Worship Archive – January 3rd 2021

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Sunday Services from Connexion for January 3rd 2021:

The Covenant Service. Theme: Save, O Lord, your people:

Audio message for Connexion on January 3rd 2021 in English, with General Secretary, Rev Dr Martin Mujinga.

Afternoon Service. Theme: God remembers

Audio message for Connexion on January 3rd 2021 in Shona, with Mission Director, Rev Blessmore Chinhara.

Sunday Services from Hillside Circuit for January 3rd 2021:

Theme: Jesus has authority over all things

Occasion: 2nd after Christmas
Psalm 111
Old Testament: Deuteronomy 18: 15-20
New Testament: 1 Corinthians 8: 1-13
Gospel: Mark 1: 21-28

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Here are the songs for Sunday morning service. Click or tap on a song to open it in YouTube or go to the Songs for worship webpage to find them embedded.

Another year is dawning.
Lord have mercy on us.
Sing a new song.
King of kings, majesty.
Agnus Dei (Worthy is the Lamb).
As with gladness, men of old.
Jesus shall reign.


You can listen and join in with prayers from the Methodist Service Book, they can be found at the Prayers for worship webpage.

Children’s Address:

Audio Children’s Address for Hillside Circuit on January 3rd 2021, with Mrs Chipo Marara.

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Audio message for Hillside Circuit on January 3rd 2021 in English, with Mr John Makuyana.
Audio message for Hillside Circuit on January 3rd 2021 in Ndebele, with Dr Themba Hwalima (1).
Audio message for Hillside Circuit on January 3rd 2021 in Ndebele, with Dr Themba Hwalima (2).

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Audio message for Hillside Circuit on January 3rd 2021 in Shona, with Mrs Angela Penduka.

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Bible readings:

Psalm 111

1 Shout praises to the LORD!
With all my heart I will thank the LORD
when his people meet.
2 The LORD has done many wonderful things!
Everyone who is pleased with God’s marvellous deeds
will keep them in mind.
3 Everything the LORD does is glorious and majestic,
and his power to bring justice will never end.

4 The LORD God is famous for his wonderful deeds,
and he is kind and merciful.
5 He gives food to his worshippers
and always keeps his agreement with them.
6 He has shown his mighty power to his people
and has given them the lands of other nations.

7 God is always honest and fair,
and his laws can be trusted.
8 They are true and right and will stand forever.
9 God rescued his people,
and he will never break his agreement with them.
He is fearsome and holy.

10 Respect and obey the LORD!
This is the first step to wisdom and good sense.
God will always be respected.

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Deuteronomy 18

15 Instead, he will choose one of your own people to be a prophet just like me, and you must do what that prophet says. 16 You were asking for a prophet the day you were gathered at Mount Sinai and said to the LORD, “Please don’t let us hear your voice or see this terrible fire again – if we do, we will die!”
17 Then the LORD told me:
Moses, they have said the right thing. 18 So when I want to speak to them, I will choose one of them to be a prophet like you. I will give my message to that prophet, who will tell the people exactly what I have said. 19 Since the message comes from me, anyone who doesn’t obey the message will have to answer to me.
20 But if I haven’t spoken, and a prophet claims to have a message from me, you must kill that prophet, and you must also kill any prophet who claims to have a message from another god.

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1 Corinthians 8

1 In your letter you asked me about food offered to idols. All of us know something about this subject. But knowledge makes us proud of ourselves, while love makes us helpful to others. 2 In fact, people who think they know so much don’t know anything at all. 3 But God has no doubts about who loves him.
4 Even though food is offered to idols, we know that none of the idols in this world are alive. After all, there is only one God. 5 Many things in heaven and on earth are called gods and lords, but none of them really are gods or lords. 6 We have only one God, and he is the Father. He created everything, and we live for him. Jesus Christ is our only Lord. Everything was made by him, and by him life was given to us.
7 Not everyone knows these things. In fact, many people have grown up with the belief that idols have life in them. So when they eat meat offered to idols, they are bothered by a weak conscience. 8 But food doesn’t bring us any closer to God. We are no worse off if we don’t eat, and we are no better off if we do.
9 Don’t cause problems for someone with a weak conscience, just because you have the right to eat anything. 10 You know all this, and so it doesn’t bother you to eat in the temple of an idol. But suppose a person with a weak conscience sees you and decides to eat food that has been offered to idols. 11 Then what you know has destroyed someone Christ died for. 12 When you sin by hurting a follower with a weak conscience, you sin against Christ. 13 So if I hurt one of the LORD’S followers by what I eat, I will never eat meat as long as I live.

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Mark 1

21 Jesus and his disciples went to the town of Capernaum. Then on the next Sabbath he went into the Jewish meeting place and started teaching. 22 Everyone was amazed at his teaching. He taught with authority, and not like the teachers of the Law of Moses. 23 Suddenly a man with an evil spirit in him entered the meeting place and yelled, 24 “Jesus from Nazareth, what do you want with us? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are! You are God’s Holy One.”
25 Jesus told the evil spirit, “Be quiet and come out of the man!” 26 The spirit shook him. Then it gave a loud shout and left.
27 Everyone was completely surprised and kept saying to each other, “What is this? It must be some new kind of powerful teaching! Even the evil spirits obey him.” 28 News about Jesus quickly spread all over Galilee.

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Text version of Children’s Address for Hillside Circuit on January 3rd 2021, with Mrs Chipo Marara:

Good morning boys and girls. I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.

Our THEME for today is JESUS HAS AUTHORITY OVER ALL THINGS. Authority is power, power to control each and every situation, power over everything, power to control every disease.
Boys and girls 2020 was not a good year for us. It was a year with some difficulties, the drought, no food, no water, diseases, covid-19 with the lockdown, making people stay indoors not even allowed to go out and play with our friends, closing of schools. Above all we knew God was with us because He said in His word, fear not, I will be with you all the time. Friday 25th of December 2020 we celebrated the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Father, the one with authority over all things, so boys and girls we should not fear anything as we are starting a new year 2021 protected by the blood of our Lord Jesus. In the book of Mark we hear his teachings that He has authority. Jesus has power to control every disease and power to control every cyclone. Jesus has authority over all things so boys and girls as children of God, 2021 lets stay indoors, read our books, obey our parents and read our Bible so that we understand and know exactly what God wants us to do as His children. Thank you.

Let’s pray:
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we thank you Lord for giving us this day, and for giving us the rains and for controlling cyclone Chalane, you are a wonderful God, keeping our children indoors this time of corona and covering them with your blood in 2021. We glorify your name, thank you Lord. Amen.

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Text version of message for Hillside Circuit on January 3rd 2021 in Ndebele, with Dr Themba Hwalima:

Theme: “Jesus has authority over all things”
“U Jesu ula mandla phezu kwazo zonke izinto”
Injongo ye ntshumayelo yethu ya lamhla ithi yona:
“U Jesu ula mandla phezu kwazo zonke izinto”
“Jesus has authority over all things”
Ukuze si zwisise isi fundo sethu salamhla kuhle, sidinga uku buyela emuva sikhangele ukuthi kanti kuvele ku khulunywa ngani nxa kuthiwa; “U Jesu ula mandla phezu kwazo zonke izinto”
We need to contextualize our message in order to understand our lesson.
Sibuyela emuva sifunde umbhalo ka Mpostoli u John ku Testamenta elitsha lapho u Mpostoli asitshela khona ukuthi:
“the signs (or “revelations”) of Jesus that he records in the book of John “are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” (John 20:30-31)
Indeed, the word of God was written that we may have life in Christ, and have it abundantly.
Yiyo indaba esi ngayo lapha lamhla bazalwane. Sidinga ukwazi ngo Jesu Khristu, sifuna uku zwisisa ngo Khristu ukuze sithole ukuphila, uku phila okungunaphakade. Lokhu kungoba kasilayo impilo ebusisiweyo, njalo e pheleleyo uma singelaye u Jesu. (John 14:13-14)
Uthi u Jesu Khristu encwadini ka Mpostoli u John (John 14:13-14):
“Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.”
“13 Njalo loba yini eliyicelayo ngebizo lami, le ngizayenza, ukuze uYise adunyiswe eNdodaneni. 14 Uba licela loba yini ebizweni lami, mina ngizayenza.”

U Jesu wanelisa uku phendula imthandazo yethu ngoba Amandla wonke Ezulwini lase Mhlabeni uwa phiwe ngu Nkulunkulu uso Mandla umdali wento zonke uYise wakhe.
Uthi u Khristu ku Matthew 28:18-20 e khuluma laba Fundi bakhe:
“All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”
As we preach the Word today, this is where our authority is coming from; from Christ Himself.
Uthi uJesu “18….: Wonke amandla aphiwe mina ezulwini lemhlabeni; 19 ngakho hambani lenze izizwe zonke zibe ngabafundi, libabhabhathize ebizweni likaYise leleNdodana lelikaMoya oNgcwele; 20 libafundise ukugcina konke engililaye khona; futhi khangelani, mina ngilani insuku zonke kuze kube sekupheleni kwesikhathi. Ameni.
Uyasi tshela u Mpostoli u Pauli ku Phillipians 2, i ndima 9 usiya ku 11;
“9 Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
and gave him the name that is above every name,
10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
11 and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord,
to the glory of God the Father.”
Ise mbhalweni bazalwane indabale esingayo lamhla lapha.
Uthi u Mhlabeleli ku Psalm 8:6
“You make him to rule over the works of Your hands;
You have put all things under his feet,”
U khuluma lapha u Mhlabeleli ku Old Testament u Jesu engaka fiki lokufika emhlabeni.
This tells us that Christ was not an accident in the world. He was not a fortuitous incident. He came according to God’s plan for the salvation of the world, for the deliverance of mankind. He came that the Word of God the Father may be fulfilled.
Indeed, as we see in one of our readings for today; in Deuteronomy 18: 18, God declares to His people Israel through His servant Moses:
“I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers; I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I command him.”
Uya caca uMpostoli u Pauli ekhuluma labase Khorinte, (1 Corinthians 8: 4-6):
U Nkulunkulu munye. O khuluma ngomunye ongasuyelo esimkhonzayo ula manga.
“There is no God but one.” “6… there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live; and there is but one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things came and through whom we live.”
This is what we are all about today, to hear and learn about Christ. To learn and understand that Christ is the Son of God. That His coming was pre-planned by God the Father from ancient times. We must know and understand that Christ came into the world to save mankind.
In particular we must learn and know that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Christ. We must therefore understand and appreciate deeply the fact that our life and salvation is in the hands and under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Konke okuse zulwini lase mhlabeni kuse mandleni ka Jesu Khristu iNkosi yethu.
Siyali gqhiba ilizwi lethu lalamhla ngoku khangela isi fundo sethu esisi thethe embhalweni ngoku loba kuka Mpostoli uMarko. (Mark 1: 21 – 28)
Lesi isifundo sisi bonisa Amandla ka Jesu Khristu esi khuluma ngawo.
La amandla kaKhristu siwa boniswa ukuze sikholwe kuJesu.
This is because we are talking about faith here. Faith in Christ is the central issue here. Without belief and faith in Christ our prayers are in vain.
Si khuluma ngo kholo mhlobo wami. Sikhuluma ngo kholo olujulileyo.
You must believe in Christ to have faith in Him. You must have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for you to tap into His spiritual powers, authority and blessings. Indeed, you must repose your faith in Christ to receive salvation and eternal life.
Uyaku biza u Khristu mzalwane.
God is drawing you towards Him. What is your response?
Uthini mzalwane njengoba u Jesu eku biza?
Ulu beka ngaphi ukholo lwakho? Ulu beka ezithombeni zalo umhlaba na?
As we have already heard the Apostle John tell us, “the signs (or “revelations”) of Jesus “are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” (John 20:30-31)
Yes, Christ performed numerous miracles while He was still here on earth that mankind may believe that He is the Christ, the Son of God; with all power and authority in heaven and on the earth that mankind may receive life and have it abundantly.
Among the miracles Christ performed are the raising of the widow’s son, the feeding of the 5,000, the healing of a paralysed man, the stilling of the storm, the raising of Lazarus from the dead. And most significantly and importantly, His resurrection and flight into heaven.
Today’s lesson in Mark 1 is telling us that these were not easy experiences to comprehend nor to accept even for those who witnessed them or experienced them first hand. As the gospel tells us in Mark 1:
“21 They went to Capernaum, and when the Sabbath came, Jesus went into the synagogue and began to teach. 22 The people were amazed at his teaching, because he taught them as one who had authority, not as the teachers of the law. 23 Just then a man in their synagogue who was possessed by an impure spirit cried out, 24 “What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One of God!”
25 “Be quiet!” said Jesus sternly. “Come out of him!” 26 The impure spirit shook the man violently and came out of him with a shriek.
27 The people were all so amazed that they asked each other, “What is this? A new teaching—and with authority! He even gives orders to impure spirits and they obey him.”
Lama dimoni ayamazi u Jesu Khristu ola mandla wonke ukuthi ngumtaka Nkulunkulu. Lemi moya emibi iyamesaba u Khristu. Angayi khuza iya gijima, iya phuma ibaleke.
Kumbe lawe uyabuza mzalwane ukuthi yimfundiso bani le bantu esiyizwayo? Kumbe uya dinga mzalwane ukuthi kambe ngubani lo oku tshunyayelwa ngaye?
Who is this they are preaching about? You ask. So spiritually powerful?
Unga dingi khatshana mhlobo wami.
Seli fikile ilizwi lempilo mzalwane, seli fikile ilizwi le nsindiso mhlobo wami. Lithi ilizwi lika Jehova: “lo ngu Jestu Khristu iNkosi yethu, umtaka Nkulunkulu u Jehova; ozelwe yedwa, ola mandla wonke ezulwini lase mhlabeni.
He has come to save mankind.
For this purpose, He accepted to be sacrificed on the cross that mankind may receive salvation.
We no longer need to conduct sacrifices to appease God as those of yesterday.
Asisa dingi uku citha igazi ukuthi si thokozise uNkulunkulu. Asisa sweli ukunikela nge gazi lo muntu kumbe ele nyamazana uku thenga uku thethelelwa kwezono loku thenga impilo engunaphakade. U Jesu Khristu wa khwela esi phambanweni wehla lombuso wonke owase zulwini lase mhlabeni.
Uma ufuna izi busiso lempilo engunaphakade, kholwa kuye. Uma udinga uku thethelelwa izono khonza u Jesu Khristu, umdumise izi khathi zonke; ulandele imfundiso yakhe.
Yikho phela sikhuleka sisithi, “nge Gama lika Jesu Khristu I Nkosi yethu.”

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Text version of message for Hillside Circuit on January 3rd 2021 in Shona, with Mrs Angela Penduka:

Hymn 136 Shona
Ndokukwazisayi mese muzita ra Baba nero Mwana komana nera Mweya Mtsvene Amen.Ndichiti Ebenezer ndipopavatisvitsa .Totenda Mwari vati wambusa kupinda 2021
Nhasi tri kugoverana Shoko mururimi rwe Shona pa Mhepo na Mrs Angela Mary Penduka
Munamato wedu akuzarura tichirerekera ku Pisarema 111
Hativonge Jehova ne Mwoyo yedu yese.Mabasa avo makuru Hatiwafarireyi tiwacherechedze.Basa ravo rinoratidza kukudzwa novumambo. Kurarama kwavo kunogara no kusinga peri .Hativatende Ne Nyasha dzavo ne tsitsi.Vakatida vakatitumira rudzikunuro kuburikidza no Mwana komana wavo Jesu Kristu akatifira pa muchinjikwa
Rambai munesu Jehova patinotanga irori gore .Tisazvidza zvidzidziso zvenyu .Zarurayi nzeve dzedu tikunzweyi nguva ne nguva Moyo yedu igashire dzidziso yenyu tsvene.
Kudzwayi Jehova ve Nyasha makafamba nesu gore rapfuvura .Rambai munesu nguvadzose .Tarirai Nyika yedu neva tungamiriri vayo .Ipai njere kuvatungamiri vema kereke ese..Tidzivirireyi Jehova pane wakaipa pazvigwere zvese ne irodenda re Covid 19.Mutiregere patinodarika .Tinonamata zvino nokusingaperi muzita ro Mwana koman weny Jesu Kristu Amen
Jesu Vanesimba Pamsoro pe zvinhu Zvese
“Chii ichi? Kudzidzisa kutsva kunesimba.What is this? Is it a new teaching with authority?”
Hongu kudzidzisa kutsva kwakanga kwasvika kwasiyana nokudzidzisa kwava Nyori.Ukukunobva ku Nowaka sarudzwa na Mwari anesimba rinobva kuna Mwari vuye anotaura zvinobva kuna Mwari. Muproifta ataverenga muna Deutronomy uyo akapiwa simba rose pasi nekudenga Math 28 vs 18. .The mediator that Israel requested at Mount Sinai, the prophet that God promised to raise had come.
Nhasi tirikufamba ne dingidira rinoti Jesu vanesimba pa msoro pezvinhu zvese. Jesus has authority over all things. Irisimba pa Greek rinonzi ‘Exousia ‘zvinoreva kusununguka pasinakutya zvibingampini. That is Sovereign authority one who acts without hinderence. Hongu Mwari vakatuma va prophet vakawanda kukanyuka navamwe va profita venhema Taverenga tichidzokera sure ku Exodus 19 & 20 apo Israel akasvikirwa nokutya pa akanzva Jehova vachitaura akakumbira kuti Moses aveiye anotaura na Mwari wozovataurira.
Yes God has raised prophets to mediate for humanity .ASI MASHOKO a Deut 18 vs 15 & 18 akazadziswa pakuzvagwa kudzidzisa kufa nokumuka kwa Jesu .
Nairo zuva apinda akadzidzisa mu Synagogue yepa Carpenum hama dzangu kwakava nomutsauko Zvidzidzo zvavaiverengegwa mazuva nema zuva neva Nyori zvakava zvitsva. Mark hana kunyora kuti akadzidzisa pamusoro peyi ,asi anotivudza kwakwasiyana nezvama zuva ose .Vanyori vaivadzidzisa ma zuva ose vaidzidzisa zva kamanikikidzva ne tradition, nokutsanangura ‘Torah’ nokuwisisa kwavo kusiri kunobva kuna Mwari. “Chii ichi kudzidzisa kutsva here?” hongu kudzidzisa kunobva kuna Mwari I shoko rama ndurokwati.It is the word from the prophet sent from God .Uyu anobva kuna Mwari anopiwa manzwi na Mwari.Hatauri zvokufadza vanhu kana zvokunyengedzera vanhu.Imharidzo rudziyi dzatinonzwa mazuva ano ishoko rinobva kuna Mwari kana kuti nderokutifadza kuti if you seed you shall be rich .
Jesu uyu, Immanuel Mwari anesu anesimba pamusoro pezvose .Anesimba pamusoro pe situation yawakatarisana nayo,anesimba pa msoro pe hutano hwakho .He has power over nature He has authority over creation He has authority over the super natural world . Hatifaniri kukahadzika vadikanwi nokuti tirizvapupu zveiri simba, tinoziva kuti akanyaradza dutu remhepo Mark 4 vs 35-41 ,nhasi taverenga achi raira demon kuti nyarara rigo muteyerera . He has authority over both the natural and the supernatural world. Jesu vanesimba pamsoro pe zvakasikwa nezve mweya. Saka mu Kristu unotyeyi zvitakure zvese zvinokutambudza uyise kwaari. Mweya yemadzinza hayina door pa Mwana wa Mwari muroyi hakwani pana Jesu. Kushaya kana kutambudziwa nevana zvese tinokunda muna Jesu. Kana takatarisana nezvakwoma, nokuti hongu tinosangana nazvo, vanotibata mavoko vofamba nesu tonzwa runyararo runokunda kuwisisa.Tirikutanga gore idzva vamwe tirikutya we have doubts not sure what is in store for us. Asi nhasi Mwari vanoti kwauri nekwandiri usatye nokuti ndinewe ndinesimba pamsoro pe zvose.
“Chinyi ko ichi, kudzidzisa kutsva kunesimba?” vakavunza .Na nhasi kana tasongana nezvinonetsa tinova nemivunzo. We doubt God and turn to ancestral spirits false prophets. Tombonoshandiwa ne ma profita tonomwa Mvura yagezwa nomumwe munhu. Jesu vanotaura nesu nhasi kuburikidza ne bhayibheri dzvene , nemharidzo dzatinoparidzirwa nenzira dzakasiyana .Hatichenjere vanopfeka nguvo dze hwayi izvo zviri zvikara. The man and women of god who preach for their glory without any edification to their congregants. Avo vanoparidza zvavo zvokuti vapfume vuye vawane mbiri kwete kuti mbiri iyende kuna Mwari. Ingatanzwa kuti vezvokwadi
1 Vanodamwa na Mwari Deut 18 vs15-18
2 Vanotaura shoko ra Mwari “Ndichaisa mashoko angu mumuromo make”
3 Vanoparidzira vanhu zva Mwari “Iye uchavavudza zvose zvandinotaura”
Ne Demon rakaziva kuti apa pasvika abva kuna Mwari “Tine Mhaka yeyi Jesu we Nazareta mavuya kuzoti paradza.” Demon rayipinda zvaro mu Synagogue richiita madiro pasina zvayirivundusa .Muvunzo wangu ko sei risina kuwa kuti nzvimbo iyi itsvene ? Asi pakasvika Jesu rakadererea rikaziva kuti nhasi zvapera.
Hongu kana zvakanaka zvavuya zvakaipa zvino suduruka.Chakaipa chakaparadzwa pa Karivari.Tavavakundi nokuti arimatiri mukuru anesimba pamusoro pezvose. Paul anotsinidzira kuti tinokundiswa nokutenda kuna Jesu Nyangwe kudya kana kusadya zvakapirigwa hazvina zvazvino ita pa chi Kristu chedu.Tinokundiswa nokutenda kuna Jesu. Asi tinofanira kubatsira avo vanorutendo rushoma, kana vachirikukura murutendo rwavo nokuva mucherechedzo wakanaka.Sa Jesu achitida achitisesedza nesu ngati vade tivasesedze vakure. Chandinotya hamadzangu kuti huripo here hutsvene matiri huripo here mumakereke edu? Kana kuti ma demon akawadza pakati pedu? Are we not spiritually dead? Is the authority of Jesus reigning in us and in our homes?
Are we spiritually changed by Jesus mighty works his word and Authority over all things. Carpenum heard the word saw the power of Jesus over the demons vakanzwa vakavona vakashamiswa kwazvo namabasa a Jesu asi muna Mateo 11 vs 23& 24 Jesu vanomuvunzo kwavari ,vano muvunzo kwatiri vo “Iwe Kapernaum (Zimbabwe) uchasimudzirwa kudenga here? ——-24 Asi ndinoti kwaurinyika ye Sodoma icharerukirwa nezuva rokutongwa kupfuvura iwe.”
Sa Mambo Davida Mu Pisarema 111 Hatirumbidzei Jehova,ne tsitsidzavo zhinji Vakatipa Mwana Komana wavo kutidzikunura .Kururama kwavo kunogara nokusingaperi
Vakatipa Jesu vakatipa Mweya Mutsvene ne shoko ravo dzvene.”Uyo asingateyereri mashoko angu achataurwa muzita rangu ndicha muvunza pamusoro pazvo.Hero shoko Ra Jehova Hogo Rudo ruzhinji hawo mabasa makuru akatikombaredza .Sei rutendo rushoma sei kutsaudzira sei kushaya rudo kuna vamwe vedu. Hama Jesu vanesimba pamsoro pezvose pamsoro pezvose zvaunosangana nazvo.Usatye usavunduka pauno tanga gore idzva nyangwe zvichiita sokuti Covid 19 irikutsvitsviridza usatye ramba uchivimba nokuti he is in charge He has authority over all things.
Jehova samasimba tinodzosera mbiri yose kwamuri imwi mune simba pamsoro pezvose zviri pasi nokudenga ivayi nesu Jehova patino enda nzvimbo dzaka siyana.Shoko renyu rive mbuva yatinorarama nayo mazuva nemazuva
Ndinonamata Mwari vavenesu tese Mhuri ye Hilside Circuit patinotanga gore dzva vatikundise kuti pavanotidana kana pavanovuya tiwanikwe tiripa dzvimbo
Nyasha dzaishe wedu Jesu Kristu Rudo gwa Baba Nokuwadzana kwa Mweya Mutsvene kuve nesu tose Zvino nekusinga peri .Amen.

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