Worship Archive – March 6th 2022

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Sunday Service from Connexion for March 6th 2022:

Audio message for Connexion on March 6th 2022 with Rev Farai Mushishiware.

Sunday Service from Hillside Circuit for March 6th 2022:

Theme: In all this, we are not alone

Occasion: 1st Sunday in Lent

Lectionary readings:
Psalm 91: 1-2, 9-16
Deuteronomy 26: 1-11
Romans 10: 8b-13
Luke 4: 1-13

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Here are the songs for Sunday morning service. Click or tap on a song to open it in YouTube, or go to the Songs for worship webpage to find them embedded.

You’re the word of God.
All heaven declares.
Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice.
King of kings, majesty.
How sweet the name of Jesus.
Great is thy faithfulness.
Christ be beside me.


You can listen and join in with prayers from the English Methodist Service Book. They can be found at the Prayers for worship webpage.

Children’s Address:

Audio children’s address for Hillside Circuit on March 6th 2022 with Mr Bellington Mudyawabikwa.


Audio message for Hillside Circuit on March 6th 2022 in English, with Mrs Dominica Muringi.

Bible readings:

Psalm 91

1 Live under the protection of God Most High
and stay in the shadow of God All-Powerful.
2 Then you will say to the LORD,
“You are my fortress, my place of safety;
you are my God, and I trust you.”

9 The LORD Most High is your fortress.
Run to him for safety,
10 and no terrible disasters will strike you or your home.

11 God will command his angels to protect you
wherever you go.
12 They will carry you in their arms,
and you won’t hurt your feet on the stones.
13 You will overpower the strongest lions
and the most deadly snakes.

14 The LORD says,
“If you love me and truly know who I am,
I will rescue you and keep you safe.
15 When you are in trouble, call out to me.
I will answer and be there to protect and honour you.
16 You will live a long life and see my saving power.”

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Deuteronomy 26

1 The LORD is giving you the land, and soon you will conquer it, settle down, 2 and plant crops. And when you begin harvesting each of your crops, the very first things you pick must be put in a basket. Take them to the place where the LORD your God chooses to be worshipped, 3 and tell the priest, “Long ago the LORD our God promised our ancestors that he would give us this land. And today, I thank him for keeping his promise and giving me a share of the land.”
4 The priest will take the basket and set it in front of the LORD’S altar. 5 Then, standing there in front of the place of worship, you must pray:

My ancestor was homeless,
an Aramean who went to live in Egypt.
There were only a few in his family then,
but they became great and powerful,
a nation of many people.

6 The Egyptians were cruel and had no pity on us.
They mistreated our people and forced us into slavery.
7 We called out for help to you,
the LORD God of our ancestors.
You heard our cries;
you knew we were in trouble and abused.
8 Then you terrified the Egyptians with your mighty miracles
and rescued us from Egypt.
9 You brought us here and gave us this land
rich with milk and honey.
10 Now, LORD, I bring to you the best of the crops
that you have given me.

After you say these things, place the basket in front of the LORD’S altar and bow down to worship him.
11 Then you and your family must celebrate by eating a meal at the place of worship to thank the LORD your God for giving you such a good harvest. And remember to invite the Levites and the foreigners who live in your town.

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Romans 10

8 All who are acceptable because of their faith simply say, “The message is as near as your mouth or your heart.” And this is the same message we preach about faith. 9 So you will be saved, if you honestly say, “Jesus is Lord,” and if you believe with all your heart that God raised him from death. 10 God will accept you and save you, if you truly believe this and tell it to others.
11 The Scriptures say that no one who has faith will be disappointed, 12 no matter if that person is a Jew or a Gentile. There is only one Lord, and he is generous to everyone who asks for his help. 13 All who call out to the Lord will be saved.

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Luke 4

1 When Jesus returned from the Jordan River, the power of the Holy Spirit was with him, and the Spirit led him into the desert. 2 For forty days Jesus was tested by the devil, and during that time he went without eating. When it was all over, he was hungry.
3 The devil said to Jesus, “If you are God’s Son, tell this stone to turn into bread.”
4 Jesus answered, “The Scriptures say, ‘No one can live only on food.’ “
5 Then the devil led Jesus up to a high place and quickly showed him all the nations on earth. 6 The devil said, “I will give all this power and glory to you. It has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. 7 Just worship me, and you can have it all.”
8 Jesus answered, “The Scriptures say:
Worship the Lord your God
and serve only him!’ “
9 Finally, the devil took Jesus to Jerusalem and had him stand on top of the temple. The devil said, “If you are God’s Son, jump off. 10-11 The Scriptures say:
‘God will tell his angels to take care of you.
They will catch you in their arms,
and you will not hurt your feet on the stones.’ “
12 Jesus answered, “The Scriptures also say, ‘Don’t try to test the Lord your God!’ “
13 After the devil had finished testing Jesus in every way possible, he left him for a while.

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