Worship Archive – February 14th 2021

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Sunday Services from Hillside Circuit for February 14th 2021:

Theme: We proclaim Jesus

Occasion: Transfiguration Sunday
Psalm 50
Old Testament: 2 Kings 2: 1-12
New Testament: 2 Corinthians 4: 3-6
Gospel: Mark 9: 2-9

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Christ be our light.
Alleluia, sing to Jesus.
Crown him with many crowns.


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Children’s Address:

Audio Children’s Address for Hillside Circuit on February 14th 2021, with Mrs Caroline Gutu.

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Audio message for Hillside Circuit on February 14th 2021 in English, with Rev Bekithemba Phiri.

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Audio message for Hillside Circuit on February 14th 2021 in Ndebele, with Dr Christine Tenga.

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Audio message for Hillside Circuit on February 14th 2021 in Shona, with Mrs Dominica Mringi.
Audio message for Connexion on February 14th 2021 in English, with Rev Hatifari Munongi and Rev David Muleya.

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Bible readings:

Psalm 50

1 From east to west, the powerful LORD God
has been calling together everyone on earth.
2 God shines brightly from Zion, the most beautiful city.

3 Our God approaches, but not silently;
a flaming fire comes first, and a storm surrounds him.
4 God comes to judge his people.
He shouts to the heavens and to the earth,
5 “Call my followers together! They offered me a sacrifice,
and we made an agreement.”

6 The heavens announce, “God is the judge,
and he is always honest.”

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2 Kings 2

1 Not long before the LORD took Elijah up into heaven in a strong wind, Elijah and Elisha were leaving Gilgal. 2 Elijah said to Elisha, “The LORD wants me to go to Bethel, but you must stay here.”
Elisha replied, “I swear by the living LORD and by your own life that I will stay with you no matter what!” And he went with Elijah to Bethel.
3 A group of prophets who lived there asked Elisha, “Do you know that today the LORD is going to take away your master?”
“Yes, I do,” Elisha answered. “But don’t remind me of it.”
4 Elijah then said, “Elisha, now the LORD wants me to go to Jericho, but you must stay here.”
Elisha replied, “I swear by the living LORD and by your own life, that I will stay with you no matter what!” And he went with Elijah to Jericho.
5 A group of prophets who lived there asked Elisha, “Do you know that today the LORD is going to take away your master?”
“Yes, I do,” Elisha answered. “But don’t remind me of it.”
6 Elijah then said to Elisha, “Now the LORD wants me to go to the Jordan River, but you must stay here.”
Elisha replied, “I swear by the living LORD and by your own life that I will never leave you!” So the two of them walked on together.
7 Fifty prophets followed Elijah and Elisha from Jericho, then stood at a distance and watched as the two men walked toward the river. 8 When they got there, Elijah took off his coat, then he rolled it up and struck the water with it. At once a path opened up through the river, and the two of them walked across on dry ground.
9 After they had reached the other side, Elijah said, “Elisha, the LORD will soon take me away. What can I do for you before that happens?”
Elisha answered, “Please give me twice as much of your power as you give the other prophets, so I can be the one who takes your place as their leader.”
10 “It won’t be easy,” Elijah answered. “It can happen only if you see me as I am being taken away.”
11 Elijah and Elisha were walking along and talking, when suddenly there appeared between them a flaming chariot pulled by fiery horses. Right away, a strong wind took Elijah up into heaven. 12 Elisha saw this and shouted, “Israel’s cavalry and chariots have taken my master away!” After Elijah had gone, Elisha tore his clothes in sorrow.

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2 Corinthians 4

3 If there is anything hidden about our message, it is hidden only to someone who is lost.
4 The god who rules this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers. They cannot see the light, which is the good news about our glorious Christ, who shows what God is like. 5 We are not preaching about ourselves. Our message is that Jesus Christ is Lord. He also sent us to be your servants. 6 The Scriptures say, “God commanded light to shine in the dark.” Now God is shining in our hearts to let you know that his glory is seen in Jesus Christ.

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Mark 9

2 Six days later Jesus took Peter, James, and John with him. They went up on a high mountain, where they could be alone. There in front of the disciples, Jesus was completely changed. 3 And his clothes became much whiter than any bleach on earth could make them. 4 Then Moses and Elijah were there talking with Jesus.
5 Peter said to Jesus, “Teacher, it is good for us to be here! Let us make three shelters, one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.” 6 But Peter and the others were terribly frightened, and he did not know what he was talking about.
7 The shadow of a cloud passed over and covered them. From the cloud a voice said, “This is my Son, and I love him. Listen to what he says!” 8 At once the disciples looked around, but they saw only Jesus.
9 As Jesus and his disciples were coming down the mountain, he told them not to say a word about what they had seen, until the Son of Man had been raised from death.

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Text version of the Children’s Address for Hillside Circuit on February 14th 2021, with Mrs Caroline Gutu:

Hello boys and girls. I hope l find you all well.
Today we shall be taking our reading from the
2nd book of the Kings 2 vs1 – 12
2nd Corinthians 4 vs 3 – 6
Mark 9 vs 2 – 9
The Lord told Elijah to anoint Elisha as prophet in his place.
When the Lord was about to take up Elijah into Heaven by a whirlwind, he went with Elisha.
Elisha’s commitment was tested 3 times, when Elijah told him to stay for the Lord had sent for him alone.
Elisha refused to stay behind because he did not want to miss the opportunity of receiving Elijah’s double anointing.
In the book of Mark. Jesus Christ transfigured before them when He led them up on a high mountain. Peter, James & John made up the closest inner circle of Jesus Christ.
Verse 7. God was assuring them as he was with His Son Jesus Christ so shall He be with them throughout their journey in Ministry.
Jesus commanded the 3 not to tell anyone about the things they had seen till the Son of Man had risen from the dead. They were supposed to reveal the glory of God at His appointed time.
Satan binds the mind of people but they choose not to believe in God resulting in their inability to see.
God has made His light to shine in our hearts, to give us the light of the knowledge of His glory.
In conclusion.
In our everyday walk let us proclaim Jesus Christ.

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Text version of the message for Hillside Circuit on February 14th 2021 in English, with Rev Bekithemba Phiri:

Today marks the Transfiguration Sunday, 3 days before Lent and before we embark on the 40 day journey of Christ’s road to the Cross. We understand Transfiguration as an event in Jesus life in which His appearance was radiantly transformed. It is also a pivotal moment in Christian circles as the setting on the mountain top is presented as the point 1) where human nature meets God, 2) the meeting place for the temporal and the eternal, 3) with Jesus himself as the connecting point and 4) also acting as the bridge between heaven and earth. Transfiguration is also a reminder to us that no-matter how powerful our spiritual experience is, the time comes when we have to come down of the mountain and re-join our everyday life, confront the day to day spiritual and physical challenges. When we do so, we need to do it as a changed people. With this background let me introduce our today’s theme with the title: – We proclaim Jesus!!

Our theme this morning is derived from 2 Corinthians 4: 3-6 where Paul says, we have established that we have a message to proclaim – that message is Jesus. We proclaim the glorious message which is Jesus, but we the messengers are ordinary, jars of clay. We are not the ones who change lives and we are not the ones who move people from darkness into light. Only His power can do. We are reminded that discipleship means denying self, taking up a cross, following Him.

As the messengers of God, we need to get out of the way and let God work through us. In the process, people will see that salvation truly is a work of God. That which is despised, which people call foolish, which people denigrate and substitute as nothing, God uses it. We are ordinary messengers, but we carry the divine light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in earthen vessels, not for our own sake but for the sake of Jesus, so that the excellence of power may be of God and not of us.

What might seem impossible to us becomes possible because His power surpasses anything and anyone. That same power that saves people enables us to get beyond our fears, people’s doubts and questions, and any opposition that we might face. Even in the face of pressures, perplexion, persecution and put downs, Paul continued to proclaim Jesus. How? – Because of God’s all-surpassing power, he was not crushed, in despair, abandoned or destroyed.
God wants to reflect His light through us, no-matter who we are, what training we have received, or any other circumstances, the bottom line is that it takes His power for that to happen. The end result will be that when people see your good deeds, they will glorify God. It will be about Him, not you.

As I conclude, we are reminded in Mark 9: 2- 9 in the Transfiguration of Jesus that:
i God indeed transforms suffering into glory
ii On the mountain of transfiguration, God gave a demonstration of the glory of the future Kingdom
iii The Law represented by Moses and the Prophets represented by Elijah find their fulfilment in Jesus.
iv The dead bodies of the saints who died will be raised and the saints living in the appearance of Christ will be raptured.
v The Christ we proclaim will establish His glorious Kingdom and fulfil many promises made through the prophets.
May God bless you as you proclaim Jesus, not the Law or the Prophets but Jesus Christ? Amen

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Text version of the message for Hillside Circuit on February 14th 2021 in Ndebele, with Dr Christine Tenga:

Ngiyalibingelela lonke ngegama likayise lelendodana lelikamoya ongcwele. Amen.
Ihubo lethu lokudumisa iNkosi ngela matshumi amahlanu. Libaleni lodwa.

Asikhulekeni. Baba wethu osezulwini lasemhlabeni siza phambi kobuso bakho ngokuzithoba langenhlonipho enkulu. Sivuma ukuba unguNkulunkulu umdali wezulu lomhlaba lakho konke okukhona lapho. Konke esikubonayo kufakaza amandla, ubuhle kanye lolwazi lwakho. Ngaho mawudunyiswe yizo zonke izizwe kanye lezidalwa zonke. Igama lakho libekwe enqongweni Siyabonga konke okuhle osenzela khona emhlabeni ikakhulu impilo ngoba ofileyo kalalo ithuba lokukudumisa lokukusebenzela.
Baba sithethelele izono zona ezisehlukanisa lawe, ezisilethela ukufa lokubhujiswa. Siletha njalo bonke abantu bakho phambikwakho, abagulayo, abaswelayo lalabo asebekhulile, labo abatsha. Wonke umuntu uyakudinga.
Sesikhulekile ngegama lendodana yakho eyafa yavuka njalo izabuya futhi. Amen.

Sizahlabela ingoma No 348 kusihlabelelo sesiNdebele, isigaba sokuqala eaesine lesokucina.
1 Nanguya uJesu eza!
Kanye lamabutho akhe
Onkamehlo azambona
Ngosuk’ olukhulu
4 Nanguya uJesu eza!
Uza ngamayez’ ezulu
Uzephethe imivuzo
Kungekho oyisisulu.
5 Nanguya uJesu eza!
Khothamani lonke kuye
Muhlangabezeni’ zizwe
Ukuze lamkelwe nguye.

Izifundo zethu namuhla sizazithola kungcwadi ezilandelayo:
Eyokuqala: Ku Testamente elidala: Amakhosi 2. Chapt. 2 : 1-12
Eyesibili: Encwadini zikaMpostoli uPhawuli:
Kwabase Khorinte besibili Chapt. 4: 3-6
Eyesithathu iphuma kuThestamente elitsha:
u Makho 9: 2-9
Ngizafunda incwadi eyakwabaseKhorinte kuphela. Lizibalele ezinye.
Lanxa ivangeli lethu limboziwe, limbozwe kulabo ababhubhayo. Unkulunkulu walesisikhathi usenqunde ingqondo zabangakholwayo, ukuze bangakuboni ukukhanya kwevangeli lenkazimulo ka Kristu, ongumfanekiso kaNkulunkulu.
5 Ngoba kasizitshumayeli thina ngokwethu, kodwa uJesu Khristu njengeNkosi, njalo thina njengezinceku zenu ngenxa kaJesu.
6 Ngoba uNkulunkulu owathi” Ukukhanya akukhanye emnyameni,” wenza ukukhanya kwakhe kwakhanya ezinhliziyweni zethu ukuba asiphe ukukhanya kokwazi inkazimulo kaNkulunkulu ebusweni bukaKhristu.

Isihloko sendaba namuhla sithi “SIFAKAZA U JESU KHRISTU.”
Uma ufakaza ngomuntu kumbe ngolutho kumele ube leqiniso elisekelwa ngemicijo yalokhu okukhulumayo. Imicijo yakho imenze lo olaleleyo akholwe ukuthi kuliqiniso.

Ngakho uma sifakaza ngo Jesu Khristu, ozwayo kumele athembe esikutshoyo ngaye. Imicijo yethu siyithola encwadini engcwele emumethe iqiniso, iBhayibhili elingcwele kuphela.

Kuyini esikufakazayo ngo Jesu Khristu? Yilokhu.

1 Ukuthi uyindodana kaNkulunkulu eyazalwa lapha emhlabeni, yaphila phakathi kwabantu njengaye wonke umuntu.
2 U Jesu wafa esiphambanweni wavuka ngosuku lwesithathu. Ukuvuka kwakhe kwenza sasindiswa ezonweni zethu.
3 UJesu wenyuka waya ezulwini njalo uzabuya emhlabeni esezokwehlulela abantu. Uzabusa emhlabeni olalabo abazatholakala bemlandela belungile.

U Jesu ebhabhathizwa emfuleni uJorodani ngu Johane umbhabhathizi, wathi esephuma emanzini uNkulunkulu wehlisela uMoya wakhe enjenge juba. Kwasekuzwakala ilizwi livela ezulwini lisithi “Wena uyindodana yami engiyithandayo, ngiyathokoza kakhulu ngawe.” (Makho 1: 11)

Kwathi njalo uJesu esentabeni labafundi bakhe abathathu u Petro, u Johane loJamusi mhlana u Jesu aze atshintshe isimo, abafundi bembeswa liyezi kwasekuzwakala ilizwi liphuma eyezini lisithi, “Le yindodana yami engiyithandayo. Liyilalele. Kwakuyilizwi likaNkulunkulu lelo. (Makho 9: 7)
Kambe ngubani ongeke wakukholwa lokho ukuthi uJesu ngumntaka Nkulunkulu ngemva kokuba uNkulunkulu ezikhulumele yena. Njalo lokhu kwakukhulunywa phambi kwabantu besizwa hatshi ensitha. Ngakho siyakufakaza sileqiniso ukuthi uJesu ngumntakaNkulunkulu.
Ongavumiyo lokhu ufana lalabo esifunde ngabo kuncwadi yakwabaseKhorinte, labo ababhubhayo abangakholwayo ivangeli.

Ngesikhathi ehamba labafundi bakhe esenza umsebenzi ayeze ngawo emhlabeni, wayeke azame ukubatshengisa ukuthi ungubani walandani kodwa babengazwisisi ngoba bengakambulelwa.

Wake wababuza ukuthi abantu bathi ungubani lokuthi bona bathi ungubani. Ngemva kwalokho wasebatshela ukuthi wayezaphikwa ngabadala labaPristi abakhulu kanye labafundisi bomthetho lokuthi uzamele abulawe abesevuka ngemva kwensuku ezintathu. Ngaleso sikhathi abakuzwisisanga kodwa kwagcwaliseka.

Ngesikhathi uJesu eguquka isimo entabeni, elabafundi bakhe kwaqhamuka uMosi lo Elijah bekhuluma lo Jesu. U Petro wathi kuhle bakhe izihonqo ezintathu , esika Jesu esika Mosi lesika Elijah.Basebecabanga ukuti uMosi lo Elijah bazoncedisa uJesu ukubumba umbuso wakhe emhlabeni. U Jesu wasebalaya ukuthi bengatsheli muntu ngababekubonile kuze kufike isikhathi esevuke kwabafileyo.

Kulindaba uMosi wayeyisitshengiselo sokuthi uJesu wayezanqoba ukufa lesono. Sonke siyazi ukuti ngenxa yesono uMosi kasazanga wafika eKhenani.U Mosi waye mela abakwa Israel besona ebancengela izikhathi ezinengi besehambeni lokuya eKhenani. Loba wafa, uMoya wakhe awufanga ngoba simbona entabeni ethunywe ngu Nkulunkulu. Ngalokhu uJesu laye wayezakunqoba ukufa. UMosi wayemela labo abazavuswa mhl uJesu esesiza okwesibili. (1 kwabaseKhor.:3-4)

KuncwadiyamaKhosi, uElija wathwalwa yinqola yomlilo lamabhiza ngomoya waya exulwini engazange afe. Lokhu kwakuchasisa labo abazabe bephila nxa uJesu esiza okwesibili, abazamhlangabeza emafini. U Elisha owayengumfundi wakhe wakubona wabangumfakazi. Kuze kwenzakale uElisha wayemlandela uElija kuyo yonke indawo esala ukutshiyana laye. Wayekwazi ukuthi uzahamba. U Elija ebuza angamenzela khona engakahambi, uElisha wathi ucela amuphe umoya wakhe ngokuphindiweyo. Njengoba UElijah wayengumprofethi kungabayikuthi wayecela lawo amandla lokuthi anelisa ukuqhuba umsebenzi ka Elijah njengoba wayemgcobile phambilini ukuthi uzathatha indawo yakhe.
Labo abahamba loJesu bazakwambulelwa baphiwe amandla okwenza umsebenzi wakhe.
UMosi lo Elijah babe zwisisa ubuhlungu obabuzazwiwa ngu Jesu ngoba labo badlula kubo. Yibo ababengamqinisa kulokhu ukufa ayezadlula kukho.

Ngemva kokuba uMosi lo Elijah sebehambile u Jesu labafundi behla entabeni. Abafundi babuza imibuzo embalwa. Impendulo zikaJesu babengazizwisisi. Isikhathi esinengi uNkulunkulu uyafisa ukusambulela kodwa nxa isikhathi singakafiki kunzima .UNkulunkulu wayezama ukutshengisa abafundi umbuso wezulu kancane entabeni kodwa basala belokhu bengazwisisi. Lathi esikholwayo kuzasithatha isikhathi ukulizwisisa ivangeli kodwa kancane kancane sizakwambulelwa.

UMpostoli uPhawuli uthi kuncwadi yabaseKhorinte, uSatane uvala inhliziyo zabanga kholwa ivangeli ukuze bengamboni umbuso wezulu babhujiswe. Uthi umpostoli uKhristu uyikukhanya njalo ungumfanekiso kaNkulunkulu. UKristu uyiNkosi. Ukukhanya okusezinhliziyweni zabo kubapha ulwazi lwenkazimulo ka Nkulunkulu ngoJesu.

Ngo Jesu inkazimulo kaNkulunkulu sizayibona thina esikholwa kuye.

Nxa sesilolwazi asilufakazeni kwabangelalo ukuse isono siphele emhlabeni abantu basindiswe ngoJesu owafa esiphambanweni wavuka. Uzabuya okwesibili ezobusa lalabo abamaziyo abamlandelayo besenza umsebenzi wakhe njengo Elisha.

Ivangeli ayisilo msebenzi welanga elilodwa.
Asifundeni incwadi engcwele ukuze sambulelwe sibengofakazi beqiniso baka Khristu.

Angathi uNkulunkulu angasikhokhela simsebenzele kuleli vangeli lendaba ezimnandi ukuze sibone njalo siphile loJesu Khristu kumbuso ozayo.

Siyalibonga ilizwi lakho Baba. Angathi lingasebenza ezinhliziyweni zethu lisambulele ngobukhosi bakho. Ngegama lendodana yakho uJesu Khristu.

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