Worship Archive – September 27th 2020

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Sunday Services from Connexion for September 27th 2020:

Audio message for Connexion via National FM, with Rev Likhai Molife.
Audio message for Connexion in Shona, with Rev John T Mugozhi.
Audio message for Connexion in English, with Rev Onias Masawi.

Sunday Services from Hillside Circuit for September 27th 2020:

Theme: Jesus our example in all things

Occasion: 17th Sunday after Pentecost
Psalm 73
Old Testament: Exodus 17: 1-7
Letter: Philippians 2: 1-13
New Testament: Matthew 21: 23-32

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Be lifted up.
Come people of the Risen King.
Just as I am.


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Audio message for Hillside Circuit in English, with Rev Margaret James.
Audio message for Hillside Circuit in Shona, with Mr Wilfred Manyiwa.

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Audio message for Hillside Circuit in Ndebele, with Mrs Betty Ncube.

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Children’s address, with Rev Nobuhle Sibanda:

Good morning friends. Today we will learn about Imitating Christ’s Humility.
Often in life we have people that we like to imitate especially our parents, people who act fun around us, the people we look up to and the famous people as well. We imitate how they talk, walk and laugh. To imitate means doing the same things that another person is doing. At times we imitate to make fun of other people and that is not good; it is unkind. In the Bible Paul writes a letter to the Philippian Christians telling them that they should do their best to imitate Christ. That as Christians we should live the same way Jesus did. We can do that by being humble, loving other people, putting them first before us. Even though Christ was a King he spent time serving others. We should learn from him that we serve others, even the poor we care for them. We associate with everyone and that peace may continue to prevail wherever we are. May God be with you and may God bless you. We love you and God loves you more

Bible readings:

Psalm 73

1 God is truly good to Israel,
especially to everyone with a pure heart.
2 But I almost stumbled and fell,
3 because it made me jealous to see proud and evil people
and to watch them prosper.
4 They never have to suffer, they stay healthy,
5 and they don’t have troubles like everyone else.

6 Their pride is like a necklace, and they commit sin
more often than they dress themselves.
7 Their eyes poke out with fat,
and their minds are flooded with foolish thoughts.
8 They sneer and say cruel things,
and because of their pride, they make violent threats.
9 They dare to speak against God and to order others around.

10 God will bring his people back,
and they will drink the water he so freely gives.

11 Only evil people would say,
“God Most High cannot know everything!”
12 Yet all goes well for them, and they live in peace.
13 What good did it do me to keep my thoughts pure
and refuse to do wrong?
14 I am sick all day, and I am punished each morning.
15 If I had said evil things,
I would not have been loyal to your people.

16 It was hard for me to understand all this!
17 Then I went to your temple, and there I understood
what will happen to my enemies.
18 You will make them stumble, never to get up again.
19 They will be terrified,
suddenly swept away and no longer there.
20 They will disappear, LORD,
despised like a bad dream the morning after.

21 Once I was bitter and brokenhearted.
22 I was stupid and ignorant,
and I treated you as a wild animal would.
23 But I never really left you, and you hold my right hand.
24 Your advice has been my guide,
and later you will welcome me in glory.
25 In heaven I have only you,
and on this earth you are all I want.
26 My body and mind may fail,
but you are my strength and my choice forever.

27 Powerful LORD God,
all who stay far from you will be lost,
and you will destroy those who are unfaithful.
28 It is good for me to be near you.
I choose you as my protector,
and I will tell about your wonderful deeds.

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Exodus 17

1 The Israelites left the desert and moved from one place to another each time the LORD ordered them to. Once they camped at Rephidim, but there was no water for them to drink.
2 The people started complaining to Moses, “Give us some water!”
Moses replied, “Why are you complaining to me and trying to put the LORD to the test?”
3 But the people were thirsty and kept on complaining, “Moses, did you bring us out of Egypt just to let us and our families and our animals die of thirst?”
4 Then Moses prayed to the LORD, “What am I going to do with these people? They are about to stone me to death!”
5 The LORD answered, “Take some of the leaders with you and go ahead of the rest of the people. Also take along the walking stick you used to strike the Nile River, 6 and when you get to the rock at Mount Sinai, I will be there with you. Strike the rock with the stick, and water will pour out for the people to drink.” Moses did this while the leaders watched.
7 The people had complained and tested the LORD by asking, “Is the LORD really with us?” So Moses named that place Massah, which means “testing” and Meribah, which means “complaining.”

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Philippians 2

1 Christ encourages you, and his love comforts you. God’s Spirit unites you, and you are concerned for others. 2 Now make me completely happy! Live in harmony by showing love for each other. Be united in what you think, as if you were only one person. 3 Don’t be jealous or proud, but be humble and consider others more important than yourselves. 4 Care about them as much as you care about yourselves 5 and think the same way that Christ Jesus thought:

6 Christ was truly God.
But he did not try to remain equal with God.
7 He gave up everything and became a slave,
when he became like one of us.

8 Christ was humble. He obeyed God
and even died on a cross.
9 Then God gave Christ the highest place
and honoured his name above all others.

10 So at the name of Jesus everyone will bow down,
those in heaven, on earth, and under the earth.
11 And to the glory of God the Father
everyone will openly agree,
“Jesus Christ is Lord!”

12 My dear friends, you always obeyed when I was with you. Now that I am away, you should obey even more. So work with fear and trembling to discover what it really means to be saved. 13 God is working in you to make you willing and able to obey him.

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Matthew 21

23 Jesus had gone into the temple and was teaching when the chief priests and the leaders of the people came up to him. They asked, “What right do you have to do these things? Who gave you this authority?”
24 Jesus answered, “I have just one question to ask you. If you answer it, I will tell you where I got the right to do these things. 25 Who gave John the right to baptize? Was it God in heaven or merely some human being?”
They thought it over and said to each other, “We can’t say that God gave John this right. Jesus will ask us why we didn’t believe John. 26 On the other hand, these people think that John was a prophet, and we are afraid of what they might do to us. That’s why we can’t say that it was merely some human who gave John the right to baptize.” 27 So they told Jesus, “We don’t know.”
Jesus said, “Then I won’t tell you who gave me the right to do what I do.”

28 Jesus said:
I will tell you a story about a man who had two sons. Then you can tell me what you think. The father went to the older son and said, “Go work in the vineyard today!” 29 His son told him that he would not do it, but later he changed his mind and went. 30 The man then told his younger son to go work in the vineyard. The boy said he would, but he didn’t go. 31 Which one of the sons obeyed his father?
“The older one,” the chief priests and leaders answered.
Then Jesus told them:
You can be sure that tax collectors and prostitutes will get into the kingdom of God before you ever will! 32 When John the Baptist showed you how to do right, you would not believe him. But these evil people did believe. And even when you saw what they did, you still would not change your minds and believe.

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Message for Hillside Circuit in Shona, with Mr Wilfred Manyiwa:

Ndinokwazisa sangano rakasarudzwa naMwari muzita raBaba, remwanakomana nera Mweya mutsvene .Pano tiri kusangana zvakare tichigoverana mashoko matsvene anova pamwe achatidzidzisa, kutitsiura, kutidzora kana kutibatsira kuti pakupedzisira tigowana nzvimbo muhumambo hwaMwari.

Takatarisa dingindira redu rinoti Jesu muenzaniso wedu pazvinhu zvose .Kazhinji chinonzi (example ) muenzaniso chinhu chinoratidzwa pachena kuti vanoona vatevedzere chinhu ichocho.
Kubva kubhuku raExodus taona vana veIsrayeli vachibudiswa munyika yeEgypt ,chinondinetsa ndechekuti hurongwa hwe kubudiswa kwerudzi urwu hausi hwe vanhu kana hwa Mozisi asi ndehwa Mwari pachake ,Mozisi anoita minana yakawanda kuburikidza ne simba raMwari asi izvozvo hazvina kumborovesa hana dzavo nokuti pataverenga patosimuka bopoto, vanhu vachipopotera Mozisi nokuti murenje mashaikwa mvura, nhaimi vanhu haasi iye here Mwari akatiwambutsa gungwa dzvuku wamava kupopotera nhasi here uyu.
Ndine vanhu vakawanda vakaitirwa zvakanaka naJehovha asi kana pakango shaikwa zvimwe zvinhu vanotanga kushoropodza Mwari. Vamwe bopoto harisi kupera mumhuri nokuti baba vakamiswa basa kuburikidza necorona virus asi rega ndikubatsire mudikanwi kunyangwe zvinhu zvisina kumira mushe kuna Jesu anoenda nesu kwose kwatinoenda. Mozisi anoti anzwa kuchema chema kwevana veIsrayeli anodzokera kuna Mwari saka ndine mubvunzo nhasi kuti iwe kana zvinhu zvaoma unoenda kunani
Ndaona vamwe vachimhanya kuma porofita neku n’anga kana dambudziko rasvika asi ngatidzidzei kubva kuna Mozisi anoziva kuti kuna Mwari kudenga anotirwira kunyange kumatenda akafanana ne Covid 19 ,kunyange rikaita mbiri yakaita sei haizombopfuuri Zita riri pamusoro pemazita ose Zita raJESU.

Jehovha anoudza Mozisi kuti arove dombo kuti rudzi rwaIsrayeli ruwane mvura yokumwa .Murenje makanga musina tsime asi Jehovah akaita kuti mvura iwanikwe ,tina Mwari anoita kuti zvisingaite zviite nokuti tina Jesu anotidzidzisa kuti kufunga kwedu kufanane nekufunga kwake nokuti kunyange iye akanga ari Mwari pachake haana kufunga kuti ave Mwari pachake.Kristu akanga ane chimiro chaMwari asi ari munhu akazvininipisa kusvika pakufa. Vadikanwi kunyange tiri munguva yekutambudzika ngatidanei kuna Mwari iye anotirwira uye anopindura sezvaakaita murenje mvura ikawanikwa .
Ngatidanei kuzita riri pamusoro pemazita ose iro Zita rinoti rikadanwa mabvi ose ogwadama nekuti izita raJesu
Ndozvatiri kudzidza zvakare kubva mubhuku raMatewu kuti simba rose rekuita zvinhu rinobva kuna Mwari ,ndiro simba rakatsemura gungwa nepakati ndiro zve simba rinoita kuti zvinhu zvishanduke irori simba ndosimba raakatipa simba rinokunda zvese simba rekuteura ,iro simba rinobva kuna Mwari ratinona kristu semucherechedzo wedu muzvinhu zvose

Mbiri ngaive muna Mwari baba Mwari mwanakomana naMwari Mweya Mutsvene Amen

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Message for Hillside Circuit in Ndebele, with Mrs Betty Ncube:

Ngibingelela ibandla ngeHubo likaDavida eliku 73. Asikhulekeni. Sibonga ukuphuma kwelanga lakho Nkosi, lemini entsha. Bus is a abantu bakhona ngeLizwi lanamhlanje. Ngaye uJesu Kristu umSindisi wethu. Amen. Sizavula inkonzo yethu ngokuhlabela u278 kuZulu. Izifundo zethu zanamhlanje sizithola kuEksodusi 17:1-7, KwabaseFiliphi 2:1-13 laku Mahewu 21:23-32. Indikimba ithi:- uJesu uyisibonelo sethu kuzo zonke izinto. Isikhathi ezinengi amaKristu ayavumelana ukwenza ulutho oluthize bendawonye kube kuhle ngalesosikhathi. Imibono yonke bayihluzisise gaze baphume lento yinye abathande ukuba yenziwe ngoba izabanceda ezinkonzweni zabo lasezimpilweni zabo ukuze umsebenzi kaThixo ubonakale usiyaphambili. Kubesekuthi uThixo aphefumulele inhlakanipho abakhethileyo ukuba babe ngaba khokheli balabo bantu ukuze kubonakale amandla akhe lobukhona bakhe. UMose usolwa ngabako Israel nge nxa yamanzi. Bazalwane, luyaqhubeka uhambo lwabantu ba ko Israel esizwe ngalo amaSonto adlulileyo. Sizwa kuthiwa babe ahamba amalombolombo njengoku laya kweNkosi. Babesuka enkangala umango oyaziwa uwomile kungekho ngitsho chibi lamanzi, sona sihlahla asitholakali esingabasuza ngempande ezimanzi. Sikhumbule ukuthi leli bandla lalibunjwe umuzi ngomuzi lemuli yayo kunge lezufuyo zabo. ILizwi lithi kwafika isikhathi sokuthi bome, abantwana boma, lezifuyo zoma. Kwabakhatshana emuva ukuthi babuyele bathole ukuthambisa imiphimbo yabo leyezinkomo zabo. Bakhangele kuMose zikhathi zonke. Ngaphambilini uNkulunkulu ubaphile ukudla okwehla kuvela ezulwini lakhe. Nampa sebekhala njalo kuMose, abanye bayamsola, sebefisa sebefisa lokulubhekisa emuva bathi “noma sasiyizigqili zamaGipite ukudla lamanzi asizange sikuswele”. Iphango bazalwane lenza umuntu abone ububi lase muntwini olusizo kuye. Sebomile, sebefuna amanzi kuMose. Sebelibele ngasikhatshana ukuthi ngenxa kaMose baluchaphile uLwandle olubomvu ngentonga elaywe nguNkulunkulu. UMose wakhuluma loNkulunkulu ebuza ukuthi enze njani njengoba abakoIsrael sebefuna ukumkhanda ngamatshe. UMose wayengazange alahle intonga yakhe asila layo eGipite, wayelokhu eyiphethe ezandleni zakhe. Bathandekayo, kungani esesikusebenzisile qede lapho sesilungelwe, sikulahlele khatshana sikhohlwe ngakho esithi sokwedlule? Ngiyyamncoma kakhulu UMose ngoba eyakhe intonga ayiphumi ezandleni, belo loNkulunkulu wakhe ulithemba kuye. UThixo uthi kuMose, ” thatha intonga yakho leyana owayisebenzisa lichapha ulwandle uhambe labanye abalisa udlulele phambili kwabo bonke. Mina Nkosi ngizakuma phambi okwakho edwakeni laseHorebe , uzalitshaya idwala ukuze kuphume amanzi abantu banathe. Aphuma amanzi. UMose wayibiza lindawo ethi yiMasa lokuthi yiMeriba okuchaza ukuthi ” yikulinga lokuyisoka iNkosi” Bazalwane, asihlonipheni abakhokheli bethu ngoba bayizithunywa zikaThixo. Abakwethula ema bandleni ethi bakuphefumulelwe yiNkosi. Indikimba yethu ithe ” uJesu uyisibonelo sethu kuzo zonke izinto” Singamlandela kasiyikulahleka, kassisoze saba lensolo kuzo lezi zithunywa zeLizwi leNkosi. Yebo kambe, singazitshela ukuthi intonga kasiyiphathanga, kodwa ngithi kithi sonke intonga yethu nguJesu Kristu I was I delayo esiphambanweni ngenxa yokona kwethu. Encwadini kaPawuli kwabaseFiliphi uthi kasibeni langqondo yinye, lathando kunge, lanhliziyonye, lokuqonda kunge. Lingenzi lutho ngokubangisana langokuziqhenya. Mzalwane, ilizwi lithi ungakhathaleli okwakho wedwa kodwa khathalela abanye. Akungabi yi ” one man for himself and God for us all” asizuthobeni , ukuzithoba akusikho buwula kodwa yikuba uyisibonelo esinguJesu. Abanye bethu suzenza abaphathi bama bandla siphambanisa umsebenzi kaNkulunkulu. UPawuli uthi uJesu wazithoba kazange aphange ukulingana loNkulunkulu lanxa eyisimo sakhe. Kasibeni zinceku lencekukazi uqobo. Singajahi bantu bakaThixo, ngoba ekujaheni kwethu kune ngi esikuohambanisayo. Siyabakhuba abanye bethu bawele phansi. Ngizaphetha ngusithi :- ithuba siliphiwe. Phatha intonga yakho njengoMose ungayilahli ngoba ilusizo olukhulu kwabanye. Uzakuthola amanzi lapho okome khona usize imiphefumulo yabanengi. Amandla ethi azavela kwesikholwa kuye uJesu Kristu. Asimdumiseni uNkulunkulu nge nhliziyo yonke. Sivala inkonzo ngohymn 116 kusuZulu. Umusa weNkosi yethu uJesu Kristu , uthando lukaBaba lobudlelwane bukaMoya oNgcwele akube lathi sonke kuze kube nini lanini Amen.

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