Worship Archive – May 16th 2021

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Sunday Service from Connexion for May 16th 2021:

Audio message for Connexion on May 16th 2021 in Shona, with Rev Reginald Guzha.

Sunday Services from Hillside Circuit for May 16th 2021:

Theme: God protects us

Occasion: Seventh Sunday of Easter

Psalm 1
Acts 1: 15-17, 21-26
1 John 5: 9-13
John 17: 6-19

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Come, people of the Risen King.
God is our strength and refuge.
O God, our help in ages past.


You can listen and join in with prayers from the English Methodist Service Book. They can be found at the Prayers for worship webpage.

Children’s Address:

Audio Children’s Address for Hillside Circuit on May 16th 2021, with Mrs Talenta Chakoma.

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Audio message for Hillside Circuit on May 16th 2021 in English, with Dr Christine Tenga.

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Audio message for Hillside Circuit on May 16th 2021 in Shona, with Mr Ivan Chigwada.

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Audio message for Hillside Circuit on May 16th 2021 in Ndebele, with Mrs Betty Ncube.

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Bible readings:

Psalm 1

1 God blesses those people who refuse evil advice
and won’t follow sinners
or join in sneering at God.
2 Instead, the Law of the LORD makes them happy,
and they think about it day and night.

3 They are like trees growing beside a stream,
trees that produce fruit in season
and always have leaves.
Those people succeed in everything they do.

4 That isn’t true of those who are evil,
because they are like straw blown by the wind.
5 Sinners won’t have an excuse on the day of judgment,
and they won’t have a place with the people of God.
6 The LORD protects everyone who follows him,
but the wicked follow a road that leads to ruin.

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Acts 1

15 One day there were about one hundred twenty of the LORD’S followers meeting together, and Peter stood up to speak to them. 16-17 He said:
My friends, long ago by the power of the Holy Spirit, David said something about Judas, and what he said has now happened. Judas was one of us and had worked with us, but he brought the mob to arrest Jesus.

21-22 So we need someone else to help us tell others that Jesus has been raised from death. He must also be one of the men who was with us from the very beginning. He must have been with us from the time the Lord Jesus was baptized by John until the day he was taken to heaven.
23 Two men were suggested: One of them was Joseph Barsabbas, known as Justus, and the other was Matthias. 24 Then they all prayed, “Lord, you know what everyone is like! Show us the one you have chosen 25 to be an apostle and to serve in place of Judas, who got what he deserved.” 26 They drew names, and Matthias was chosen to join the group of the eleven apostles.

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1 John 5

9 We believe what people tell us. But we can trust what God says even more, and God is the one who has spoken about his Son. 10 If we have faith in God’s Son, we have believed what God has said. But if we don’t believe what God has said about his Son, it is the same as calling God a liar. 11 God has also said that he gave us eternal life and that this life comes to us from his Son. 12 And so, if we have God’s Son, we have this life. But if we don’t have the Son, we don’t have this life.
13 All of you have faith in the Son of God, and I have written to let you know that you have eternal life.

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John 17

6 You have given me some followers from this world, and I have shown them what you are like. They were yours, but you gave them to me, and they have obeyed you. 7 They know that you gave me everything I have. 8 I told my followers what you told me, and they accepted it. They know that I came from you, and they believe that you are the one who sent me. 9 I am praying for them, but not for those who belong to this world. My followers belong to you, and I am praying for them. 10 All that I have is yours, and all that you have is mine, and they will bring glory to me.
11 Holy Father, I am no longer in the world. I am coming to you, but my followers are still in the world. So keep them safe by the power of the name that you have given me. Then they will be one with each other, just as you and I are one. 12 While I was with them, I kept them safe by the power you have given me. I guarded them, and not one of them was lost, except the one who had to be lost. This happened so that what the Scriptures say would come true.
13 I am on my way to you. But I say these things while I am still in the world, so that my followers will have the same complete joy that I do. 14 I have told them your message. But the people of this world hate them, because they don’t belong to this world, just as I don’t.
15 Father, I don’t ask you to take my followers out of the world, but keep them safe from the evil one. 16 They don’t belong to this world, and neither do I. 17 Your word is the truth. So let this truth make them completely yours. 18 I am sending them into the world, just as you sent me. 19 I have given myself completely for their sake, so that they may belong completely to the truth.

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Text version of the Children’s Address for Hillside Circuit on May 16th 2021 in English, with Mrs Talenta Chakoma:

l Greet you all in the Mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. l hope l find you well.
Today our Theme is God Protects us
Reading John 17:6-19

Here we heard Jesus praying. Praying for his followers including us so that we can be protected from the evil things we come across in the World.
Today l will recite a short story, a very common story to us all. l wish to use this story to elaborate how God protects us.
its the story of John Wesley, the founder of Methodist Church. When he was Five years old staying with his family, they woke up one night only to find their house on fire. The father called everyone to get out of the house and save themselves from fire. Everyone ran down the stairs going outside. But when they were outside they discovered that John was Missing. There was only one possibility that he was still inside the house. The father tried to go back to get him, but the flames of fire kept him back. He could not get inside and save his son. They watched as the house was being burnt, and John was still inside, it was really painful sight you can imagine having to watch helpless as the house is burning ad your little brother is inside yet you can’t help him. While John was also watching them from the window, crying and yelling for Help. Until he was seen by the neighbours who were standing by. The neighbours then came up with a plan. they made a ladder themselves by climbing on top of each others shoulders until they reached the window and took John out, and just as he was taken out the roof fell. John’s father called on everyone to prayer saying ” let us pray, let us praise the Lord, he has given me back all my eight children, let the house go, l am rich enough.”
He was so happy so was everyone.
John’s mother Susanna from that moment referred to John as a Brand plucked out of fire because God had saved him for a purpose. John is the founder of Methodism and he did a lot in Furthering Gospel. Probably God had indeed saved him for a purpose we thank God for his Protection . God’s always there for us. let us pray and call out his name to activate the protection of God by praying when in need, in trouble , in face of misfortunes and even in happiness. Even as young as we are we can Pray and God will hear and protect us. May God bless you all. May God Protect you all.

Let us Pray
Father in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank you this morning for the blessing you have given us. we thank you for the little ones you have given us. They are indeed a blessing in our lives we pray O Lord that may they come to know only the protection that comes from you Lord. even during this pandemic of Corona virus protect each and everyone of them. may the blood of Jesus protect them at School and even as they play Lord be with them. I thank you Lord in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Amen.

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Text version of the message for Hillside Circuit on May 16th 2021 in English, with Dr Christine Tenga:

I greet you all in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
The service today is led by Dr. C.T. Tenga.

Let us pray.
Our heavenly and loving father, we are so thankful to meet together today to worship and glorify your name. We know it’s your will that we are in a position to do that.
We ask for forgiveness of sins which cause us to be separated from you.
We thank you for good health. May you visit those who are not well as well as the elderly. Comfort those who are mourning.
For all these things we thank thee Lord. Be with us all as we listen to your transforming word.

The theme for today is: GOD PROTECTS US.
Having had conversations with his disciples in John 16, they acknowledged that Jesus was from God.
He then predicted the suffering which awaited them from the world since they believed in him. But he assured them that as long as they were united with him, they would have peace because he had defeated the world. He encouraged them to be brave.
Having said that, Jesus began to pray first for himself then for his disciples in Chapter 17.
He committed them to God first acknowledging that they were aware of his relationship with God.
In his prayer he was concerned about them being in the world where there is tribulation yet he knew they glorified him despite that. They were the ones to continue his mission when he left to heaven. This is why he was praying for their protection from God. Jesus prayed in the name of God but disciples were going to pray in Jesu’s name .
Another thing he prayed for, was unity that they should be united just as Jesus was united with God. Jesus claimed that he protected by them by the powerful name of God and they have been safe except Judas whose actions happened to fulfil scriptures. All what Jesus said was for the purpose of giving joy to his disciples. Only from him could they find JOY. Joy is different from happiness because it prevails even in harsh circumstances. Why? because in joy you focus on the good even when you are in pain, you hope for the best out of it. That is the joy of Christ which the Apostle Paul also talked about.
Jesus also prayed for protection from the evil one who is the devil, who roars in order to devour Christians. Jesus prayed that God should set apart the disciples since they knew the truth. The truth would keep them from sin and they would be holy like Christ as well as being pure. As Jesus sits at the right hand of God, he intercedes for us because we are his disciples. We are in the world and face challenges as we walk in the Christian path proclaiming the good news of Christ. Jesus asked God to accept them as His own because they knew the truth of His word.
Jesus was dedicating himself to God for their sake.

Disciples of Christ of then did their part. They went through a lot of suffering like Christ but never gave up. Today Christians are Christ’s disciples. Challenges still exist. In some countries Christians are still persecuted. What is it that we have learnt from Christ? It is that we must pray always calling the name of Jesus. In the scriptures we read that Christ used to go away from everyone to pray. His mission wasn’t easy, he needed courage from His Father always. As a disciple teach yourself to pray for protection from so many evil things. As soon as you acknowledge Christ, the world becomes your enemy. You get ridiculed and if you do not pray you may fall.
You must rejoice in the Lord knowing that He chose you he loved you and no harm will prevail over you. Stay in Christ and he will stay in you. Be united with him. Pray for unity among Christians so that they may be strong. Jesus overcame the world so being one with him means Christians have overcome already. A united people are not easy to overcome just like a bundle of sticks which you cannot break easily. But if it is one, it’s easily broken.

In the passage of Acts, which we read, disciples displayed a good example of unity after Jesus had ascended to heaven. They gathered together to pray. Peter speaking to them, suggested that they choose a replacement for Judas.
They prayed to God for guidance to choose an experienced knowledgeable disciple who had been with Christ as from the time of his baptism to death and resurrection. Such a disciple who would be committed to carry on the mission of Christ which is God’s.
This was a crucial task because the gospel was written by these disciples. Anyone without knowledge would have written false information. Yes we agree that scripture was inspired by God, but to those dedicated to God’s work.
Through their prayer they were protected from infiltration by wrong people. In church we must also pray for Christians whom we select for positions. We may bring in those who may destroy the church who may cause fights and disorganise the church and work of God. Instead of encouraging believers some Christians may do the opposite. Therefore prayer for protection from such people is needed. We must pray for good thoughts and deeds for Christians.
Afer accomplishing his mission Christ went to heaven where he lives in eternity.
In 1 John chapter 5 passage we learn that Christians receive eternal life through Christ because he has eternal life. If we believe in him he gives us or shares with us his eternal life. Having Christ means living a life like his. Living a prayerful life, constantly being in communion with him i.e. being united with him. Having faith in Christ and believing in him means we have eternal life because he is eternal like his Father.
Eternal life is now, when you do what is required of you by Christ, doing right, being guided by him in what ever you do. You need to know the word which is the truth. Knowing the word protects you from doing wrong things.

In conclusion, God will always protect you from the evil of the world through the powerful name of Jesus Christ his Son. He testified that Christ is his Son twice, at baptism and at transfiguration. No-one can deny this because God doesn’t lie. Jesus came in the world, accomplished God’s mission so that we could attain life eternal as long as we believe in him. He is constantly praying for our protection from sin which is evil.
May God bless His word. Amen.

Let us pray.
Thank you heavenly Father for your word which instructs, guides and protects us through the powerful name of Jesus Christ. May your word which is the truth live in us and may we be united with you through Christ who gives us eternal life.

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Text version of the message for Hillside Circuit on May 16th 2021 in Shona, with Mr Ivan Chigwada:

Mangwanani akanaka kwamuri mose vana vaMwari varimuno neavo vasimo muno muimba yaShe yatiri! Muparidzi wenyu mururimi rwamai ndi Baba I K Chigwada. Regayi titaure naShe mumunamato!
Taverenga mashoko matsvene kubva kuna Psalm 1, Acts 1:15-17, 21-26, 1 John 5:9-13 nokuna John 17:6-19. Vaverengi vedu vaita zvakanaka chaizvo tinovatenda nebasa guru ravaita! Nhasi tirikutaura nenyaya yokuchengetedzwa kwatinoitwa murwendo rwehupenyu sevatendi nevateveri vaMwari netheme yekuti “Mwari vanotichengetedza!” Iyi inyaya inobuda kuna Psalm 1 asi kunyanya kunaJohn 17:6-19! John 17 munamato waMambo Jesu wokupedzesera apo vakange vave kuwoneka vadzidzi vavo! Mambo Jesu vanonamata kuti vadzidzi vavo vanova vanhu vavaizosiya vachiita basa ravakange vakavadzidzisa, vasare vakachengetedzwa! Kuchengetedzwa chiyiko uye kubva kuchiyi ndiyo mibvunzo? Tikatarisa pana Luke 22:31-32 tinogona kunzwisisa nokuzviwonera kuti Mwari vanotichengetedza kubva payi uye vachizviitireyi. Mambo Jesu vanoti ‘Simon! Simon! Tarira Satan wakakumbira kuti akuzungurei imi sezviyo, asi ini ndakakukumbirira iwe kuti kutenda kwako kurege kupera, iwe kana watendevuka, usimbise hama dzako.’ Simon aiva murume aiva nemawara saka aitoda kudzikamiswa hana kuti agone kugara mudanga navamwe. Vasina hana dzakadzikama havagoni kugarisika papfungwa nemumaitiro, vanongoti chauya nacho kutevera. Pana Mwari hapadi vanotsauka nevanocheuka, uyezve hapadiwi vane mesomeso! Jesu vanotaura kuvadzidzi vavo apa vachiti haasi Judas chete aidiwa naSatan asi kuti Satan anga achida imi mese. Judas hayi ndamurega achienda kuna Satan. Asi mese imi nyangwe zvake Simon arikuzondiramba, ini ndichamuchengetedza nokumudzikinura mukurasika kwakadayi kuitira kuti nemaari imi mose muchazochengetedzwa! Ndizvo zvinoita kuti muna John 17 Mambo Jesu vape chitsidzo chokuti vadzidzi vavo vaizosara vachifamba nebasa vasingarasikirwe netariro nyangwe vaizowona Mambo noMutungamiri wavo achifa pamuchinjikwa! Mashoko anotaurirwa Simon Peter anoratidza kuti Mwari vanotichengetedza nokutidzivirira nokuti kunze uku kune shumba inonzi Satan inodzvova zvinotyisa, ichityisidzira yakamirira kuti inongopoya chete mudanga mayakachengetedzwa nekutya, inobva yabatwa semhashu dzawira mutswanda!
Mumunamato waShe Jesu uri muna John 17 munobuda mashoko anotapira zvikuru. Pa verse 1-5 Mambo Jesu vachizvinamatira ivo vanobata nyaya yekuti ‘kudzai Mwanakomana wenyu, kuti Mwanakomana wenyu akukudzei!’ Vakange vodzokera kudenga kwavakange vabva saka vaikumbira kuti vadzorerwe pachinzimbo chehukuru hwavaive nahwo kubvira pakutanga kwenyika. Pa verse 6-19 Mambo Jesu vachinamatira vadzidzi vavo vanobata nyaya dzekuti ‘muvachengete muzita renyu’ verse 11, ‘muvachengete panowakaipa’ verse 15-‘keep them’ pa verse 17 ponzi ‘Muvaite vatsvene muzvokwadi’ –‘sanctify them!’ Tinowona zvinhu zviviri zvakare kuti vadzidzi vachengetwe kuti chakaipa chisavakunde nekuvakuvadza, nokuti varambe vari vatsvene kuitira kuti varambe vari vasanangurwa vanogona kushandiswa kuita basa raMwari. Pa verse 20-26 Mambo Jesu vachinamatira avo vaizotenda kuna Mwari kubudikidza nehuchapupu hwevadzidzi vavo inova Kereke yaMwari zienda nakuenda, vanobata zvakare nyaya mbiri! ‘Handinyengetereri ava bedzi’, paverse 20 vozoti ‘Baba ndinoda kuti avo vamakandipa vave wo neni apo pandiri, kuti vawone kubwinya kwangu, kwamakandipa, nokuti makandida nyika isati yavambwa.’ Amen! Vakanga vachazotenda kuna Mwari sewe neni takatokomberedzwa murugare nemunamato waIshe Jesu Kristu!
Vanochengetedzwa nokuchengetwa naMwari vambori vanani uye vakaita seyi! Psalm 1 ‘Wakakomborerwa munhu usingafambi panorangana vakaipa, usingamiri panzira yavatadzi, usingagari panogara vadadi!’ Regayi ndibvunze kuti iye ari kunzi akakomborerwa uyu simba rokutanga kuita zvinozomupa makomborero acho anoriwana kupi? Aha ndipo pane nyaya ipapa. ChiKristu hachipi mhinduro kumibvunzo yose yose inobvunzwa asi kuti chinotiita kuti tione chishamiso chiri munzira yaMwari. ChiKristu hachitigonese kuziva zvose zvakatarwa naMwari asi chinotivhurira nekutigonesa kuti tizvionera tega kuti pana Mwari pane zvishamiso zvisingapere! Zvishamiso izvozvo tikazvishuvira uye tikazvigoneswa tinoponeswa tichiitwa vatsvene! Mazuva ano kune chirwere che Covid 19! Imwe nzira yokuchidzivirira kuvhara mhino nemiromo nemicheka inonzi mamask. Ndichizvifambira hangu ndakasangana nemunhu anopenga akapfeka mask! Imiwe akamuudza kuti apfeke mask iyoyo ndiyani, isu tichiti anopenga? Vanopenga havazemberani nani zvake, vanoita social distancing! Ndiko kuita kwaMwari vanoita zvinhu zvavo zvisina anogona kuzvinzwisisa! Mwari vanochengetedza nokuchengeta vanhu vavo vese! Kuzoti iwe hako! Amen!
Muna Acts 1:15-17, 21-26 tinosangana navadzidzi vaJesu avo vakasarudzwa kubva pakutanga vari gumi nevaviri ndokusara vave gumu nomumwechete mushure mokupumhuka kwaJudas Iscarriott! Ngatiwoneyi zvakaitika kuti pawanikwe munhu aizotora nzvimbo ya Judas Iscarriott. Simon Peter anosumuka achitaura kuti shoko raMwari rakataurwa naMweya Mutsvene rinokurudzira kuti nzvimbo yaJudas Iscarriott itorwe nemumwe akange afamba naMambo Jesu! Murume anonzi Matthias anopihwa basa iri. Chishamiso chiri apa ndechekuti koiye Peter chirikumutokonya kuti ataure izvi chiyiko? Chirikumutungamirira kuti averenge kuna Psalm 69:25, naPsalm 109:8 chiyiko? Kuita kwaMwari. Tikatarisa mharidzo dza Simon Peter tinowona kuti anotora mashoko anobva ku Old Testament kutsigira izvo zvaanoparidza nezvazvo. Apedza izvozvo Simon Peter anoti ‘Zvino imba yose yavaIsrael ngaizive kwazvo kuti uyu Jesu wamakarovera pamuchinjikwa, Mwari wakamuita Ishe naKristu!’ Munhu anoparidza shoko raMwari muzvokwadi anochengetedzwa neshoko raMwari kuti aramba akamira mushoko raMwari raari kuparidza. Munhu anoparidza shoko raMwari sezvariri haarasike asi kuti anovhurirwa shoko rese kuti aparidze kuti vanhu vagoziva Mwari! ZvaMwari ndezvaMwari ivo voga ndivo vanoronga nokuzvichengetedza zvichitevera nzira yavo. Hapana mumwe ano zviita! Vadzidzi vaIshe Jesu vakatanga vari gumi nevaviri vanopedzisira vachingoro gumi nevaviri nokuti kuita kwaMwari kwaida kuti shoko ravo riparidzwe nevarume gumi nevaviri saka Mwari vanoshandisa simba ravo kuti zvirambe zvakadaro nyangwe zvazvo pakange pakanganisika zvichitevera shoko ravo. Pamusana pokuti varume gumi nevaviri ava vakange vapihwa basa raMwari kuti varishande tinozonzwa rimwe gore kuti Paul naBarnabas vanotumwa kuti vainde Jerusalem kunobvunza kubva kuvadzidzi vaIshe Jesu pamwe nevamwe vakuru, mubvunzo wekuti zvavakange vari kuita zvakanga zvichifambidzana neshoko raMwari here kana kuti kwete! Zvinhu zvaMwari zvakarongeka nokuti ivo Mwari ndivo vanozvichengetedza munzira yavo! Vadzidzi tinowona vodzidzisa! Amen!
Muhupenyu hwemunhu anofamba naMwari mune sungano inotaura kuti Mwari vachaita izvi neizvi munhu achiitawo izvi neizvi. Sezvo Mwari variivo vane simba chimwe chechinhu chavanozvimisira kuita kuchengetedza sungano iyoyo uye nekuchengetedzawo vanhu vavanenge vaita sungano navo. Mwari vanozvitaura neizwi ravo vachipupura kuti ndizvo zvavachazoita. Mumunamato waIshe Jesu kuna Mwari tinovanzwa vachitaura nezvevanhu vavakapuhwa naMwari kuti vose vavakapuhwa ivo vavape hupenyu husingaperi! Hupenyu husingaperi huri mukuchengetwa naMwari! Nyaya iyi ndiyo irikutaurwa nezvayo kutsamba ya 1 John 5! Hanzi isu kuti tizive nezveMwanakomana waMwari ivo Mwari ndivo vakatanga kutaura nezvazvo vachipa huchapupu hwezvaaizoita nezvaakaita. Old Testament yakazara nemashoko anotaura nezve Mwanakomana waMwari. Saka zviri kunzi kana vanoparidza kana voparidza nezveMwanakomana isu tirikuparidzirwa ngatizvitendeyi nokuti ivo Mwari pachavo vakatozvitaura kare mushoko ravo uye nemuromo wavo. Zvakataurwa naMwari ichokwadi chisingadi kupokaniswa asi kutoti ichokwadi chinoda kuti ini newe titende machiri. Zvimwe zvezvinhu zvinotaurwa neshoko raMwari ndezvekuti aninani zvake anoda ruponiso, aninani zvake anoda kuzogara pana Mwari Baba uye aninani zvake achashuvira kuva nehupenyu husingaperi ngaatende kuparidzwa kweshoko raMwari rinotaura nezvenyaya iyoyi, pamusana pokuti hupenyu husingaperi hapana kumwe kwahunowanikwa kunze kwemuna Mwanakomana waMwari. Vazhinji kana tichitaurirwa nezvehupenyu husingaperi tinongofunga zvezvichauya mushure mekunge tafa! Aiwa hazvisizvo. Hupenyu husingaperi huri muMwanakomana pamusana pokuti wese ano ziva Mwanakomana waMwari, wose anotenda kuti Jesu Kristu Mwanakomana waMwari akafira zvivi zvedu pamuchinjikwa, wose anobvuma achiri mupenyu zvishamiso zviri munaIshe Jesu Kristu ndiye anowana makomborero ehupenyu husingaperi nokuti hupenyu ihwoho hunotanga munhu asati afa! John 3:16 ‘Nokuti Mwari wakada nyika nokudaro, kuti wakapa Mwanakomana wake wakaberekwa mumwe woga, kuti aninani unotenda kwaari, arege kufa, asi ave nohupenyu husingaperi.’ Hupenyu husingaperi hunotangira murutendo! Kutenda kunoitwa nevapenyu kwete nevakafa wee! Shoko raMwari parinozoti ‘avo vamakandipa!’ zvinoreva kuti havasi vose vachatenda asi avo vanopuhwa mukana wokutendeukira kuna Mwari! Kana Mwari vapa kuMwanakomana wavo, Mwanakomana anotambira ochengeta nokuchengetedza vanhu vaanopiwa naBaba! Simon Peter mumwe wevanhu vakapihwa kuMwanakomana naBaba saka paye Satan paakanga oda kuzunguza Peter kuti amunyudze muchakaipa Mwanakomana akapindira akaita kuti Simon Peter asimbaradzwe mukutenda kwake. Sungano yaMwari haina kugumira pakupihwa kwaSimon Peter kuMwanakomana. Sungano yaMwari ino bata uyo neuyo achazotendeuka mushure mekunzwa izwi rinoparidzwa naSimon Peter pachake, uye achazonzwa shoko richaparidzwa nemumwe nemumwe achatendeuka pamusana pehuchapupu hwaSimon Peter. Iwe neni ndipo pedu apa, ndipo patakapiwa mukana wokutenda kunaIshe Jesu Kristu. Kutenda kwedu hakusi chinhu chisina basa nokuti ivo Jesu Kristu neMwanakomana waMwari vanoti vachatichengeta nokutichengetedza kusvikira vatisvitsa pamberi paMwari Baba mudenga ravo dzvene! Hanzi pane vandakapihwa hapana acharasika kusara kweakanzi acharasika!
Maziviro angu ndeokuti wese ari muno nhasi akatotenda kunaJesu Kristu mununuri nemuchengeti wedu. Chinongo diwa kuramba wakabatirira paari kudzamara zuva rokupedzisira. Batirira zvinesimba iwe, nokuti mudzikinuri nemuchengeti aripo, usaregedze! Muzita raMwari Baba, Muzita reMwanakomana, Muzita raMweya Mutsvene mira uripo nokuti pawave ipapa ndipo pane hupenyu hwanhasi nehusingaperi. Amen!

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Text version of the message for Hillside Circuit on May 16th 2021 in Ndebele, with Mrs Betty Ncube:

Ngibingelela ibandla lonke ngeHubo lika Davida eliku sahluko 1:1-6 langeGama leNkosi yethu enguJesu Kristi. Amen.
Nkulunkulu oloMusa loThando olungapheliyo, siza kuwe namhlanje silokubonga okukhulu , sibonga izipho ezitshiyeneyo owasipha zona lezimpilo esiziphila kulo umhlaba mihla yonke, kungalo uThando lwakho lokwenza kwakho.
Sicelela zonke izizwe ezisenkathazweni lezihlobo labangane bethu abangaphilanga kuhle ukuthi ubeke isandla sakho esiyikuphila, esilamandla okususa konke okusabekayo lokubuhlungu kubo. NgeGama likaJesu Kristu vikela bonke ezitheni, ubusise lezimuli zonke ezikhangele kuwe Msizi, zithembele kuwe onguMdali wakho konke.
Busisa bonke abasakhulayo bengasuki eThandweni lwakho. Ngaye uMsindisi loMfeli wethu uJesu Kristu. Ameni.
Iculo lokuvula inkonzo yethu sizalifumana kusihlabelelo seSindebele 337 Lila mazwi athi:-
Ngisondela kuwe Nkosi yami…..,
Ngiyakulahleka nxa ukude,
Ngiyakulahleka nxa ungekho….,
Uyindlela qotho…,
Ulukhanyiso lwami…
Sengethembe wena
Msindisi wami.

Izifundo zethu namhkai zimi kanje:-
Imisebenzi yamaPostoli 1:15-17
uJohane 5:9-13
uLuka 17:6-19
Indikimba ithi:
UThixo Uyasivikela.
God Protects us.
Emhlabeni esiphila kuwo sihlangana leziga ezitshiyeneyo lemikhuhlane etshiye eyo. Okusalayo esikudingayo sonke yikusiliswa kuleyo mikhuhlane. Yikukhitshwa kulezo ziga.
Indikimba yethu ithi God Protects us. UThixo Uyasivikela.
Usivikela kubasa? Zonke izinto ezimbi empilweni zabantu zilethwa nguSatane. UNkulunkulu uhlezi esivikela kukho konke. Akasilibali, kawozeli, ilihlo lakhe likhangele emuntwini wonke. Okwenzakala kithi esikubona kukubi njalo kubuhlungu kuyabe kuyintando yakhe. Kuye kulungile ngokunjalo akumelanga sikhonone.
Ezifundweni zethu sibona abalitshumi ababelomkhuhlane wobulephero. Siyazi ukuthi nxa wawulomkhuhlane lo wawuhlaliswa egangeni khatshana labanye abantu ngoba ungcolile. Babefakwa lamakilogo laba Bantu ukuze abahamba hambayo esigabeni bezwe masinyane bengasasondeli eduze labo. Kubuhlungu kakhulu ukukhethwa phakathi kwabanye abantu endaweni ohlala kuyo.
UJesu wahambela kulowo mango edabula phakathi kweSamariya esiya eJerusalema. Ilizwi lithi wahlangabezwa ngabalitshumi abalobu lephero bamela khatshana laye baphakamisela amazwi abo phezulu becela ukuhawukelwa nguJesu. Bazalwane abathandekayo, thina amaKristu anamhlanje senzenjani nxa sesigula? Abanye bethu sima ngama message kuma group, sikhohlwe ngoJesu. Sithola izeluleko zamanga Kubo siyazi lama profithi amanga. NgoJesu Kristu suvikelwa kukho konke okubi.
UJesu waphendula laba Bantu ngokuthi bayeziveza kubaPristi babo. Basuka bahamba njengokulayela kwakhe. Besasendleleni bazibona sebehlambulukile bengasela mkhuhlane.
Ungaphiwa ulutho kumbe wenzelwe uMusa othile kumele ubonge. Kulaba abalitshumi kwabonakala oyedwa zwi ebuyela emuva esiyabonga kuJesu.
Siyambonga yini thina uThixo ngasenzela khona mihla yonke bantu beNkosi? Isibongo esikhulu ngesokulandela imilayo yakhe ngenhliziyo yonke. Asingalibal njali ukuthi kulomhlaba siyizihambi, ikhaya lethu lisezulwini. Lona lizangenwa ngoMusa kaThixo langokuzu thoba kwethu.
Emhlabeni sazinika amalanga okusebenza lokuphumula, kube kanti kulawo malanga esizitshela ukuthi ngawokuphumula ilizwi lithi kuJesu akunjalo.
AbaJuda babengasebenzi bengabambi lutho ngeSabatha. Kwakungungavunyelwa Kubo kungumthetho wabo obekiweyo. Kodwa ngenxa yokuthi uNkulunkulu ungumvikeli wethu, unguMsilisi wethu, wamsilisa umuntu othile ngalo uSabatha. Khepha lumuntu wayengamazi loJesu. Lanamhlanje abanye bethu sidinga ukumazi uJesu . Usenzela uMusa, asisilise singambongi sizitshele ukuthi Yi paineeze enginceduleyo le mask yiyo engivikelayo. Bazalwane suvikelwa nguThixo akekho onjengaye. Zikhona izithunywa zeLuzwi lakhe kodwa yena uphezu kwakho konke.
Asimkhonzeni ngeqiniso kuze kufike emaphethelweni ethu. Kalidunyuswe iGama leNkosi. Ngaye uJesu Kristu uMsindisi wethu. Ameni.
Sivala inkonzo ngeculo 241 kusihlabelelo seSindebele.
Umalusi nguJehova
Ukuswela akubikho
Kothembela kuye
UMusa weNkosi yethu uJesu Kristu, uThando lukaBaba lobudlelwano bukaMoya oNgcwele akube lathi sonke kuze kube Nini lanini. Ameni.

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