unfaithful in your thoughts. 29 If your right eye causes you to sin, poke it out and throw it away. It is better to lose one part of your body, than for your whole body to end up in hell. 30 If your right hand causes you to sin, chop it off and throw it away! It is better to lose one part of your body, than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.

31 You have been taught that a man who divorces his wife must write out divorce papers for her. 32 But I tell you not to divorce your wife unless she has committed some terrible sexual sin. If you divorce her, you will cause her to be unfaithful, just as any man who marries her is guilty of taking another man’s wife.

33 You know that our ancestors were told, “Don’t use the LORD’S name to make a promise unless you are going to keep it.” 34 But I tell you not to swear by anything when you make a promise! Heaven is God’s throne, so don’t swear by heaven. 35 The earth is God’s footstool, so don’t swear by the earth. Jerusalem is the city of the great king, so don’t swear by it. 36 Don’t swear by your own head. You cannot make one hair white or black. 37 When you make a promise, say only “Yes” or “No.” Anything else comes from the devil.

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Psalm 1

1 God blesses those people who refuse evil advice
and won’t follow sinners
or join in sneering at God.
2 Instead, the Law of the LORD makes them happy,
and they think about it day and night.

3 They are like trees growing beside a stream,
trees that produce fruit in season
and always have leaves.
Those people succeed in everything they do.

4 That isn’t true of those who are evil,
because they are like straw blown by the wind.
5 Sinners won’t have an excuse on the day of judgment,
and they won’t have a place with the people of God.
6 The LORD protects everyone who follows him,
but the wicked follow a road that leads to ruin.

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Judges 19

1 Before kings ruled Israel, a Levite was living deep in the hill country of the Ephraim tribe. He married a woman from Bethlehem in Judah, 2 but she was unfaithful and went back to live with her family in Bethlehem.
Four months later 3 her husband decided to try and talk her into coming back. So he went to Bethlehem, taking along a servant and two donkeys. He talked with his wife, and she invited him into her family’s home. Her father was glad to see him

16 Soon an old man came in through the gates on his way home from working in the fields. Most of the people who lived in Gibeah belonged to the tribe of Benjamin, but this man was originally from the hill country of Ephraim. 17 He noticed that the Levite was just in town to spend the night. “Where are you going?” the old man asked. “Where did you come from?”
18 “We’ve come from Bethlehem in Judah,” the Levite answered. “We went there on a visit. Now we’re going to the place where the LORD is worshipped, and later we will return to our home in the hill country of Ephraim. But no one here will let us spend the night in their home. 19 We brought food for our donkeys and bread and wine for ourselves, so we don’t need anything except a place to sleep.”
20 The old man said, “You are welcome to spend the night in my home and to be my guest, but don’t stay out here!”
21 The old man brought them into his house and fed their donkeys. Then he and his guests washed their feet and began eating and drinking. 22 They were having a good time, when some worthless men of that town surrounded the house and started banging on the door and shouting, “A man came to your house tonight. Send him out, so we can have sex with him!”
23 The old man went outside and said, “My friends, please don’t commit such a horrible crime against a man who is a guest in my house. 24 Let me send out my daughter instead. She’s a virgin. And I’ll even send out the man’s wife. You can rape them or do whatever else you want, but please don’t do such a horrible thing to this man.”
25 The men refused to listen, so the Levite grabbed his wife and shoved her outside. The men raped her and abused her all night long. Finally, they let her go just before sunrise, 26 and it was almost daybreak when she went back to the house where her husband was staying. She collapsed at the door and lay there until sunrise.
27 About that time, her husband woke up and got ready to leave. He opened the door and went outside, where he found his wife lying at the door with her hands on the doorstep. 28 “Get up!” he said. “It’s time to leave.”
But his wife didn’t move.
He lifted her body onto his donkey and left. 29 When he got home, he took a butcher knife and cut her body into twelve pieces. Then he told some messengers, “Take one piece to each tribe of Israel 30 and ask everyone if anything like this has ever happened since Israel left Egypt. Tell them to think about it, talk it over, and tell us what should be done.”
Everyone who saw a piece of the body said, “This is horrible! Nothing like this has ever happened since the day Israel left Egypt.”

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1 Timothy 1

18 Timothy, my son, the instructions I am giving you are based on what some prophets once said about you. If you follow these instructions, you will fight like a good soldier. 19 You will be faithful and have a clear conscience. Some people have made a mess of their faith because they didn’t listen to their consciences. 20 Two of them are Hymenaeus and Alexander. I have given these men over to the power of Satan, so they will learn not to oppose God.

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