Youth Presidents

Greetings to the people called Methodists and the world at large, Let us receive a charge from our Youth Presidents Yeukai Nomatemba Mbangani and Graham K Ndou
Youth Week 2021
It’s that time again as young people when we observe Youth time well known as Youth week. This sacred time is an opportunity for us as youth to celebrate the gifts and talents which God has endowed in us. It is also an opportunity for the church to integrate and revive the youth to utilize their gifts as well as taking part in pushing forward the mission of God. This is emphasized also in the Youth Charter for the church pledged itself to teach, groom and support youths to experience Christian living. Hence, this week is not only for the young people but also for the church as a whole. During this period, we are also reminded to commit ourselves to personal giving so as to contribute to the financial support of youth and children’s work. Your hand at such a time as this would be greatly appreciated.
It’s unfortunate that we are commemorating this week in an unusual way. However, lets utilize every opportunity and all technological means to make this time worthwhile.
Let us make Youth week 2021 memorable as we are also celebrating our 30th anniversary which is an indication of the important role we play in the Church and Community.
As Presidium we encourage you to stay focused appreciating that God is our helper at such a time as this.

A Message from the Youth and Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Rev Nkulumo Zhira:

Sisters and brothers in Christ, investing in today’s youths is necessary in growing the body of Christ. Teaching young people in the church to grow in their relationship with the Lord prepares them to serve Christ in whatever they do and as a result this nurtures the congregation and allows the church to flourish. Nurturing young people cannot only prepare them to become future leaders, but also allows them to contribute to the church. This is seen many times in the Bible, as God often used young people to do great things. For example, God used Timothy to pastor and lead the Ephesian church when he was a teenager.(1Timothy 4: 12). Youths need guidance and support as they navigate through the most challenging part of their development.
My advice to all young people in such a time as this is KEEP YOUR HOPE ALIVE. The challenge before us all is to keep hope alive in spite of the challenges. Learn to keep hope alive when the enemy comes against you. For as long as God is alive we have a reason to keep hope alive. Our hope as people of faith is not just a wish or a desire, but a settled confidence in God and in His promises. It is a continuing reliance upon God’s wisdom, love and power. What distinguishes our hope from those without faith is that instead of just hoping for something, our hope is in someone who loves and cares for us. We all need to live our lives with a healthy sense of anticipation/ hope which motivates us to move forward even in the midst of hardships and to wait on God for our breakthrough.