Worship archive – June 7th 2020

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Sunday morning message for June 7th 2020 on Skyz Metro FM, with Bishop Matthew Ncube:

[Apologies that we lost a little part at the beginning of this recording.]

Sunday Services from Connexion for June 7th 2020:

Sunday service from Connexion in Ndebele for June 7th 2020, with Bishop Richman Ncube.
Sunday service from Connexion in Shona for June 7th 2020, with Rev George Mawire.
Sunday service from Connexion in English for June 7th 2020, with Bishop Morrison Chiwundura.

Today is MRCH Big Sunday
As we commemorate this week of Matthew Rusike Children’s home let us remember that blessed is the hand that gives.
Once more, Banking details reminder:
Matthew Rusike Children’ s Home
First Capital bank
21576290535 ZWL
21573675142 US$ domestic
21573675029 US$ Nostro swift code barczwhx
Ecocash *151*2*2*74930*amount#

Sunday Services from Hillside Circuit for June 7th 2020:

Message for Sunday June 7th 2020 in Shona, with Mr W Manyiwa.
Message for Sunday June 7th 2020 in English, with the Women’s Association, (part 1).
Message for Sunday June 7th 2020 in English, with the Women’s Association, (part 2).
Message for Sunday June 7th 2020 in English, with the Women’s Association, (part 3).
Message for Sunday June 7th 2020 in English, with the Women’s Association, (part 4).
Message for Sunday June 7th 2020 in Ndebele, with Mrs Tokozile Makuyana.

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Date: June 7th
Occasion: Trinity Sunday
Psalm 46
Old Testament: Genesis 1: 1 – 2: 4a
Letter: 2 Corinthians 13: 11-13
New Testament: Matthew 28: 16-20
Theme: It is a winning team

Here are the songs for Sunday Service from Hillside Circuit on June 7th 2020, or you can find them embedded on the Songs for worship webpage.
Trust and Obey;
How Deep the Father’s Love for Us;
You are my all in all.
The Zimbabwe Blessing.

Opening hymn H & P 687 Trust and Obey (see the link above)

Good morning Church of God. I’m Pauline Tizora, the president of the Hillside Methodist Women’s Association. The MWA is leading this morning’s service. Our special gratitude goes to the church leadership for allowing us to be God’s instrument today.

Let us pray.
I Lord our God, you are worthy of all our praise. You are the God who never fails to keep his promises. We thank you that in Jesus’ life, His death & resurrection we see your love, justice, mercy, provision and victory. You are the God who lifts up those who are weighed down. You are the God who provides for your children. Our desire is to praise you as long as we live. Inhabit our praises as we gather together today at a time like this. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
To all members of WA, please let us repeat the WA Promise, & the WA Prayer.
I accept the call to Christian womanhood and promise by God’s help to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, to make my home a place where He is loved, my church a place where He is worshipped and my country a realm where He is honoured.
Grant O Lord, that because we meet together today, the lonely may find friendship, the sad may find happiness, the sick may find healing, the troubled may find help, the tempted may find strength and each may find YOU are able to supply all her own need. We ask these blessings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

I Thessalonians 5: 16 – 18 commands us rejoice always, pray without ceasing and to give thanks in all circumstances. As you listen to this service is it 11 weeks since the WA annual conference. When the conference was held we knew we were moving into a lock down situation and some delegates did not attend the conference as uncertainties in regard to travel, susceptibility to the virus, issues around transmission and what life might look like, abounded. The last 11 weeks have been a journey for us all, not only WA members. Today we would like to briefly reflect on the lock down situation and some of the benefits which can be reaped from this time.
The apostle Paul wrote four letters whilst he was in “lock down”: Colossians, Ephesians, Philemon and Philippians. In every way, when you read through these letters, he experienced what we have regarding being denied the freedom to do what we consider normal. Though under Roman imprisonment he did not know how his material needs would be met, there were times of extreme loneliness, uncertainty as to whether he would live through the experience. He rejoiced over correspondence from friends, of hearing the news of them and of the churches he had planted, over a visit and the support given to him in many ways. Most significantly he was a man used to being constantly on the move, travelling from place to place and God had literally “stopped him in his tracks”. This active man, who often says in his testimony that he was compelled to preach the gospel, that he was under obligation to do so, who had travelled the known world at a dizzying pace on foot and by ship was literally, immobilised.
And the result in Paul’s life – at the very least, four inspiring letters revealing to us God’s very nature, the joy in Christ, the power of Christ working within us, the vision of a Christ filled life and all its potential and possibility and its rewards. We hear extraordinarily little of Paul’s own state of mind in these letters though there are hints – loneliness, uncertainty, anxiety for fellow workers and for the churches themselves for which he could do nothing EXCEPT PRAY. He could do nothing except pray.
In preparation for this service Women’s Association members, not only from our own branches but those throughout the connexion, were asked what things or experiences had provided the most encouragement in the last two and a half months. Let me preface this with saying that some have experienced what is common to many: one member was in a community recording a Covid death, others where people had recorded being positive for Covid, some are on their own with no family around, some have been ill and needing hospitalisation, others have no income or very little, do not have any access to church “on line” or by whatsapp and therefore have not participated in communal worship of any kind since the lockdown. Whilst not denying there have been and still are some difficult, pressurised and discouraging times, all have expressed extreme thankfulness for the ways in which God is present.
• Thankful for “it was like He looked in my pantry and moved some wonderful person/friend to supply a wonderous bounteous supply of groceries”
• My family have been a great encouragement – in touch every day.
• The ways so many people have pulled together “to make a plan” and the ways that we have been able to worship God in smaller groups or on our own.
• More interaction between neighbours, even though it is from a distance, assistance with various jobs, a delivery (someone made a plan) of a beautiful bouquet on Mother’s Day, many comforting and inspirational messages on various forms of media.
• 9/10 children leading morning prayers and youth and young people leading and presenting Sunday worship for the 13 of us in lock down. Sense of support from the bible study group constantly in contact.
• Daily messages morning and evening recorded by a leader of one of the main line churches in Bulawayo and those from other countries.
• Availability of messages from those in our circuit, district and connexional. For all those who are learning new technology to deliver it to us though those without internet access of data unable to receive this support.
• Joy of being able to give to others sometimes sacrificially but also out of the bounty of God’s provision and generosity to me – more than enough for my needs and to pass to others.
• Pastoral support from our leaders as they have felt able within their own constraints.
• Time to “stop” to spend more time with God in prayer. Reading the word and in reflection especially about what it means to be ”church”.
• Time to look back and meditate on what is important, what I don’t want to go back to.
Women’s Association activities have not stopped even though we cannot physically meet. Our president read our promise and prayer at the beginning of the service – and even in lock down we strive to live this. We encourage you, as we have been encouraged, to pass on and encourage others by what you yourself have experienced during this lock down period – that you too may produce a harvest as Paul did in his lock down and that we may know the encouragement of John Wesley to know and live “ The best of all is, God is with us.”
We end with the blessing from Numbers 6: 24-26 The LORD bless you and keep you; 25 the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; 26 the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”’
If you have bundles or wifi please see the link above and listen to the Zimbabwe Blessing.

If you would also like to use prayers from the Methodist Service Book, they can be found at the Prayers for worship webpage.

Sunday Service in Ndebele with Mrs Tokozile Makuyana:

Ngiyabingelela ibandla ngegama elihle likaJesu Khristu umsindisi. Asizizweni sibusisekile nxa sihlezi kulo umvalelo wegcikwane leCovid-19 sisizwa amazwi enkosi amangalisayo ngoba abanye abalalo lelo thuba, Amen.
Kuhlelo lwezintshumayelo zonyaka ngizakhuluma ngendikimba ethi Liqembu elinqobayo.
Izifundo nanzi lizibale, Hubo 46; uGenesise isahluko 1 verses 1 kusiya ku 31; sahluko 2 verses 1 kusiya ku4. Incwadi yesibili kwaBaseKorinte sahluko 13 verses 11 kusiya ku13. Ivangeli likaMatewu sahluko 28 verses 16 kusiya ku20.
Nansi indaba enhle ibhayibhili lisitshela ngokuthi uNkulunkulu wadala izulu lomhlaba, njalo liyasitshela ukuthi uNkulunkulu loUngubani njalo lisitshengisa isifiso esijulileyo sikaNkulunkulu ukuthi amanyane lathi abantu abadalayo ngomfanekiso wakhe. UNkulunkulu wasethatha ibanga lokumanyana lathi ngomuntu, umntanakhe uJesu Khristu, yikho sisazi ngemvelo ngoNkulunkulu owadala izulu lomhlaba. Lathi abantu bezizwe zonke sikhona, ubuhle bezintaba lenyamazana siyakubona kunye leVictoria falls esiyibukayo siyithakazele. Uthe uNkulunkulu eseqedile lo umsebenzi wokwenza konke lokhu, ngosuku lwesikhombisa waphumula emsebenzini wakhe abewenza. UNkulunkulu walubusisa usuku lwesikhombisa walwenza lwaba ngcwele.
Lapha elizweni sihlala siphathekile, sigijima lamehlo la aze abezimbumbuluza ngokudinwa. Nxa uNkulunkulu waphumula ngemva komsebenzi ongaka waze wabusisa usuku lwesikhombisa thina ke sehlulwa yini ukuthi siphumule emisebenzini yethu sisebenza 24/7. Yooh! ,ungomunye wabanjalo yini?, kumbe usendlini yakho ubandezelwe ngumvalelo. Sondela kuJehova, umbonge ngalokho ozigabisa ngakho. Ibandla ngaso sonke isikhathi kufanele lixwayiswe ukuze lingenzi izinto ezimbi, ukuze abakhokheli ball babonakale bengabafaneleyo ngemfundiso leqiniso. Isizatho sokuthi umPostoli uPawuli akhuleke kuNkulunkulu mayelana lebandla labaseKorinte yikuthi isono sasesibhahile. Ubuhle obungcwele empilweni yomKhristu yikwenza okulungileyo lokubalulekileyo. Esikhathini sizihlupha ngokukhuleka ukuthi singenzi okubi kulokuba singahlutshwa yibubi. UPawuli wayefuna baphelele babelesizotha lobungcwele njalo babelokholo oluqinileyo. Kungayisikho kuphela kungumlayo kaKhristu, ngicupha isicaphuno sikaMatewu 5 verse 48 “Ngakho lina wobani ngabapheleleyo njengokuba uyihlo osezulwini ephelele”. Kufanele zihlobo senze okuselizwini likaJehova hayi ukuzwa kuphela. kumele sakhane, sibelokukhulumisana kuhle ngendlela eqondileyo, siyekele ukunyeyana lamanga kuphele ebandleni lakuwe, njalo sigcinane, sithandane. Leyi ndlela yobuKhristu engasenza siphathisane ukunqoba ukona kwethu. Ukusela ibandla ngesithembiso sikaNkulunkulu esithi, uJehovah uzakuba lalabo abaphila laye ngothando lokuthula. Kambe wena ulalo yini uthando kulelibandla?, uyasiza abanye na abahluphekayo?, usiza ibandla yini ngokunikela?, uyakhulekela yini omakhelwane bakho, labagulayo kungayisizo zihlobo zakho?, uhlezi labanye ngothando?, Ngoba nxa uhamba ngendlela kaNkulunkulu yena uluthando. Esevukile ekufeni uJesu Khristu wabiza abafundi bakhe abalitshumi lanye baya entabeni eGalile lapho ayebalayele khona. Lanxa babengaboni isizatho sokuyakhona ngenxa yomango omude, kwakukhatshana njalo bezambona okwesikhatshana esifitshane. Abafundi bakhe basebafunda ukulalela imilayo kaKhristu. Sebembonile bamkhonza, bamhlonipha ngoba bonke ababona inkosi uJesu ngenhliziyo ngokukholwa bamele bamkhonze kodwa kwaba labanye abathandabuzayo. Lakulezi insuku bakhona abakhonzayo bethandabuza ngoba ukholo lwabo lulutshwana , badinga imfundiso. UJesu wakhuluma labo wathi, aphiwe mina amandla wonke ezulwini lasemhlabeni. Akula muntu nje owayengatsho lokhu ngesibindi, kuphela umntakaNkulunkulu nguye owayengatsho la amazwi. Ngicupha isicaphuno , kwaBaseFilipi 2 verse 6. Yena owathi elesimo sikaNkulunkulu katshongo ukuthi kuyinto yokuphangwa ukulingana loNkulunkulu. Wasesithi kubafundi bakhe hambani lenze izizwe zonke zibe ngabafundi. Libabhabhathize ebizweni likayise lelendodana lelikamoya oyingcwele. Bandla nanzelelani ukuthi akamanengi amabizo kayise, ndodana, moya oyingcwele. NguNkulunkulu. Ukubhabhathiza kwenza umuntu omutsha kuJesu Khristu sebehlanjululwe ezonweni, sebelempilo entsha njalo kufanele balalele yonke imilayo laJesu Khristu. Besebesiba lothando lokuphila ngendlela kaNkulunkulu. Libafundise ukugcina konke engililaye ngakho. Ukufundisa ilunga elitsha kwenza aguquke ukuze azwisise imibhalo ngoKhristu.Amen
Ngiyaphetha, zihlobo zami ezithandekayo ngoKhristu amandla okutshumayela lapha emhlabeni ngawethu ngoJesu Khristu. ULhrodtu uhamba lathi sonke isikhathi asisoze sibesodwa, lesi yisithembiso asitshiyela sona. Lawe Khonapho emzini wakho, ukhona kuze kubesekupheleni kwenhlalo yethu emhlabeni. Umoya ongcwele uhlezi elathi njalo usinika amandla wokuba ngabafakazi belizwi lakhe. Wozani, wozani kuJesu Khristu lizuze impilo engcwele enaphakade.

Sunday Service in Shona with Mr W Manyiwa:

Genesis 1vs1-2;4a
Matewo 28vs16-20

Regai nditange nekukwazisa sangano raMWARI  munguva yakooma kudai  apo mumwe ne mumwe ari mukati memba yake nekuda kwechikonzero  chechirwere chakatekeshera pasi rose che COVID19. Hapana chinhu chakaoma sekuti unotadza kuita zvawajaira nekuda kwekutya  zvinhu zvausina shuwa nazvo, nhau ye corona yakatanga kunzwikwa  mugore rapfuura ,vazhinji takafunga kuti izvi ndezve vari mhiri kwemakungwa asi takazoona tava mukati me lockdown vazhinji ndopatakazoona kuti zvemazvirokwazvo chirwere ichi ndeche pasi rose.

Muzviverengwa zvedu zvanhasi  Mwari vari kuda kutibatsira kuti tiwane raramo yakakwana nekuti  bhaibheri riri kutidzidzisa kuti pakutanga Mwari…. ,chese chawafunga ngachitange naMwari  paunomuka mangwanani tanga naMwari ,kubasa tanga naMwari, kunyange mumhuri chaimo ngatitangei naMwari hama dzangu.

Bhuku raMavambo raburitsa pachena kuti denga nenyika zvakasikwa kuburikidza nekutaurwa kwezwi ,zvoreva kuti pane chose chakaitika pano panyika chakaunzwa nesimba reshoko.Mune simba mushoko vadikanwi , chese chawataura nemuromo wako ndicho chinoitika muhupenyu hwako saka mwana waMwari ziva zvekutaura usati wazvitaura.Pane vakatadza kurarama upenyu hwavaishuvira  nekuda kwemashoko akataurwa pamusoro pehupenyu hwavo , ndine madzimai akanzi natete hauroorwi nanhasi anofamba akaisa musoro padivi nekuti akavhundutsigwa natete saka haasati atoroorwa,vamwe vana baba  marombe nekuda kwekuti sekuru vakazvitaura kuti  hapana kwaunosvika iwe, rega ndikubatsirewo muzuva ranhasi hama yangu kunyangwe newevo wakapiwa samba rekushandura mashoko akataurwa kare nokuti ari mauri mukuru kupfura akataura.Zvakataurwa zvizhinji pamusoro pako ,vamwe vaitoshuvira kuti dai wakatovigwa muguva chaimo asi nokuda kwokuti kuna Mwari akatipa simba pamusoro pedu rekuti kunyangwe tikatsika pamusoro penyoka  nezvinyavada hatizokuvari nokuti tiri veboka rinokunda(winning team) .Mune simba mushoko hama dzangu,nyika kuti inake iyi zvinongoda shoko raMwari,kuti mhuri irarame iyi zvinoda shoko raMwari .Iwe semutendi mashoko api aunofambisa nguva zhinji ndekuvaka here? Kana ndekuputsa ?

Jehovha zvavakasika zvose kuburikidza nekutaura shoko, bhaibheri rangu rati vakaona zvakanaka,koi we paunotaura mashoko unosiya zvakanaka here kana kuti unosiya waparadza ?Jehovha ngavatiwanire nyasha vatipe simba rekuona zvakanaka zvinobva mu power of creation .Nokuti kana tapinda muboka revakundi tapiva simba rekubuda sekunyorwa kwevhangeri raMatewo ririkuti budai mundoparidza ivhangeri kunyika dzose , muchibhabhatidza vanhu nokuti ivo Kristu vanesu kusvika kumagumo enyika saka vadikanwi musatya nekuti ivo Kristu vari kurutivi rwedu ndokusaka mupositori Pauro atipawo mashoko echisimbiso achiti shingirirai  kuti mukwaniswe ,ivai nomufungo mumwe nokuti MWARI worugare anemwi nguva dzose .Muzita  rababa remwanakomana near mweya mutsvene AMEN.