Worship Archive – February 7th 2021

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Sunday Service from Connexion for February 7th 2021:

Audio message for Connexion on February 7th 2021 in Shona, with Revd. Petros Marangwanda. Theme: Famba najesu nguva dzose.

Sunday Services from Hillside Circuit for February 7th 2021:

Theme: The Healer is around

Occasion: 5th after Epiphany
Psalm 147
Old Testament: Isaiah 40: 21-31
New Testament: 1 Corinthians 9: 16-23
Gospel: Mark 1: 29-39

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Here are the songs for Sunday morning service. Click or tap on a song to open it in YouTube, or go to the Songs for worship webpage to find them embedded.

Shine, Jesus, shine.
Let your living water flow over my soul.
Breathe on me, Breath of God.


You can listen and join in with prayers from the English Methodist Service Book. They can be found at the Prayers for worship webpage.

Children’s Address:

Theme: Fly like an Eagle
Scripture: Isaiah 40:31 But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

Morning children of God🙏
In our lesson today we want to talk about Eagles 🦅 🤓
You might wonder what this is about, but don’t worry you’re going to learn a greater lesson from it. So firstly, I’m going to give you a short story about Eagles🦅🦅🦅
Long ago there was a corn farm in the countryside. It belonged to Mrs. and Mr. Hawks. It was very peaceful around the farm.
Beside the farm there was a smooth cliff. There was a small basin at the edge of the top of that cliff. One day, two eagles🦅🦅 built their nest there. They lay their eggs🥚🥚🥚 inside the nest.
One day there was an earthquake💥. Because of the earthquake, one egg🥚 fell down into the corn farm. The chickens🐓🐓 saw the egg🥚. They took care of it.
Soon, the egg cracked🐣 and a beautiful baby eagle🐥 was born. But the chickens thought he was a chicken too. So he was raised to be a chicken.
One day, he was playing with the other chickens in the farm when he saw many eagles soaring high near the cliff top🦅🦅.
He said, “Oh! How I wish I could soar like that – high in the sky.”
All chickens🐓🐓 roared with laughter and said rudely, “Ha! You are a chicken and chickens do not soar.”
They all teased him and made fun of him.
He continued looking at his mother, father, brothers and sisters high above. After sometime he passed away, still believing himself a chicken.
The Moral Of This Inspirational Story is – You become what you believe you are; so if you dream of becoming an eagle, follow your dreams, not the words of a chicken.

Let’s also look at The 7 Characteristics Of An Eagle And Why They Are Lessons For Good Christian Leadership

1 Eagles Have Vision
If you ever happen to see an eagle sitting high above the tree or cliff of a stiff mountain, watch closely and see how attentive the bird is.
You must have a vision that guides and leads your team towards the organizations or societal goals. The vision must be big and focused. A big, focused vision will produce big results.

2 Eagles are fearless:
An eagle will never surrender to the size or strength of its prey. It will always give the fight to win its prey or regain its territory.

3 Eagles are Tenacious: Watch an eagle when a storm comes. When other birds fly away from the storm with fear, an eagle spreads its mighty wings and uses the current to soar to greater heights. The eagle takes advantage of the very storm that lesser birds fear and head for cover.

4 Eagles are High Flyers: Eagles can fly up to an altitude of 10,000 feet (3 000 metres), but they are able to swiftly land on the ground. At 10, 000 feet, you will never find another bird. If you find another bird, it has to be an eagle.

5 Eagles Never Eat Dead Meat: An eagle never eats dead meat. In other words, an eagle does not scavenge. It only eats the meat from the prey it kills itself. Eagles eat raw and fresh meat What a great act of true leadership.

6 Eagles posses Vitality: Eagles are full of life and are visionary but they find time to look back at their life and re-energize themselves. This happens at about the age of 30. What happens is that when the Eagles reach the age of 30, their physical body condition deteriorates fast making it difficult for them to survive.

7 Eagles Nurture their younger ones:
Believe this or not. Eagles are known for their aggression. They are absolutely ferocious aren’t they? Anyone who doesn’t have total knowledge of this great bird will say yes. What is more astonishing with this bird is their ability to nurture their young ones. Research has shown that no member of the bird family is more gentle and attentive to its young ones than the eagles.
Be blessed children of God🙏🙏
Stay safe remember corona is real


Audio message for Hillside Circuit on February 7th 2021 in English, with Rev Margaret James, (part 1).
Song – On the wings of a dove.
Audio message for Hillside Circuit on February 7th 2021 in English, with Rev Margaret James, (part 2).
Song – Christ be beside me.

Song – Ishe Taungana. 209 Shona (278 Ndebele).
Audio message for Hillside Circuit on February 7th 2021 in Shona, with Mr Misheck Mugiyo.

Audio message for Hillside Circuit on February 7th 2021 in Ndebele, with Dr Themba Hwalima, (part 1).
Audio message for Hillside Circuit on February 7th 2021 in Ndebele, with Dr Themba Hwalima, (part 2).

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Bible readings:

Psalm 147

1 Shout praises to the LORD! Our God is kind,
and it is right and good to sing praises to him.
2 The LORD rebuilds Jerusalem
and brings the people of Israel back home again.
3 He renews our hopes and heals our bodies.
4 He decided how many stars there would be in the sky
and gave each one a name.
5 Our LORD is great and powerful!
He understands everything.
6 The LORD helps the poor,
but he smears the wicked in the dirt.

7 Celebrate and sing!
Play your harps for the LORD our God.
8 He fills the sky with clouds and sends rain to the earth,
so that the hills will be green with grass.
9 He provides food for cattle
and for the young ravens, when they cry out.
10 The LORD doesn’t care about the strength of horses
or powerful armies.
11 The LORD is pleased only with those who worship him
and trust his love.

20 But he has not given his laws to any other nation.
Shout praises to the LORD!

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Isaiah 40

21 Don’t you know? Haven’t you heard?
Isn’t it clear that God created the world?
22 God is the one who rules the whole earth,
and we that live here are merely insects.
He spread out the heavens
like a curtain or an open tent.

23 God brings down rulers and turns them into nothing.
24 They are like flowers freshly sprung up
and starting to grow.
But when God blows on them, they wilt
and are carried off like straw in a storm.

25 The holy God asks, “Who compares with me?
Is anyone my equal?”

26 Look at the evening sky! Who created the stars?
Who gave them each a name?
Who leads them like an army?
The LORD is so powerful that none of the stars
are ever missing.

27 You people of Israel, say, “God pays no attention to us!
He doesn’t care if we are treated unjustly.”

But how can you say that?
28 Don’t you know? Haven’t you heard?
The LORD is the eternal God, Creator of the earth.
He never gets weary or tired;
his wisdom cannot be measured.

29 The LORD gives strength to those who are weary.
30 Even young people get tired, then stumble and fall.
31 But those who trust the LORD will find new strength.
They will be strong like eagles soaring upward on wings;
they will walk and run without getting tired.

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1 Corinthians 9

16 I don’t have any reason to brag about preaching the good news. Preaching is something God told me to do, and if I don’t do it, I am doomed. 17 If I preach because I want to, I will be paid. But even if I don’t want to, it is still something God has sent me to do. 18 What pay am I given? It is the chance to preach the good news free of charge and not to use the privileges that are mine because I am a preacher.
19 I am not anyone’s slave. But I have become a slave to everyone, so that I can win as many people as possible. 20 When I am with the Jews, I live like a Jew to win Jews. They are ruled by the Law of Moses, and I am not. But I live by the Law to win them. 21And when I am with people who are not ruled by the Law, I forget about the Law to win them. Of course, I never really forget about the law of God. In fact, I am ruled by the law of Christ. 22 When I am with people whose faith is weak, I live as they do to win them. I do everything I can to win everyone I possibly can. 23 I do all this for the good news, because I want to share in its blessings.

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Mark 1

29 As soon as Jesus left the meeting place with James and John, they went home with Simon and Andrew. 30 When they got there, Jesus was told that Simon’s mother-in-law was sick in bed with fever. 31 Jesus went to her. He took hold of her hand and helped her up. The fever left her, and she served them a meal.
32 That evening after sunset, all who were sick or had demons in them were brought to Jesus. 33 In fact, the whole town gathered around the door of the house. 34 Jesus healed all kinds of terrible diseases and forced out a lot of demons. But the demons knew who he was, and he did not let them speak.
35 Very early the next morning, Jesus got up and went to a place where he could be alone and pray. 36 Simon and the others started looking for him. 37 And when they found him, they said, “Everyone is looking for you!”
38 Jesus replied, “We must go to the nearby towns, so that I can tell the good news to those people. This is why I have come.” 39 Then Jesus went to Jewish meeting places everywhere in Galilee, where he preached and forced out demons.

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Text version of message for Hillside Circuit on February 7th 2021 in Ndebele, with Dr Themba Hwalima:

Lithi iLizwi: UMsilisi ukhona
Theme: The Healer is around
Siya hlangana njalo emoyeni bazalwane sikhonza, njalo sidumisa I Nkosi yethu u Jesu Khristu ezikhathini lezi ezinzima. Kayimi impilo bazalwane kulabo aba phila ngo kholo e Nkosini u Jesu Khristu.
 Izifundo zethu za lamhla sizi thatha kuZihlabelelo 147, u Isaiah 40:21-31, 1 Corinthians 9:16-23; lo Mark 1:29-31.
Siza bala ngama fitshane ku Mark 1:29-31, ezinye sizazi fundela ema gumeni.
 Sithi isihloko sendaba:
“Uninazala kaPetro labanye abagulayo basiliswa
29 Njalo bahle baphuma esinagogeni, bangena endlini kaSimoni loAndreya, kanye loJakobe loJohane. 30 Futhi uninazala kaSimoni wayelele elomkhuhlane, njalo bahle bamtshela ngaye; 31 wasesiya kuye, wabamba isandla sakhe wamvusa; futhi umkhuhlane wahle wamyekela, wasebasebenzela.”

Asi khulekeni:
Jehova wama bandla, siza phambi kwakho ngalesi isikhathi, sizesihla, sizithoba phambi kwakho Nkulunkulu wethu Somandla. Siya guqa phambi kwesi phambano sakho Jesu Khristu, siku dumisa sise thula imithwalo yethu Jehova. Sithi uyasazi isimo  somunye lomunye wethu. Uyazazi izinswelo lezi nhlupho zethu Baba wethu ose zulwini. Uya bazi ubu fitshane bokholo bomunye lomunye wethu. Siya gula Jehova e moyeni, siya gula babawethu ezinhliziyweni. Yebo Jehova, siya vuma; ukholo lwethu lubu thakathaka, ukholo lwethu ku Jesu Khristu lufitshane Somandla. Imi zimba yethu ibuthakathaka Jehova, imizimba yethu ibuhlungu Baba wethu ose zulwini. Sithi ngenela Jesu Khristu komunye lomunye wethu, ngothando lwakho olungelakuphela. Sithi thela umoya wakho oyi gcwele Jehova, sithi thoba ubuhlungu obu Phakathi komunye lomunye wethu. Thoba ubuhlungu obu Phakathi kwezimuli ze bandla lakho Jehova. Siya vuma Jesu Khristu, sithi mayenziwe intando yakho ngazo zonke izikhathi empilweni zethu lange Mpilo zethu.
Sili lambele Jehova iLizwi lakho, sili lambele Somandla ilizwi lempilo. Siyacela Jehova sithi siphakulele isinkwa sakho sempilo. Zihlanze izi nhliziyo zethu zifanele, zilamukele ilizwi lakho Jehova. 
Egameni lika Yise, ele Ndodana lelika Moya oyigcwele siya khuleka njalo siya cela Jehova wama bandla.

Isi qokoqela sentshumayelo yethu yalamhla sithi “UMsilisi ukhona”, “The Healer is around”.
Ilizwi lalamhla likhangele uku dangala komunye lomunye wethu, likhangele uku didakala komunye lomunye wethu. Ilizwi lika Jehova likhangele ukugula kwakho lokwehluleka kwakho mzalwane. Ilizwi lethu lalamhla lisambulela ngoku phatheka kwethu; uku dabuka emoyeni kwethu, lokopha komunye lomunye wethu.
Lithi ilizwi lika Jehova “UMsilisi ukhona” bazalwane.
The Word of the Lord assures and guarantees us that “The Healer is around”.
Uthi umHlabeleli kuziHlabelelo 147
“Ukudumisa uNkulunkulu, uSomandla
1 Dumisani i Nkosi, ngoba kuhle ukuhlabelela indumiso kuNkulunkulu wethu, ngoba kumnandi, indumiso ifanele.
2 I Nkosi iyayakha iJerusalema, iqoqe abahlakaziweyo bakoIsrayeli. 3Yelapha abadabukileyo enhliziyweni, ibophe izinsizi zabo.”
Waye khuluma ku Israeli lapha umHlabeleli bazalwane. Kodwa phela siyazi ukubana iLizwi lika Jehova limi kuze kube phakade. Lalamhla likhuluma kithi Izwi lika Nkulunkulu bathandekayo. Liyasi nxusa ukubana siyi dumise iNkosi yethu ngoba phela yona ikhona, iyase lapha, iyasibopha amanxeba; iyasi sindisa ezonweni zethu, isi nike impilo engunaphakade. Kufanele ukumkhonza uNkulunkulu ngoba ungu Malusi loMsizi wethu ngazo zonke izikhathi.
Ithi intshumayelo yethu yalamhla “UMsilisi ukhona”, “UMsilisi uphakathi kwethu” makholwa. Silakho ukuthola ukuthotshwa izinhlungu zethu, silakho ukubotshwa amanxeba ethu lokusiliswa umasikholwa njalo sithembela ku Jehova.
Abesesithi uMhlabeleli I Nkosi iqoqa “abahlakaziweyo” abangabayo. “3. Yelapha abadabukileyo enhliziyweni, ibophe izinsizi zabo.”
The Lord “heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”
Nguye uNkululu esimkhonzayo lo bazalwane. UNkulunkulu osibuthayo ma sihlakazekile, uNkulunkulu ose laphayo ma sigula njalo asisilise; u Jehova osi bopha ama nxeba ezinhliziyweni, emoyeni lase mizimbeni ma sihluzukile.
Sikhuluma ngelizwi lika Jehova lapha bazalwane.  
Uthi u Isaiah ku Chapter 40:
“28 Kawazi yini, kawukezwa yini? UNkulunkulu olaphakade, i Nkosi, uMdali wemikhawulo yomhlaba kapheli amandla njalo kadinwa? Kakuphenyeki ukuqedisisa kwakhe. 
29 Inika amandla abadangeleyo, lakwabangaqinanga yandisa amandla. 
30 Labatsha bazaphelelwa ngamandla, badinwe, lamajaha azakuwa lokuwa; 
31 kodwa abalindela i Nkosi bazavuselela amandla; bazaqonga ngempiko njengenkozi, bagijime bangadinwa, bahambe bangapheli amandla.”
Abazi thembileyo baza phelelwa ngamandla noma bebatsha be qinile okwe nyama kodwa aba kholwa ku Jehova njalo be thembela kuye baza qiniswa noma sebe khulile. Baza qiniswa noma bebu thakathaka okwe nyama. Baza zuza ukusiliswa oku vela ku Jehova.
Kusebenza kuthini uya buza mzalwane. Sikhuluma nge ndaba zo kholo lapha bazalwane. Sikhuluma ngaba kholwa ku Jehova lapha bathandekayo.
Uthi u Isaiah:
“1 Ngubani owayengakholwa esikuzwileyo? Amandla e Nkosi embulelwa bani? 2 Ngoba inceku yakhula njengehlumela phambi kwayo, lanjengempande emhlabathini owomileyo; yayingelasithunzi lobuhle ukuthi siyibuke, yayingabukeki ukuthi siyifune. 3 Yadelelwa, yaliwa ngabantu, yaba ngumuntu wezinhlupheko, ijwayele umkhuhlane; yaba njengomuntu owenza abantu ukuthi bangamkhangeli, yeyiswa, kasiyinanzanga.4 Isibili yathwala eyethu imikhuhlane, yathwala insizi zethu. Kanti thina sathi itshayiwe, itshayiwe nguNkulunkulu, njalo ihlutshiwe. 
5 Kodwa yalinyazwa ngenxa yeziphambeko zethu, yachotshozwa ngenxa yobubi bethu, ukujeziswa kokuthula kwethu kwakuphezu kwayo, langemivimvinya yayo siyasiliswa thina. (Isaiah 53)
Sikhuluma ngo Jesu Khristu iNkosi yethu bazalwane.
“5 But he was wounded for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53)
Brothers and sisters in Christ, I must admit I cannot put this fact better than Rev. F. F. Bosworth when he declares:
 Jesus went to the cross, spirit, soul, and body, to redeem man, spirit, soul, and body. Therefore, the Cross is the center of the plan of salvation for man, spirit, soul, and body.”
(Christ the Healer, Book by F. F. Bosworth at p. 37)
U Jesu waya eku bethelweni ukuthi sithole ukuphila loku siliswa oku pheleleyo, emoyeni, enhliziyweni lase mzimbeni. Ngalokho ke uku sindiswa kwethu loku siliswa emoyeni, enhliziyweni lase mzimbeni kusuka esi phambanweni.
Kusifundo sethu salamhla ku Mark I, siyayi bona indaba esi khuluma ngayo nge nhloso ka Khristu yoku silisa inhlobo le nhlobo yemi khuhlane loku khathazeka konke emoyeni lezi nhliziyweni. Ye, siyambona u Khristu engelaphi imi khuhlane ese mzimbeni kuphela; kodwa simbona ehlanza labantu abathunjwe yimi moya emibi lama dimoni.
Uthi u Mark eloba ngoku qala kwe vangeli lika Jesu, ngemuva koku bhabhathizwa kuka Khristu ngu Johane umbhathizi Emfuleni I Jolodani, eseyamukele u Moya oyi ngcwele:
“UJesu uqala ukutshumayela
14 Kwathi emva kokunikelwa kukaJohane, uJesu wafika eGalili, etshumayela ivangeli lombuso kaNkulunkulu, 15. wasesithi: Isikhathi sigcwalisekile, njalo umbuso kaNkulunkulu ususondele; phendukani, likholwe ivangeli.”

Emuva kwalokho simbona engena e eKapenawume lapho angena khona esinagogeni waqubeka ngoku fundisa ilizwi lika Jehova.
“23 Futhi kwakukhona esinagogeni labo umuntu owayelomoya ongcolileyo, wasememeza, 24 wathi: Yekela, silani lawe, Jesu weNazaretha? Uze ukusibhubhisa yini t? Ngiyakwazi wena ukuthi ungubani: ONgcwele kaNkulunkulu. 25 UJesu wasemkhuza, wathi: Thula, uphume kuye. 26 Futhi umoya ongcolileyo emhlukuluza ekhala ngelizwi elikhulu, waphuma kuye.”
Sibona izinto ezimbili lapha bazalwane. Okwaku qala u Jesu uya tshumayela ilizwi lika Jehova u khuthaza abantu ukubana ba phenduke batshiyane le zono zabo. Okwe sibili ukhipha ama dimoni lemi moya emibi ebantwini.
Ma esuka lapho u Jesu simbona esiya endlini kaSimoni loAndreya, lapho aba mbikela khona ukuthi uninazala ka Simoni uyagula. Wamphakamisa nge sandla wahle wasila khonapho. Ngemva kwalokho izakha mizi ezinengi zaletha izihlobo ezazi gula imikhuhlane eminengi etshiyeneyo wazi silisa u Jesu. Abanye babe phethwe ngama dimoni lemimoya emibi etshiyeneyo wayi khipha u Jesu Khristu waba silisa. (Mark 1:29-32)
Emveni kwalokho simbona engena kwele Galili laba fundi bakhe lapho aqubeka khona etshumayela njalo efundisa ilizwi le Nkosi. Simbona equbeka esilisa abagulayo laba khathazekileyo emoyeni lababe hlutshwa ngama dimoni. (Mark 1:35-39)
Ngemva kwalokho u Jesu wazwela umuntu owaye lama lepero wamsilisa. (Mark 1: 40-45)
Umsilisi ukhona bathandekayo, u Jehova ukhona phakathi kwethu bazalwane; u Jesu Khristu ukhona phakathi kwethu.
Ngithe nga phambilini ukusiliswa kwethu oku pheleleyo, oku goqela umoya wakho, inhliziyo yakho lomzimba wakho kuvela ku Jesu. Uku siliswa kwakho oku gcweleyo kusuka ku Khristu, yena esesi phamabanweni.
 “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” (Ps. 147:3)
Yes “… by His stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah. 53:5)
Uya buza uthi kusebenza kuthini mzalwane. Impendulo siyi thola embhalweni welizwi lika Jehova.
“10 Wasebizela kuye abafundi bakhe abalitshumi lambili, wabanika Amandla phezu kwabomoya abangcolileyo, ukuthi babakhuphe, lokuthi belaphe sonke isifo lobuthakathaka bonke.” (Mathew. 10:1)
Amandla oku khipha ama dimoni kwaba gulayo loku silisa aba gulayo aphiwe izi sebenzi zika Khristu eziphakathi kwethu namhlanje.
Uthi u James, kusahluko 5, elandela imfundiso lentando ka Jesu Khristu:
“14 Kukhona ogulayo phakathi kwenu yini? Kabizele kuye abadala bebandla, babesebekhuleka phezu kwakhe, bamgcobe ngamafutha ebizweni leNkosi; 15 lomkhuleko wokholo uzamsindisa ogulayo, leNkosi izamlulamisa; uba-ke enzile izono, kuzathethelelwa kuye.” (James 5:14-15)
Nansi indaba esiyi fundiswa ngumPostoli u James bazalwane. Uthi ku fanele sitshengise ukholo lwethu ngempilo esiyi philayo. Lokhu siku bonisa ngoku khuleka loku dumisa I Nkosi kuzo zonke izehlakalo esinga hlangana lazo empilweni. Kufanele njalo silethe inhlupho zethu ebandleni sicele aba phathi, laba khokheli ukuthi basi khulekele.  Lokhu ku goqela imhlobo yonke yemkhuhlane egoqela uku khathezeka enhliziyweni, ezemimoya emibi lama dimoni loku gula enyameni. 
Nansi inkalakatha ye ndaba bazalwane. Indaba yokholo. U kholo lwakho kuNkulunkulu lamandla akhe phezu kwento zonke emhlabeni lase Zulwini luyisi qokoqela ebudlelwaneni bakho lo Jesu Khristu. Ukholo lwakho ku Jehova loku thembela kwakho kuye kungenza ukuthi uzuze uku sila kumbe ungaku tholi.
 Siyaba bona bonke abantu laba ebesi funda ngabo kusukela eku qaleni, lakwe zinye izahluko emBhalweni; babe kholwa ukuthi baza zuza ukusiliswa ngu Jesu Khristu. Babe qonda ukumdinga u Jesu bemcela ukubana abazwele aba silise. Lokhu kwaku ngoba babe kholwa ukubana ula mandla okubasilisa. Siyaba bona e Capernaum amadoda esehlisa isi goga ngo phahla ukubana sithole ukusiliswa ngu Jesu ngoba sebehlulekile uku ngena eSinagogeni ngobu nengi babantu ababe funa u Jesu. Ngenxa yokholo indoda le yathola ukusiliswa ngu Jesu. (Mathew 2:1-8, Mark 2:1-12, Luke 5: 17-26)
 Sengi sitsho wona ama dimoni aye kholwa emandleni ka Jesu. Siyali bona elinye idimoni lihlaba umkhosi nxa libona u Jesu lisithi:
“Ngiyakwazi wena ukuthi ungubani: ONgcwele kaNkulunkulu.” (Mark 1:24)
U Jesu wali khuza wathi kulo, thula wena, phuma kuye. Lakanye siyali bona idimoni liphuma emuntwini lo, li baleka.
Lalamhla imi moya emibi lama dimoni konke kuyamazi u Jesu njalo kuya mesaba. Labo abasebenzisa igama lika Jesu lo Moya oyingcwele balawo Amandla okuyi khipha imi moya emibi ebantwini konke lama dimoni athumba abantu.
U khona uMsilisi Phakathi kwethu batthandekayo. Ukhona uNkulunkulu, ulathi ngazo zonke izikhathi; ukhona u Jesu Khristu Phakathi kwethu; ulathi uMoya Oyingcwele ngezi nsuku zonke. Uyasi thinta, uyasi thoba invinvinya, uyasi bopha amanxeba, uyasi hlanza uku gcola kwethu; uyasi silisa imihlobo lemihlobo yemi khuhlane njalo asikhipe, lokusi vikela ama dimoni lemi moya emibi.
The Lord is with us, He is here; He is ready, able and willing to heal us. Our Lord and Saviour is with us, ready, able and willing to lift all manner of burden and affliction off our shoulders.
   Our challenge sisters and brethren, is our want of faith. Regrettably, without faith we are doomed. Why?
I like the way Rev. P. Gavin Duffy answers the question.
 “Faith, you see, is the union of our hearts and wills with God’s will and purpose; and where this unity is lacking, results are impossible. This is a very important spiritual law to which, in our times, we have been woefully blind” (Rev. P. Gavin Duffy, p. 94)
Nanku umthetho esiwu phiwa ngu Jesu Khristu.
“28 Wozani kimi lonke elikhatheleyo lelisindiweyo, njalo mina ngizaliphumuza.” (UMathewu 11:28)
 “Come unto Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt 11:28)
UMsilisi ukhona kuwe khonapho okhona mzalwane. Woza ngo kholo lezakho eziku hluphayo. Zilethe eze nswelo, zilethe ezoku khathazeka emoyeni lase nhliziyweni, woza lazo ezemi khuhlane ku Jesu Khristu, woza lazo ezemi moya emibi lama dimoni ku Khristu uza qedelana lazo.
Umsilisi, uJehova ulawe, ulathi ngazo zonke insuku; ebu nandini lase buhlungwini, eku kholiseni lase bunzimeni. Kholwa ku Jesu Khristu, u qine ngomkhuleko kwezakho eziku hluphayo mzalwane.
Jehova, Nkulunkulu Somandla. Siyali bonga IVangeli lakho. Siyali bonga ilizwi lakho Jehova. Sesi cela Somandla ukubana uqinise ukholo lwethu, u thethelele izino zethu Jehova. Siya cela uku sila Jehova emoyeni, ezinhliziyweni lase mzimbeni. A qamule Jesu Khristu amaketana asi thwalisa nzima ezimpilweni zethu.
Sokungathi u musa weNkosi, lo thando luka Jesu Khristu; lokuhlanganyelana kuka Moya oyi gcwele, kungaba lathi kusukela khathesi, njengayi zolo; kuze kube phakade.

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