Worship Archive – July 4th 2021

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Sunday Service from Connexion for July 4th 2021:

Audio message for Connexion on July 4th 2021 in English, with Rev James Mtemasango.

Sunday Services from Hillside Circuit for July 4th 2021:

Theme: Approved by God to serve

Occasion: 6th after Pentecost

Psalm 48
2 Samuel 5: 1-5
2 Corinthians 12: 2-10
Mark 6: 1-13

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Here are the songs for Sunday morning service. Click or tap on a song to open it in YouTube, or go to the Songs for worship webpage to find them embedded.

Here I am, Lord (I, the God of sea and sky).
God of the poor (Beauty for brokenness).
I will offer up my life.
Take my life and let it be.


You can listen and join in with prayers from the English Methodist Service Book. They can be found at the Prayers for worship webpage.

Children’s Address:

Audio Children’s Address for Hillside Circuit on July 4th 2021, with Mrs Chiedza Chagudhuma.

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Audio message for Hillside Circuit on July 4th 2021 in English, with Mr John Makuyana.

Audio message for Hillside Circuit on July 4th 2021 in Shona, with Mr Isaac Mpofu.

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Audio message for Hillside Circuit on July 4th 2021 in Ndebele, with Mrs Angela Penduka.

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Bible readings:

Psalm 48

1 The LORD God is wonderful! He deserves all praise
in the city where he lives.
His holy mountain, 2 beautiful and majestic,
brings joy to all on earth.
Mount Zion, truly sacred, is home for the Great King.
3 God is there to defend it
and has proved to be its protector.

4 Kings joined forces to attack the city,
5 but when they saw it,
they were terrified and ran away.
6 They trembled all over like women giving birth
7 or like seagoing ships wrecked by eastern winds.
8 We had heard about it, and now we have seen it
in the city of our God, the LORD All-Powerful.
This is the city that God will let stand forever.

9 Our God, here in your temple we think about your love.
10 You are famous and praised everywhere on earth,
as you win victories with your powerful arm.
11 Mount Zion will celebrate, and all Judah will be glad,
because you bring justice.

12 Let’s walk around Zion and count its towers.
13 We will see its strong walls and visit each fortress.
Then you can say to future generations,
14 “Our God is like this forever and will always guide us.”

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2 Samuel 5

1 Israel’s leaders met with David at Hebron and said, “We are your relatives. 2 Even when Saul was king, you led our nation in battle. And the LORD promised that someday you would rule Israel and take care of us like a shepherd.”
3 During the meeting, David made an agreement with the leaders and asked the LORD to be their witness. Then the leaders poured olive oil on David’s head to show that he was now the king of Israel.
4 David was thirty years old when he became king, and he ruled for forty years. 5 He lived in Hebron for the first seven and a half years and ruled only Judah. Then he moved to Jerusalem, where he ruled both Israel and Judah for thirty-three years.

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2 Corinthians 12

2 I know about one of Christ’s followers who was taken up into the third heaven fourteen years ago. I don’t know if the man was still in his body when it happened, but God certainly knows.
3 As I said, only God really knows if this man was in his body at the time. 4 But he was taken up into paradise, where he heard things that are too wonderful to tell. 5 I will brag about that man, but not about myself, except to say how weak I am.
6 Yet even if I did brag, I would not be foolish. I would simply be speaking the truth. But I will try not to say too much. That way, none of you will think more highly of me than you should because of what you have seen me do and say. 7 Of course, I am now referring to the wonderful things I saw. One of Satan’s angels was sent to make me suffer terribly, so that I would not feel too proud.
8 Three times I begged the Lord to make this suffering go away. 9 But he replied, “My kindness is all you need. My power is strongest when you are weak.” So if Christ keeps giving me his power, I will gladly brag about how weak I am. 10 Yes, I am glad to be weak or insulted or mistreated or to have troubles and sufferings, if it is for Christ. Because when I am weak, I am strong.

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Mark 6

1 Jesus left and returned to his hometown with his disciples. 2 The next Sabbath he taught in the Jewish meeting place. Many of the people who heard him were amazed and asked, “How can he do all this? Where did he get such wisdom and the power to work these miracles? 3 Isn’t he the carpenter, the son of Mary? Aren’t James, Joseph, Judas, and Simon his brothers? Don’t his sisters still live here in our town?” The people were very unhappy because of what he was doing.
4 But Jesus said, “Prophets are honoured by everyone, except the people of their hometown and their relatives and their own family.” 5 Jesus could not work any miracles there, except to heal a few sick people by placing his hands on them. 6 He was surprised that the people did not have any faith.
Jesus taught in all the neighbouring villages. 7 Then he called together his twelve apostles and sent them out two by two with power over evil spirits. 8 He told them, “You may take along a walking stick. But don’t carry food or a travelling bag or any money. 9 It’s all right to wear sandals, but don’t take along a change of clothes. 10 When you are welcomed into a home, stay there until you leave that town. 11 If any place won’t welcome you or listen to your message, leave and shake the dust from your feet as a warning to them.”
12 The apostles left and started telling everyone to turn to God. 13 They forced out many demons and healed a lot of sick people by putting olive oil on them.

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Text version of Children’s Address for Hillside Circuit on July 4th 2021, with Mrs Chiedza Chagudhuma:

Greetings to you Sunday scholars.
Theme: Approved by God to serve
Bible readings: 2Samuel5vs1-5
2Corrinthians12vs2-10 and Mark 6vs1-13

May you read the other 2 chapters with the help of your parents. Let me summarise Mark 6vs 1-13.
Jesus went to his country. He began to teach in the Synagogue. The people were surprised that the person they had known only as a carpenter could preach so well, but they refused to accept the evidence and admit that this one was indeed God.They refused to believe in him and as usual Jesus would not use his miracles to force people to believe. But out of compassion he privately healed a few sick people. Then he sent the twelve to preach the good news that the kingdom of the Messiah had come. Jesus gave them power to perform miracles. They were to take only the very important things for daily needs. He told them not to waste time preaching to those who do not want to listen to them. Although they preached good news and did good works the Apostles could expect persecution. They would meet opposition from friends and relatives but they were to press on urgently in their mission. As servants of Jesus, the Apostles could expect the same sort of opposition as their master received but they were not to fear to teach publicly the things Jesus had taught them privately. They were to maintain a reverent obedience to God Knowing that as their Heavenly Father he would watch over them. All who welcome Jesus messengers into their homes are really welcoming Jesus who sent them and God the Father who sent him. Help given to Jesus’ messengers will be rewarded as if given to Jesus himself.

As Sunday scholars we are already approved by God to serve. Mathew 19vs 14But Jesus said “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” What does that teach us. Boys and girls as children of God followers of Jesus Christ we must not expect ease and comfort. We must put our loyalty to Jesus before all other loyalties. Let us keep preaching the good news through sharing what we have with those in need. Forgiving others, praying for our families and others, reading the Bible. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Remember we are approved by God to serve.

Let us pray. Our Father who art in heaven. We thank you for protecting us from coronavirus. May you continue to guide us as we serve in your vineyard. In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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Text version of message for Hillside Circuit on July 4th 2021 in Shona, with Mr Isaac Mpofu:

SCRIPTURES:- Psalm 48, 2 Samuel 5:1-5, 2 Corinthians 12:2-10, Mark 6:1-6
Mangwanani akanaka kwamuri mose vana vaMwari vanonamata vari mu Hillside Circuit. Ndinovimba kuti tose tamutswa na Ishe tirivatano tichabatana mukurimbidza Mwari nenyasha dzavatiitira nhasi. Muparidzi wenyu mururimi rweChiShona ndini Baba……. Ini ndinonamata ndiri pachita cheku Hillside cha 11:30.
Regayi tinamate!
Nhasi uno tichatarisa nyaya inoti ‘kupuwa mukana wokushandira Mwari’. Pachirungu hanzi Approved by God to serve! Mashoko atichaparidza nezvawo tinoawana kubva kuna
2 Samuel 5:1-5
2 Corinthians 12:2-10
Mark 6:1-6.
Ndinovimba tawana nguva yokuvenga magwaro aya! Kana tisati taaverenga tozoaverenga hedu mushure memharidzo yanhasi.
Zviverengwa zvedu zvanhasi zvinotiudza nezvekugadzwa kwaMambo David, kukomborerwa kwakaitwa Mupositori Paul, kuzvidziwa kwa Jesu Kristu mumusha we Nazareth tichizopedzisira nokutarisa kusharwa nekutumwa kwevadzidzi vane gumi kuti vapinde munyika vachinoparidza nokushandira Mwari munharaunda dzavakanzi vaende kwadziri.
Rungano rwehupenyu hwaMambo David tinosangana narwo mumagwaro akanyorwa nemuporofita Samuel. David aiva mwanakomana wa Jesse uyo watinonzwa kuti aive nevamwe vanakomana vakanga vakawanda zvikuru. Chinoshamisa pana David ndechekuti akazodzwa mafuta ohumambo achiri jaya akagara kwemakore akawanda asati agara pachigaro chohushe. Tinosangana naDavid ari mumwe wevasevenzi muimba yaMambo Saul akava Mambo wekutanga murudzi rwavaJuda. Tinosangana naDavid achienda kwaakarwisa akakurira Goliath akange anetsa kutyisidzira mawuto echiJuda. Tinosangana naDavid achikunda mune dzimwe hondo dzakawanda. Pakafa Mambo Saul David anoramba achirwisana nevavengi vemaJuda achikunda zvakazoita kuti vakuru vese vemaJuda vaungane vachibvumirana kuti David mwanakomana waJesse ave mMambo weIsrael. Iyi ndiyo nyaya yataverenga nhasi, uye ndiyo imwe nyaya yatirikuparidza nezvayo. Chidzidzo chandirikuwana pana David ndechekuti Mwari vanotora vavanoda kuti vave vasevenzi mubasa ravo vovadzidzisa nenzira dzakasiyana siyana kusvikira vanhu ivavo vakwana kuti vagoita basa raMwari.
David asati ave Mambo akambosevenza muimba yamambo achitowona kuti zvehumambo zvinofambiswa seyi. David asati ave Mambo akawona kuti mhosva dzaitongwa seyi mumatare a Mambo Saul. David asati ave Mambo akava mutungamiriri wemauto nokuti Mambo wenyika ndiye mukuru wemauto. Paakazova Mambo akanga ave kuziva kuti hondo dzinorwiwa seyi. David asati ava Mambo akadzidzira kukumbira nokuteerera Mwari muzvinhu zvose zvaaiita. Mwana waMwari nhasi uno kana Mwari vava kuzokupa basa ivovega vachakuwanisa nzira dzokukudzidzisa kuti uve mhizha mubasa ravo.
Kutsamba yekukereke yekuguta reCorinth tinotsanangurirwa kuti pane murume akatorwa akaindiwa naye kudenga kwaakanoratidziwa nokutaurirwa zvinhu zvakakomba uye zvinotyisa kutaura. Murume uyu ndi Paul uyo watinoziva kuti akafamba nzvimbo dzakawanda achiparidza vhangeri uye akanyora magwaro akawanda kusvika pa gumi nematatu mu New Testament iyo ine magwaro makumi maviri nemanomwe! Saka Paul magwaro ake ari mu New Testament anodarika chikamu chepakati! Munhu wose anoda kudzidza kufamba naMwari murutendo anozviwana kumagwaro akanyorwa naPaul ari mu New Testament. Nyaya dzinonyorwa nekutaurwa nadzo naPaul inyaya dzaakazvinzwira ega zvichibva mumukanwa maMwari apo akatorwa akaendwa naye kudenga dzvene raMwari akazodzorwa abikwa adzidziswa akwana kuti awuye agodzidzisa iwe neni kuti tigogona kuziva Mwari. Chidzidzo chechipiri chandinowana pamagwaro anhasi ndechekuti Mwari vanotora vavanoda kuti vavashandire vovapa makomborero anotyisa kuti vagogona kuvashandira. Paul anozopedzisira hake achiti nyeurira kuti panofashuka makomborero aMwari ivo Mwari vanoisa mabhureki avo pane wose wavanokomborera kuitira kuti munhu iyeye asafambe achizvitutumadza. Hutera hunoita kuti munhu asazvitutumadze hunopa munhu simba rekuziva kuti pana Mwari ndipo pane simba rokugona zvose zvinosanganikwa nazvo pano panyika. Makomborero anowanda pane mamwe makomborero kune avo vachazobvumidzwa kushandira Mwari wavo! Nhasi iwe newe zvimirisireyi kuva vashandiri vaMwari!
Mashoko ari MuVhangeri yaMark ari paviri! Chokutanga ndechekuti wose achapuwa mukana nemvumo yokushandira Mwari wake achashorwa agoshaya anomurumbidza mubasa raanenge achiita kunyanya kubva kune vokwake vanomuziva. Usazonetseke kana ukanzwa zvonzi ‘Ah haiwavo Joseph chaiye angaparidza, inhema idzo!’ Chakanakira Mwari ndechekuti Joseph anenge achisvorwa anoenda mberi achiparidzira vanhu vachitendeuka vaya vanosvora vachisvora! Kana zvakaitirwa Mwanakomana waMwari iwe vangarega kukuitira zvimwechete izvozvo here? Siyana nevanokushora asi ita basa sebasa nokuti ndezvaMwari izvi!
Chinhu chechipiri chinotaurwa naMark ndechekutumwa kwevadzidzi vaJesu! Kuna Mark 3 tinosangana naMambo Jesu vachiwunganidza varume gumi nevaviri avo vavanoti ndivo vadzidzi vavo. Mark anosiyana nevamwe vanyori vemaGospel nenzira iyoyi. Kuna Mark 6 Mambo Jesu vanonzi vanozounganidza varume gumi nevaviri ava vobva vavatuma kuti vaende vari vaviri vaviri kuenda kunoparidza. Mark anotiudza kuti Mambo Jesu anopa vadzidzi vake simba rekukunda nekubvisa mweya yakaipa muvanhu! Vadzidzi ava vakapiwa mimwe mirawu yavakanzi vatevedzere vakaitevedzera. Kwavakainda vakaparidza vakatendeutsa vanhu, mavakafamba vakasangana nevairwara vakavazora mafuta vakapona uye hanzi mavakafamba vakabvisa madhimoni muvanhu. Kana Mwari varikudenga vachituma vanhu vavo kuti vanoita basa ravo ivo Mwari vanopa vatumwa vavo simba rokuita basa raMwari. Nhasi kana ukatumwa naMwari usavhunduke nokuti pauri kubuda uchienda simba raMwari richagara mauri kuitira kuti ugogona kuita zvavachakutuma. Uri mutumwa usarambe kutumwa!
Vanhuwe isu tinonamata Mwari vanoda kuti tiite basa ravo. Ivo Mwari vane nzira dzavo dzakasiyana siyana dzavanotidzidzisa nadzo. Kana vatidzidzisa vanotipa makomborero makuru achafamba nesu nguva dzose. MUSHURE MEZVESE hongu tichasangana nezvimhinga mipinyu zvekutukwa nokusatendwa asi tikangoyeuka kuti isu tiri nhumwa dza Mwari SIMBA raMwari rinokunda zvose richafamba nesu richitivhenekera nzira kusvikira tapedza basa ravanenge vatipa kuti tiriite nokuti ndivo ivo vega vanenge vatipa mvumo yokuti tiite basa ravo. Muzita raBaba, raMwanakomana neraMweya Mutsvene Amen!

Regayi tinamate!
Zvino Nyasha neNgoni dzaIshe wedu Jesu Kristu, rudo rwenyu Mwari Baba nokuwadzana kweMweya Mutsvene ngazvigare nesu tose kubvira zvino kudzamarara kuve kusingaperi. Amen!

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Text version of message for Hillside Circuit on July 4th 2021 in Ndebele, with Mrs Angela Penduka:

Okhethwe NguNkulunkulu Ukuba Amsebenzele +
Call To Worship Psalm 24 1-5
Umhlaba ungoweNkosi lokugcwala kwayo,ilizwe,labahlala kulo
Ngoba yona yawusekela phezu kwezi lwandle ,yawumisa phezu kwemifula
Ngubani ozakwenyukela entabeni ye Nkosi? Kumbe ngubani ozakuma endaweni yayo engcwele
Ngulowo olezandla ezihlanzekileyo lehliziyo emhlophe,ongaphakamiseli umphefumlo wakhe kokuyize longa fungi nge Nkosi
Uzakwamukela isibusiso e Nkosini,lokulunga ku Nkulunkulu wosindiso lwakhe.

Sizaphambi kobuso bakho Nkosi olothando .Khuluma lathi sikuzwe ukhuluma empilweni yethu.Udumo lonke silubisele kuwe .Amen

Ngiyali Bingelela ngegama le Nkosi yethu uJesu Kristu Amen
Amagwalo alamhla. Asiwabaleni ezindlini zethu ukuze silandele intshumayelo
2 Samuel 5 vs.1 – 5
2 Corinthians 12 vs 2-10
Marko 6 vs 1-13

Isihloko sanamhla ;Ababizwe (Abavunyelwe) Yi Nkosi Ukuba Bayisebenzele
Ngabanjani ngobani ababizwa yi Nkosi ukuba bamsebenzele? Ngizibuzile, njalo ngibuza ibandla lamhla kambe u Nsulunkulu usikhetha njani ukuthi simsebenzele? How does God approve those he wants them to serve in different ministries.
Nxa sicungulula imibhalo yanamhla sibona amadoda akhethwayo ukuba ayisebenzele I Nkosi ngendlela ezitshiyeneyo ngesikhathi esehlukenyo, kumbali ye Bhaybhili.
● U Davida anduba u Jesu azalwe okwenyama emhlabeni-Wakhokhela u Israel wonke. { David before Christ Physical Birth – to Lead Israel}
● Abafundi ngesikhathi u Jesu e lapha emhlabeni (Disciples during Jesus’s Ministry on earth.
● Um Postoili Pawulo ngemva kwokunyuka kuka Jesu emhlabeni. Paul after the ascension of Jesus Christ
Kubo bonke laba, kukhona okuhambelanayo ngokhetho lwabo langokusebenza kwabo.
(Masinanzelele njalo ukuba ukusebenzela INkosi yindlela yoku mukhonza.)
Masikukhangele njalo sifunde sikusebenzise nxa sisebenzela I Nkosi
● Okokuqala asikhethi ukubizwa I Nkosi yiyo esikhethayo isi bizele umsebenzi. -We don’t choose it is God who chooses and approves us.
● Ubizo lucacile -We called for specific service
● .I Nkosi iyasipha ugcobo njalo amandla okuyisebenzela. We are anointed and enabled by God
● Kumele sizimisele ekusebenzeni (Need to be committed and result oriented
● Singesabi singadeli lanxa sihlangana lokusiphicayo. Don’t be discouraged don’t lose hope as you face hurdles
Akesikhangele ukuba umbhalo uthini ngala amadoda esibale ngawo
Kasibheke u Davida sibale egcotshwa okwe sithathu ukuba abuse u Israyeli wonke.
1 Umbhalo uthi wonke u Israel wamthanda u Davida.Lokhu kungokuba lapha u Sawuli wamenza induna yebutho wakhokhela kuhle ngoba I Nkosi yayilaye.( 1Samuel 18 vs 5,13,14
2 Yena wavele wakhethwa ngu Nkulunkulu (1Samuel 16 vs1 ) enguye omncane kwabo. UNkulunkulu walaya u Samuweli ukuba amgcobe ngoba “U Nkulunkulu kakhangeli lokho okukhangelwa ngabantu ukhangela inhliziyo Samuel 16 vs7
3 David was a man after God’s heart.
4 U Moya we Nkosi wawukuye 1 Samuel 16 vs13
5 Bonke abantu babemthanda 2 Samuel 5 vs3
Nxa sikhangela imbali ka Pawuli laye kunengi okumenza abe mqoka. Bheka wayengasuye womunye wabafundi abalitshumi lambili , kodwa ngemva kokubizwa wasebenza walitshumayela ilizwi lalamhla silazo incwadi zakhe lamhla e Bhayibhilini. Wahlangana lobunzima wabotshwa kazange adedele emuva.
Uyazehlisa kazincomi .Nxa ekhuluma ngombono owabalayo ehluthunywa esiya e Paradise. Katsho ukuthi “lingibona nginje mina sengafika e Paradise” kodwa ukhuluma egudla iguma angathi utsho omunye umuntu. Uyatsho njalo ukuba uyamukela ubuthakathaka bakhe njalo uyayamukela intando ka Nkulunkulu nxa e khuluma ngameva awanikwayo enyameni yakhe,uyamukela ukuba u Musa we Nkosi umanele.Uyacaza sobala ukuthi kazidingeli u dumo ku verse 7-6. Uzimisele ukuhlukunyezwa ngomsebenzi we Nkosi vs10
U Pawuli kehlukananga labafundi ababehamba lo Jesu .Siyabona uyalandela indlela ka Jesu labafundi bakhe .Nanku u Jesu esenyukela elizweni lakibo kamukelwangwa kodwa lokhu akuba nga yisithiyo sokuquba umsebenzi ababengawo ,owokusilisa, owokutshumayeza abantu ukuze bathole u Sindiso. Bezwa izifundo, bamangala kodwa abamukelanga ilizwi.Kodwa bameyisa u Jesu bethi kasindodana ka Mariale hatshi ukuthi indodana ka Joseph.This speaks volumes in a partriatrich community .Sokungani baphikisana lokuthingumtaka Josefa
Ngemva kwalokhu U Jesu uyabiza abafundi bakhe uyabanika amandla phezukwabomoya abangcolileyo, abesebathuma ngababili. They are equipped for Ministry. Sasingasiso sikhathi soku yekethisa lokuzizwela usizi .Umkhulu lumsebenzi ophambi kwabo,isikhathi sifitshane. Kunjalo lakithi asisazi isikhathi esilaso kodwa kunengi okumele sikwenzele i Nkosi, ngoba we are all called to serve.
Asiso isikhathi sekhefu its not time for tourism and luxury. Thwala okwaneleyo .Hlala lapho ofikele khona lanxa kungakulungelanga.U Jesu ubalaya.
Bangabambi ngamandla abangayamukeliyo ilizwi ngoba isigwebo sabo siyeza.
Ngamndla abawaphiwa ngu Jesu basilisa abagulayo bakhipha ama demoni
Bazalwane siyabizwa ukuba sisebenzele i Nkosi.Inkosi ayikhangeli umuntu wangaphadle kodwa inhliziyo yomuntu.Ngakho ungazikhangeleli phansi.Sibizelwe imisebenzi ehlukeneyo. INkosi iyasinika amandla okufeza umsebenzi wayo masingethuki
Nxa sikhethwa masibe njengo Jesu wayehlezi edelelwa,ekhangelelwa phansi kodwa kabuyelanga emuva. Nango uPawuli walandela lumzekeliso wokungadeli lanxa ehlangana lobunzima. Kasihambe ngendlela eziqondileyo siyithande i Nkosi njengo Davida. Masisebenze ngokuzinikela .Sibathande abantu babone umzekeliso omuhle baphenduke. Hatshi ukubahuga ngendlela ezingalunganga ngobuqili langamanga. Masi thandaze ukuba u Moya ongcwele usikhokele sibe njengabafundi abanikwa amandla phezu kwabomoya ababi bawufeza umsebenzi we Nkosi
Sibuyele kumbuzo esiqale gawo ngabanjani ababizwayo ukusebenzela i Nkosi?
“kuyilabo abalezandla ezihlanzekileyo lehliziyo ezimhlophe abangaphakamiseli umphefumlo wabo kokuyize labanga fungi nge Nkosi”
Ngabalehliziyo ezivumayo ezizimisele ukusebenzela i Nkosi, abazimiseleyo ukusebenza.
Abangadeli ngokuhlangana lezilingo lodubo, Ababekezelayo kuze kufike ekucineni
Phezu kwako konke i Nkosi yiyo esipha amandla okufeza yonke imisebenzi yakhe Ngakho u dumo lonke kumele silubisela kuye kuze kube phakade

Siyabonga mhlekazi wezulu.Thela u Moya wakho ongcwele Ukuze sifeze umsebenzi wakho owasibizela wona ,Ungcwele ungcwele somandla ibalathi sonke ezindlini zethu.
Sokungathi u Musa we Nkosi yethu u Jesu Kristu uthando luka Baba Lokuhlangana kuka Moya oyingcwele kube lathi sonke kuze kube nini la nini Amen

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