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Sunday Evening Service from Connexion for June 14th 2020:

Radio message on Power FM for June 14th 2020 from Connexion, with Rev Saul Tadzaushe.

Sunday Services from Connexion for June 14th 2020:

Audio message for June 14th 2020 in Shona from Connexion, with Rev Maxwell Mugabe.
Audio message for June 14th 2020 in English from Connexion, with Dr Charles Mugaviri.

Sunday Services from Hillside Circuit for June 14th 2020:

Date: June 14th
Occasion: 2nd After Pentecost
Psalm 33
Old Testament: Genesis 12: 1-9
Letter: Romans 4: 13-25
New Testament: Matthew 9: 9-13, 18-26
Theme: Called for a purpose

Audio message for June 14th 2020 in English from Hillside Circuit, with Mrs Julie Caddick.
Audio message for June 14th 2020 in Ndebele from Hillside Circuit, with Dr Themba Hwalima.
Audio message for June 14th 2020 in Shona from Hillside Circuit, with Mr Gilbert Mazarire.

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Here are the songs for Sunday Service from Hillside Circuit on June 14th 2020, or you can find them embedded on the Songs for worship webpage.
Wonderful merciful Saviour.
Abide with me. (Note that this is not the old hymn of that title, but a new song.)
Tell me the old, old story.
Jesu, lover of my soul.
O love that wilt not let me go.

If you would also like to use prayers from the Methodist Service Book, they can be found at the Prayers for worship webpage.

“Good morning, to all those who had their birthdays during these past 2 weeks, May the Almighty Father bless you and keep u safe, happy birthday.”[Thanks to Mayibongwe Lunga for this message.]

Message for June 14th 2020 in English from Hillside Circuit, with Mrs Julie Caddick.
Called for a Purpose
Good morning all and greetings to you from Mr Caddick and myself, from our home in Burnside. Have you noticed the daylight hours being shorter as we have moved into the winter months? It is quite disconcerting when it is dark before 6pm. And we had snow on the outskirts of Bulawayo a week ago! Take heart, in one week’s time we will have passed mid – winter and although we have cold months ahead the day light hours will be longer as each day passes. We are moving into the light! We are people of light.
Let us pray: Heavenly Father, our Saviour Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit – guide and comforter – we worship You. Thank you for the gift of this new day, the opportunity to worship together, though far apart. Thank you that You long to speak to us and we wait to hear Your message to us today.
Our theme today is “Called for a purpose”.
The readings are Genesis 12:1- 9
Romans 4:13-25
Matthew 9:9-13;18-26
but for the purposes of this audio I am only going to read the verses from Matthew. However, please pause this audio and read the others. The man in the second part of the reading is Jairus. We read of this in Mark 5 where we also have more detail of the woman who was healed but we never know her name.
What is the purpose of being called by God? How does He call us? What does He expect from us?
Let us take these questions one at a time.
What are we called for, for what purpose? The purpose of the calling from God is to bring us into a relationship with God. We come into that relationship through faith. That relationship means that we will come to know Him as He reveals Himself to us and He makes Himself known to us. By faith we can know God.
How does He call us? Well let me answer that question with a question for you? How did He reveal Himself to you? If you are listening to this then I ask you to pause it again and consider for a few minutes and share with those around you, or write down your answer to that question. Perhaps you heard an audible voice, a quiet urging within you or you read something or heard someone speaking about it and everything in you said “this is what I have been waiting for, this is what I need”. Perhaps you have been raised in the faith but realised that God has only children, not grandchildren, and He wants a relationship with you, on the same basis as other believers.
And what does He expect from us? Simply He expects us to open ourselves up to all that that relationship means and all it can be. When we come to faith in Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit comes to live within us. At that time either dramatically or slowly, almost imperceptibly a movement happens. The best way I can describe this movement is as follows. I will give two illustrations.
1. It is like the needle in a compass which swings around until it points north and one is able to orientate oneself when knows where north is.
2. It is like a metal detector which moves over an area of ground and as it moves towards metal it emits a sound which intensifies in its volume and frequency the nearer it gets to the metal, until the metal object is found.
You see the Holy Spirit keeps moving us gradually but steadily towards the will of God towards a deeper relationship with Him. It moves us into a more trusting experience, towards being available for what God requires of us. Many times, as this movement happens, as the relationship with God deepens through our faith in Jesus Christ, His death, resurrection and ascension we are called to be obedient, to trust further, to hard decisions, to hardship, sacrifice, to an unknown.
Let’s briefly look at the four people whom we read of today: Abram, Matthew, Jairos and the woman healed of an issue of blood.
Abram, who knew God, was called to leave family and home and to go to a land which God would show Him. God did not name the land – He called Abram to leave and trust. Matthew was called away from His livelihood as a tax collector. Did he know Jesus? It is likely that he knew of Jesus but he certainly knew Him when Jesus said, “follow me”. Such was the attraction, such was Matthew’s need, such power of that call, that Matthew left it all behind. What of Jairos and the woman? We have no indication of the nature of their prior knowledge of Jesus, whether they had heard of Him or heard Him but their need of healing – Jairos of his daughter and the woman for herself – that they put their trust in Him.
I suspect that we sometimes believe that because we have not heard what we consider to be the call that we are somehow a lesser Christian or evidently not good enough. Maybe we long to hear the directness of the words “leave your family, your home…..” or “follow me” or “follow me and I will make you fishers of men” or Paul’s call to be an apostle to the Gentiles, the prophets Samuel, Jeremiah, Amos, Habbakuk – a call to service in a foreign land or to a particular section of society or people as Mother Theresa did.
But I would say to you that by coming into the relationship with God, He begins to do things in you that you never imagined and that you cannot even see happening.
No one mentioned today knew what was in store for them – the difficulties, the joys, the doubts, the mistakes, the discipline, the hard choices, the long years of waiting Romans 4: vs 18 – 19 “ In hope he believed against hope, that he should become the father of many nations, as he had been told, “so shall your offspring be”. He did not weaken in faith when he considered his body, which was as good as dead (since he was about 100 years old) or when he considered the barrenness of Sarah’s womb”.
And those people and you, do not know what is happening as a result of the relationship they, and you, have with Jesus because you have heard the call to come into the relationship and by faith trust Him for all.
When we put our faith in Jesus it is like a pebble being thrown into the pond, the ripples go out in an ever bigger circle, it is like a small shift of the earth’s plates, hundreds of kilometres down, a slight seismic shift that magnifies as it moves to the surface, the effects of which magnify exponentially and are felt thousands of kilometres from the source, in tremors, earthquakes and tsunamis. We may never see or hear the results of this faith in Jesus. Abram lived to see Isaac but not sons or grandson or the countless offspring. What happened in the lives of Matthew, Jairos and the women beyond what we read? We do not know but something had started and it would not stop.
This is what Jesus knew would happen when He called those disciples, not only the 12 but all those who followed Him, including you. He called them and us into a relationship of faith and trust, a relationship of learning to know Him as He knows us and then with that trust and obedience He can work. Are you in a relationship with Jesus?
Let us pray:
However can we say thank you for the greatest gift of all, the opportunity You have given us all to be in relationship with You? For those who have never accepted that invitation I pray that right now they will ask you to come into their lives, by faith, acknowledging their need for a Saviour from their sin and trusting You for their future. Help each one of us to continue this walk of faith in You, trusting You in all circumstances for today, tomorrow and for the future – whatever it may bring.
Let us say the Lord’s prayer together.

Intshumayelo Dr Temba B Hwalima
Ama vuko bazalwane. Sesi hlangana emoyeni endaweni yokuthi ngabe sihlangene ezindlini zika Jesu Khristu simkhonza, simdumisa njalo siqinisana ekholweni lwethu.
Kuthule kuthe zwi! Ezindlini zoku khonzela endaweni yokuthi ngabe kuya vungama simdumisa u Jehova.
Lokhu kusi tshengisela ukuthi zinzima izi khathi esi phila kuzo bazalwane. Kusi bonisa njalo ukuthi siyamdinga kakhulu u Jehova ma kunje. I bhedile I corona virus. I zifundo zethu za lamhla: Izihlabelelo 33,Genesisi 12: 1-9,Abase Roma 4: 13-25U Mateu 9: 9-13, 18-26
Injongo yezi fundo zethu ihlose ukuthi si zwisise ukuthi omunye lomunye wethu ubiziwe ngu Jehova.
Nxa ivangeli likhuluma ngoku bizwa ngu Nkulunkulu liku beka kabili. Okwaku qala uthi umbhalo sonke simenyiwe ukuza ku Jesu Khristu. Sonke sibiziwe ngu Jesu ukubana simlandele.
Sonke singabaka Jehova yikho phela u Khristu wehla ezulwini wazo sifela esi phambanweni. U Jesu Khristu wafela wonke umuntu emhlabeni ukuze si hlanjululwe si thethelelwe izono zethu, sithole u sindiso.
Uthi u Pawuli kwabase Roma, ye ngiya vuma ukubana mina ngibiziwe ngu Khristu ukuthi ngi tshumayele i vangeli lakhe; kodwa yazini lonke ukubana sibiziwe sonke ukuba ngabaka Jesu Khristu.( Roma 1 indima yesi 6)
Ngama fitshane bazalwane, kakho onga phandle embusweni ka Jesu Khristu. Akekho o lahliweyo. Ubiziwe mzalwane, wozaku Jesu Khristu uzo thola insindiso. Oku qakathekileyo lu kholo lwakho.
Angi ngezeke ngiyi beke gcono kulo Pawuli indaba le. Lalelake kuhle mzalwane uzwe ukuthi uthini u Pawuli u mpostoli.
Uthi u Pawuli:
“4 Munye umzimba njalo munye uMoya, njengalokhu lani labizwa ethembeni linye lobizo lwenu; 5 yinye iNkosi , lunye ukholo, lunye ubhabhathizo, 6 munye uNkulunkulu loYise wabo bonke, ophezu kwabo bonke, langabo bonke, lakini lonke. 7 Kodwa ngulowo lalowo wethu waphiwa umusa njengokwesilinganiso sesipho sikaKristu.”( kwabase Fesu 4 indima 4 sisiya ku 6)
Lokhu kusi tshela ukuthi asibo abagcwele bodwa aba bizwa ngu Jesu Khreistu. Le zoni uyazi biza u Jesu ukubana zize kuye zi thole insindiso.
Esifundweni sethu sa lamhla ku Matewu, u Khristu uyasi tshela ukuthi aka landanga aba gcwele lapha emhlabeni.
Uku beka kanje u Jesu Khristu ngokwakhe esa hamba emhlabeni:
“….Abaphilileyo kabadingi melaphi, kodwa abagulayo.” “… angizanga ukubiza abalungileyo, kodwa izoni zize ekuphendukeni”.( ku Matewu 9 indima zika 12 lo 13)
Sibiziwe sonke bazalwane ukuza ku Jesu Khristu. Uyaku biza u Khristu mzalwane lamhla ekuseni. Uthi woza kimi uzo thola ukuphila okungunaphakade. Uthi u Jesu woza kimi uzo thola usindiso.
Nxa sesi siza endimeni ye sibili kulesi sifundo sethu so bizo, sithola ukuthi phezu ko bizo olu goqela wonke umuntu ukuza ku Jesu Khristu, bakhona aba khethwa babizwe ngu Nkulunkulu eba nika imi sebenzi yakhe eqondana labo.
Yiso isi qokoqela sesi fundo sethu salamuhla bazalwane. Sithi isifundo:
Ma eku biza u Jehova, ekwehlukanisa kwabanengi uyabe ele njongo aku bezela yona.
Litshoni ke ilizwi nxa lisithi u Jehova ule njongo aku bizela yona mzalwane?
Impendulo yalu mbuzo siyi thola e mbhalweni, ika khulu ezi fundweni zethu za lamuhla.
Uthi u Pawuli nxa ebingelela abase Roma: Ngingu “..Pawuli, inceku ka Jesu Kristu, ebizelwe ukuba ngumphostoli, ehlukaniselwe ivangeli likaNkulunkulu…”(Romans 1:1)
Uthini u Pawuli lapha?
Uthi yena uyisi sebenzi sika Jesu Khristu, esibizelwe ukuba ngumpostoli; we hlukaniswa kwaba nengi waphiwa umsebenzi woku tshumayela ivangeli lika Jesu Khristu.
Uthi u Pawuli u Jesu Khristu wabiza abanye ukuba ngabaphostoli, abanye kwathiwa babe ngaba profethi , abanye baba ngabavangeli, labanye baba ngabelusi labafundisi, eku hambiseni umsebenzi ka Kristu.(Ephisians 4:11)
Ukuthi si zwisise lolu bizo olu khetha lu qonde abantu aba thize kumele sibuyele embhalweni.
Siyaba thola aba nengi ababe bizwa ngu Jehova eba nika imisebenzi yakhe eye hlukeneyo. Abanye siba thola ku Testamende Elidala, abanye siba thola ku Testamende elitsha. Ku Testamende elitsha siya mbona u Jesu Khristu ebiza aba fundi bakhe eba bhabhatiza ngo Moya oyi gcwele ukubana baye tshumayele I vangeli umhlaba wonke.
La lamhla elokhu ezi biza izi sebenzi zakhe u Jesu ezi nika imi sebenzi e tshiyeneyo. Lalamhla siya babona aba bizwayo be sabela besebenzela I Nkosi yethu u Jesu Khristu.
Abanye babo ba phakathi kwethu sikhuluma nje, siphila labo. Abanye babo ngama Wisili esi khonza lawo.
Nxa sikhuluma ngoku bizwa ngu Jehova asi khulumi nge nganekwane.
Nxa sitshumayela ngoku bizwa ngu Jesu Khristu asi khulumi nge ndaba ekude bazalwane. Sikhuluma nge ndaba eyenzakala nsuku zonke. Sikhuluma nge ndaba eyenzakala la lamhla sikhuluma nje.
Kungenzakala ukuthi mhlawumbe lawe ungo munye wabo aba bizwayo mzalwane. Mhlawumbe intshumayelo ya lamhla iqondane lawe, ithi uyabizwa ngu Jehova mzalwane. Mhlawumbe uthi u Jesu kuwe, sukuma ngiku thume. Uthi u Jesu Khristu Sukuma ungi landele ngilo msebenzi o qondane lawe.
Ukholo lufitshane yini mzalwane okwenza ungaluzwa ubizo luka Jesu Khristu olu qondane lawe.
Nansi isi qokoqela sendaba bazalwane ezi fundweni zethu zalamuhla.
Ngokholo, u Abrahama wamuzwa u Nkululu embiza wasukumela phezulu. Ngenxa yo kholo ku Jehova u Abrahama waya vuna izi busiso ezazi vela ku Nkulunkulu ezehla ngenxa yokholo.
U kholo lusenza simuzwe u Jesu Khristu ma ekhuluma lathi, esibiza esinika imi sebenzi e qondane lathi. U kholo lusi nika Amandla avela ku Jehova ngoko Moya oyi Gcwele. U Moya Oyigcwele usinika uku nqoba emisebenzini yonke esiyi nikwa ngu Jesu Khristu.
Kholwa ku Thixo ke mzalwane umuzwe u Jesu eku biza. Sabela ke mzalwane uyaku mema u Jesu uthi ngilo msebenzi oqondane lawe. Sukuma ke mzalwane ngoko kholo u landele u Jesu Khristu.
Baba Nkulu Nkulu somandla, siyaze thula phambi kwakho lamhla ekuseni. Sethula ubu thakathaka bethu Jehova. Siya vuma Somandla ukubana u kholo lwethu lu fitshane. Siya cela Somandla ukubana u thele u Moya oyi gcwele phakathi kwe bandla lakho e Hillside Circuit. Siyaku cele Jehova ukubana u qinise u kholo lwethu ukuze sikuzwe Jehova ma u khuluma lathi, sikuzwe lanxa usibiza. Siyaku cela Somandla ukubana usenze si sukumele phezulu uma usi thuma sifeze imisenzi lezi fiso zakho.
Egameni lika Yise, lele Ndodana; lelika Moya Oyi Ngcwele siya khuleka.

Message for June 14th 2020 in Shona from Hillside Circuit, with Mr Gilbert Mazarire.
Theme yedu yesvondo RINO initial called for a purpose kudanwa kunechinangwa zviverengwa zvedu ndezvizvi Genesis12 vs1-9 Romans 4 vs13-25 Matthew 9 vs9-13:18-26 pazviverengwa zvedu mwari anotaura Na Abraham Kuti above munyika yake yechipikirwa ayende munyika yaaizoratidzwa namwari apo Jehova ajamuvimbisa kumuita rudzi rukuru kwazvo apo aizoropafadza avoid vachamuropafadza uye marudzi ose acharopafadzwa kudukidza nomaari izvi Hama dzangu zvinotiratidza Kuti chipikirwa chenhaka hadhina kuita nekururama ASI nekutenda kwedu kunoita Kuti mwari vatipe nhaka yokutenda nokuti Abraham akaropafadzwa nokuda kokutenda. Haana kushaya Simba paajaudzwa namwari akanga Ava nemakore makumi manomwe nemashanu okuberekwa (75 yrs) ASI akaziva waaitaura Nate Kuti ndimwari uye zvinotiratidza chete iyi itariro.Nokuti Dai Abraahamakanga Asina kutengesa Isaac haaivapo nokuda kokukura kana mweya mutsvene ukakusarudza pakati poruzhunji usatya mwari vanokutungamira Jesu achipfuura nepanotereswa akasheedza Matthew nditevere anamutevedra.Anogara Pasi nevateresi ( tax collectors) panguva yaJesu vateresi vainzi vatadzi zvikuru nekuda Kweku ( overcharging) ASI Jesu ndipo paakagara pakudya Navi ma Farisa vachienda vakagunununa Kuti sei zvadaro ASI Jesu anoti munhu anorwara ndiye anotsvaka manga uye item akavuya kuzobatsira vatadzi nevasati vamuziva .Hama dzangu nguva haisati yapera kune vanoda kugamuchira Jesu Ngati vimbei tive neTariro Mawisiri anhasi chaiwo Ane ma excuses akawanda emuramba basa RA Mwari mukereke pamwe ndipo panekundiso yako ipapo Korina yakasiya vazhinji basins vabereki kana Hama vazhinji vedu havasikufamba mabasa ASI negative I neTariro nekuvimba Muna Jesu Kristi apo patinenge tavakumba tariro mwari ndipo pavanopindira munguca yakaita sezvizvi ngatimurumbidze tisarasa tariro Mwari vorugare vakuitireyi nyasha muzita Rababa romwanakomana namweya mutsvene Amen from Gilbert Mazarire God bless you all.